Wesker's Conquest

Part One- The Encounter

The frosty snow blanketed the empty town of Menlick-Silavo. A bitter snow storm from the nearby mountains suddenly turned its wrath to the small town of Menlick-Silavo and it blanked frozen snow all over the town. Conditions were expected to remain like this for a few days, making travel impossible. This was a turn of events that Wesker could have done without, but to be expected considering all the mishaps that had occurred from the time he left Raccoon City International Airport.

Originally his flight was supposed to leave for London, but instead was re-routed to Liverpool due to extremely dangerous fog conditions. Once in Liverpool, there were no available flights going out for a day or two, because of increased foggy conditions. Exasperated with weather woes, Wesker purchased a car from a nearby dealership and drove through France, Germany, Austria, and a few other newly founded countries before ending up in the northeastern city of Menlick-Silavo in Edonia. No sooner did he pull into the small town, when the storm hit leaving him stranded here for a few days before heading to the Edonian capital city. Two and a half weeks on the road and he still had at least two more days of driving to go before he was in the capital.

It was so typical of Umbrella to send him to a fledgling country like Edonia to butter up the government, just when he was advancing so much in his research. It probably had something to do with Berkin; he probably convinced some of the research department heads to ship him out for this ridiculous assignment to advance his research. Wesker groaned with disgust and frustration this entire excursion was an utter waste of time. What difference did it make how much money Umbrella dumped into this useless country; chances of it surviving were pretty slim, especially since they had limited UN support. But that was Umbrella, always able and willing dump a truckload of money into countries that are of no strategic use to them.

Wesker looked outside to see if there was anyone on the streets below, but there was no one out there. The small town was quiet and no one dared venture out in the middle of a snowstorm as brutal as this. With a sigh he walked away from the window and sat down on the bed. These kinds of trips were always so lengthy and tiresome, Wesker thought as he gazed at the wall in front of him. He hated being in places like this, small town people with small town thinking and ways of living. He longed for a major city, some place with sophistication and excitement, even Raccoon City was slightly better than Edonia. At least there he could get a semi-decent meal, the food here was disgusting. Lots of cured red meat and none of it was seasoned very well. The only palatable food was usually the local take on lamb stew and even then he had to put a lot of salt in it, to be able to taste anything. But he longed for something with a lot more flavor and flair.

Wesker sighed with frustration. He was trapped here at the Mountain View Inn with nothing to do. He had done all his documentation regarding the new virus strain, outside of going back to Arklay Mountain facility to be alone in his lab, there was precious little else he could do from here and the monotony was starting to fray his nerves. Even worse, there would be another few days in this boring little inn before he could leave and continue on his journey. His frustration was at an all-time high and he desperately needed a release.

Suddenly there was a knock at Wesker's room door, which agitated him further. He had given express instructions not to be disturbed at all for the remainder of the evening. It seemed like a fairly reasonable request that any decent inn-keeper could perform possessing even minimal intelligence; yet there was a knock at his door. With a soft groan, Wesker got up from the bed, unlocked, and cracked open the door to his room. Outside the door stood the inn-keepers daughter with an arm full of firewood.

"I beg pardon." The young lady said meekly speaking in very broken English. "My father said to…"

"Come in." Wesker said curtly as he opened the door and let her inside the room.

The young lady quickly scurried into the room and began to lay the firewood down next to the fireplace. Wesker went to the bed and sat back down. The young woman worked diligently to finish up the task of neatly stacking up the firewood. While she was working, Wesker watched her intently, studying her body closely. In the looks department, she was dreadfully plain. Ocean blue eyes and long fiery red hair, a small bulbous nose, and thin pink lips. But her body, what he could see of it though her dowdy country girl clothes was lovely; the ivory bodysuit she wore underneath the heavy flannel accented her voluptuous full breasts, her pants nicely highlighted slender waist, shapely hips, and perfectly firm backside. She would be a prefect specimen for breeding.

Wesker shook off his initial lustful idea, but then he paused and thought about what it would be like, feeling this young girl from the inside. The shameless questions bubbled in his mind; what would her milky white flesh taste like as he nursed her fresh nipples? How warm and moist must she feel inside? Due to her youth, she was probably still a virgin, which meant she was impossibly tight. And with that thought, Wesker stopped his line of thinking and began to speak.

"Thank you young lady." He said kindly speaking flawlessly in her native language. "What is your name?"

The young lady stopped what she was doing and turned to Wesker and stared at him, completely astonished that he could perfectly speak in her native tongue.

"A…" The young lady paused a moment, but softly responded. "Annika, Annika Muller."

"That is a very nice name." Wesker said gently. "It means gracious and merciful does it not?"

Annika said nothing, but blushed softly.

"I did not mean to embarrass you Miss Muller." He said recognizing the red flush of her alabaster cheeks.

Flustered, Annika turned away from Wesker and continued to neatly stack the rest of the firewood. Then she quickly darted back to the door and grabbed the knob. Before she could fully open the door and scamper out, Wesker stopped her. She paused and watched him walk over to the desk and open the drawer. He pulled out money then walked over to her.

"Thank you so much Annika." He said handing her a fifty dollar American bill.

"I'm not allowed…" She said softly.

"You really didn't have to do this for me." He said sweetly. "And a job well done should be rewarded."

Annika looked at the money and then looked at the man. She was not sure if she should take the money he was offering her. She suddenly remembered something her father told her about taking money, particularly from American men, "Never accept money from men, especially American men." She recalled. "Their money is dirty and so are their intentions toward you."

But this man seemed different than the other American tourists that had passed through the village. None of them spoke kindly to her, rarely did that thank her, and they certainly did not speak her language; or if they did, it was always broken and incoherent. But this man seemed like a nice person and it did not appear he had anything other than kindness in his heart. Reluctantly, Annika took the money and shoved it into her right pants pocket.

"I hope this money helps you as you have helped me." Wesker said in his sweetest voice.

"Thank you Sir." She said both smiling and blushing. "It most certainly will and if you ever need anything, please ask Sir."

"I have a quick question for you Miss Muller." Wesker said.

Annika nodded.

"How long do these winter storms last here in Menlick-Silavo?"

"It is hard to say with certainty." Annika replied. "This one seems very bad, so I am assuming it will be at least three days more."

"Three days?" Wesker repeated.

"Yes Sir." Annika replied. "And even then the roads will be impassable for a few days afterwards. It takes the work men a few days to make the roads passable once they are snowed over."

"So I will be here at least another week or so?" He questioned.

"I am so very sorry Sir." Annika said gently. "But I am afraid so."

"Well thank you Miss Muller." Wesker said kindly. "And good night to you, you have been very helpful."

"Good night Sir." Annika said kindly.

Wesker closed the door to his room and began to undress for bed. After stripping down to his undergarments, he pulled the covers of his bed back, before nestling under the warm covers.

Another week at least before pulling out of this dump! Wesker thought. With no way to further his research and no way to end this farcical assignment early, there was nothing left to do for the week. Well, not entirely nothing left to do. In this compulsory holiday he had, he would use this to satisfy one of life's most basic of needs; a need that hasn't been fulfilled in a while. The need for carnal gratification and Miss Muller would fulfill that need nicely. Grant it, she was not his obvious type of woman. She didn't seem to possess superior intellect, her looks were wretchedly ordinary, nor was she wealthy, or in the upper echelons of society. But she would suffice to contain his lust for the here and now.