Alicia Riyes October 9th 3.45 AM

I couldn't comprehend what was going on. 'Keep running.' That voice. Devoid of any emotion save for hate, and amusement.

"I'm not your plaything! Go away!" I screamed frantically.

'Oh but you are, Alicia. You're my favorite toy of all.'

"NO! Leave me alone-" It tackled me with it's-tendrils and turned me on my stomach. I knew what was going through that thing's mind. I don't like it, either. I struggled frantically, shaking free of it.

'You think running is going to help?'

"This isn't your forest!" I shouted this as loud as I could, hoping I could alert someone to my presence.

'No one can hear you.' I turned around. It was there. It's feet only inches from mine. Run, I told myself. It cocked it's head to one side. That disgusting, faceless head! Nothing is worse! Like that blank canvas is tearing my soul apart; I'd rather be physically harmed-

'I can arrange that.' I turned back around and tried to keep running. BUT IT WAS THERE. IT WON'T LEAVE.
My fear seemed to make it happier. It was grinning devishly into my soul and tormenting me with that face-OH GOD IT DOESN'T HAVE A FACE. It doesn't have a face...

I ran around it, and made for my SUV. I got inside and looked in the rear-veiw mirror without thinking.
It was there. It was watching. I put the key in the ignition and started down the street. There were no cars. The street was empty.

Then it was standing there. I sped up and suddenly the SUV flipped over, and rolled down the street violently. As though in slow motion, I saw a black piece if cloth float by mid-roll.

The vehicle stopped upside-down, and I clambered out. I then fell down a hill, rolling to the bottom before getting up and putting the weight on foot.

It's not there. I feel free.


'No, my toy, you're not.'