Cainan Kitts/
December 25th/
5.32 PM/

Cainan was your average thirteen-year-old. He swore at school, he flirted, and ignored his homework. His big sister Angel was a year older, and his brother Tylor was two years younger.
Everything was hunky-dorey this Christmas, in spite of the fact Cainan spent most of his time hanging out with his buddies who didn't respect their parents. Allow me to start off our little adventure by saying that Cainan lives in a crowded neighborhood with almost no trees. Sometimes the Thin Man has to make... adjustments.
Cainan woke to find he was not in his bed, however an abandoned house that he somehow knew was Germany. The boy stood, and inched his way down the stairs. Every creak and crack made him want to turn and run. Don't be a wuss, he told himself. Really he was so terrified the urine he'd been holding was about to be unleashed.
No time for that, thought the boy. He looked up in time the see him. No, it. It was standing there, watching without eyes. Billions of names flashed through his mind: Mary Eslics, Karmel Rehnor,
Blake Sanchez. The Blake guy felt recent, close almost. Cainan let out cry for help as a tendril shot out and peirced his gut. "Kennst du mich?" It asked. Cainan took enough German classes to know what it was asking.
'Do you know me?' Cainan shook his head. "Nein." The wrenching pain in his stomach almost made him pass out. "Eine d nne." 'Thin One.' Oh God, he thought. "You're not real! This is a dream!- *"
Slender Man dropped the carcass to the ground.

Hi! I know you guys are probably getting ever so slightly impatient but everything is going steady. Not like, that kind of going steady, but you know what I mean. I'm trying my best! And you guys aren't helping at all XD. Feel free to send me characters, guys. It only takes me twenty minutes to write little ones like this, lol. -Have a Slender day! And Merry Christmas!