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Chapter I: Prologue:

The Ghost Zone was filled with many different types of ghosts, each with their own powers and desires. But one was reflecting on his. Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, sat in his lair, thinking, plotting, he had caught and killed almost anything there is to hunt, but one thing continued to elude him, one thing always managed to outsmart him and defeat him, The Halfa Danny Phantom.

Skulker pounded on the table, enraged that such a young and weak target could always defeat him, and it shamed him, how could he call himself a hunter if he couldn't catch a teenager, time and time again when Skulker thought he had the upper hand, every time he rearmed his armor with more weapons, every time he thought this was the day, the little whelp would defeat him, sucking him into that cramped Fenton Thermos.

No matter what Skulker tried, nets, traps, bait, spears, guns, target seeking devices, nothing he ever tried worked, and now it would be harder. Oh that whelp just had to come back from the dead, now he was more powerful than ever. Skulker, enraged, grabbed the table and flipped it into the air, roaring in anger, he's had it, and he was finished with this.

Skulker walked towards his equipment room, he opened the metal doors, and turned on the light, and he looked around, not being too picky, in fact he started to grab everything, and starts to attach them to his metal armor. A automatic firing shoulder launcher, he had used that before, but he didn't care he took everything. If anyone saw this, they would think that Skulker had cracked, he had been driven mad, how can he be the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, if he can't kill a single, pathetic whelp, as long as that whelp lived Skulker was driven to anger, he could hardly think all he wanted was the whelp dead.

Skulker smiled, finally able to get some sense of mind, and that's all it took. Skulker started to laugh, not this time, he though, this time, he would win, and this time he would not rest until he did. That's it Skulker thought, a fight to the death, him and Phantom, a hunt that would not stop until one of them was dead, that's it, the hunter chuckled as he pictured how his masterpiece would unfold, he pictured the whelp lying on the floor in front of his feet, riddled with holes and covered in Ectoplasm, with his head and spine removed, in his hand, holding It up high for all to see. The hunter continued to laugh and prepare, the hunter and the prey, for the last time, one last hunt, a final hunt, The Ultimate Hunt…

Again short but it's just an introduction, all be back with the next chapter soon