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Chapter XII: It's Over

Danny walked towards Skulker, the two, the hunter and the Halfa, the prey and the Predator. They looked into each other's eyes, with hatred of the other. All their battles, all of their hunts, everything led to this, Skulker was right, it would be the final hunt.

"I told you to stop while you still could Skulker, now look where you are"

"You get back in here and finish this"

"If you think I'm going back in their your even more insane then you've become, look at this Skulker, look at where this obsession has gotten you, was it worth it, was it worth being trapped in forever"

"I'll get out and I will finish this, I will kill you or…"

"Or what, I've heard this so many times, you can't get out of here, you said if a ghost so much as touches the shield everything inside will be obliterated, and as long as I'm alive, it will stay up, you can't tamper with it, and you can't defuse the anti-tamper tech, Skulker, in your quest to kill me, you've only caged yourself"

"Then Finish it, touch the shield, end this, pull the plug, stop me once and for all"

Danny stared at Skulker, who was on his knees practically begging to be killed. Danny thought, maybe he's right, I could end him once and for all, I mean when I do die, he will be set free, what if he decides to go after my children, or my grandchildren, he will always be a hunter, he kills that's what he does, I could kill him like I did to Vlad. Danny suddenly remembered, and a slight pain formed in his stomach, not from the fight but of guilt, he actually started to regret killing Vlad, it wasn't like him, and now he's thinking about killing Skulker, was Sam right, was he acting different, was his inner evil making him do this. Danny clenched his fist, if he killed Skulker, he would be no better than him, and if he went down that path, he may never come back. Danny looked Skulker straight in the eyes.

"I'm not going to kill you…but I don't have to help you"

Danny then turned and started to walk towards the speeder. His friends and family watching him before turning their attention towards Skulker, who was more than shocked and enraged that Danny, would not kill him.

"Don't you dare turn you back on me Whelp, come back here and finish this, finish me"

"If you want to die, why don't you just kill yourself, you touch the shield" Danny snapped back, clearly he wanted to get tout of here, he has had enough.

"You have to kill me, it's the only honorable death, to kill myself is to surrender, to give in, that's dishonorable, and you must kill me, grant me my last request, and finish me"


Danny walked into the speeder. Sam and the others looked back at Skulker who was now calling out his name, begging to be killed, they then turned and walked back into the speeder, taking off, leaving the ghost zone's greatest hunter, caged within his own trap.

Danny was sitting on a table as Sam sat next to him while his mom started to bandage his wounds. His wounds had already started to heal, although a few cuts and bruises remained. They were all quiet; waiting for someone else to say something, Tucker finally broke the silence.

"So does anybody have any food, I'm a little hungry"

"Yeah we have some stuff in the cupboard over there" said Jack.

"Thanks, hey Danny, Sam do you want anything?"

"No thanks, I'll eat later" said Danny, not feeling hungry all of a sudden.

"Danny when was the last time you ate something?" asked his mother.

"This morning…" Danny lied, however his mother, and Sam both caught the lie and gave him the look, "…Okay last night, I haven't eaten in 24 hours"

"Then your definitely getting something now" his mother said walking over to the food.

"Hey Danny you okay?" asked Sam.

"Just a few cuts and bruises, nothing to worry about"

"I wasn't referring to those Danny"

"I don't know Sam, I couldn't let him go, it would all just happen again, or he would kill you guys to get to me; however I'd also be lying if I said I never thought of killing him, I could have ended it right there, but I couldn't, I wouldn't"

"I think you did the right thing"

Sam scotched over and embraced Danny, however she felt something in his pocket, and she reached in and pulled out the green crystal Danny had found before.

"What's this, is this an Emerald"

"I don't know I…stumbled upon it and thought…you'd like it"

"Well green's not really my color but, thanks Danny, you're the best" she said before planting a kiss on his lips.

"Hey you want to see something cool?"


"Watch this"

Danny raised his hand and slowly reached for the crystal, the closer he got to the thing, the more it glowed, which sparked Sam's suspicious side.

"Danny, do you think?"

"Think what?"

"Well this thing is green, but when you get close to it, it glows like Ectoplasm, do you think?"

"No, Ectoplasm his plasm for a reason"

"Yeah but the Ectocrystal was like this"

"Yeah but that was glowing all the time, plus that was the last piece from the time when Ectoplasm wasn't plasm, it's gone now, it's probably nothing"

"Maybe you're right, anyways thanks"

Sam gave Danny another kiss however this one was on the cheek this time. They flew towards Amity Park, Danny, feeling somewhat relived that he would no longer be hunted by Skulker. However, he still had a strange feeling that something was still wrong, like, something was coming.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure watched as Skulker sat in his prison, the shadow thought to itself, impressive, the Halfa managed to break and defeat the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter. The figure then turned in the direction of Amity Park, Perhaps it was time to pay the Halfa a visit…

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