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Xander wiped the blood from his mouth, his ribs aching from a sharp kick Buffy delivered to his left side. The pain didn't bother him so much since Buffy's nose was busted and he'd just dislocated two of her fingers when she got him across the jaw. Popping her fingers back in, she rotated her shoulder from where it had come out of socket.

"Just give up! You can't beat me!" She yelled, swinging around to clock him across the face again. Xander quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her upper body low as he swung around and kneed her hard in the abdomen. Dropping to her knees with a gasp, Buffy quickly got up and caught Xander on his temple. Feeling the sharp pinch of pain and sudden smell of blood, Xander realized she must have had a blade in her hand. The slice across his temple wasn't too bad, but the stream of blood was getting in his way. This was the second time she had pulled a blade out and gotten him with it, but it truly didn't faze him. He'd gotten just as many hits on her, except he used no weapon but himself. Xander was almost positive a rib or two was broken; the others bruised because he had been fast enough not to take the blow head on. His upper tricep was slashed, now along with his face. Later on many more bruises would sprout up, but otherwise he was in good condition. Buffy hadn't been so lucky, which made him stand up straighter in pride. Not only had Xander dislocated her shoulder, and fingers; he'd gotten her with a good elbow across her kidneys which winded her for a good bit. Add that on to his sharp hits to her abdomen made him only the more aggressive predator. Sadly, once this was all said in done, would everyone be upset with him for running off on his own?

'Don't you dare think of giving up. Spike is ours; this bitch will not take him away.' 'I know that Auksinė Sidabrinė, shut up so I can focus.' 'I think the knowledge that our Mate could be taken should be enough incentive to beat this blonde whore into the ground.' Feeling himself lose his patience between his demon's ramblings and Buffy's chattering, caused Xander to growl in a very inhuman way.

"Will you shut the fuck up? All you've done is talk shit while getting your face beat in by me. What will it take for you to shut your trap?" They'd been fighting for almost half an hour now and Xander was losing his patience. Swinging forward, he made Buffy think he was aiming for her face. When she put both arms in front of her face to block him, Xander turned quickly and brought his elbow down at the back of her neck; causing her to slam to the ground with a moan of pain.

"You. Stupid. Bitch." His foot connected with her ribs repeatedly, his eyes swirling a silver-gold.

"You truly think you can beat us? You believe that you can have our Mate? I'll show you something to truly fear." Using his leg to flip Buffy over, his foot connected with the side of her face; knocking her out cold after a few stomps to her stomach. Panting heavily, he brushed his hand across the laceration on his face; too adrenaline filled to pay attention to the sting it brought on contact. Ignoring the aches of his body, mainly his stomach that throbbed in discomfort, he went back into the mausoleum to grab the rope he had seen earlier. Tying Buffy up, he growled in anger when she sliced him across the back of his calf. Kicking her across the face once more, she was out cold again.

"Xander!" His head snapped up in awareness at Spike's voice calling his name. When he felt his mate's arms cloak him, his eyes teared up.


"You bloody git, am I gonna have to tie you to our bed post at home?! You could have gotten yourself killed!" Xander couldn't even argue with him, body sore and mind high at the fact that his mate was here. With him, wanting him.

'Told you he'd come back.' He couldn't even find a smart remark to his demon, his bleeding face pressed hard into Spike's neck.

"I-I thought you wouldn't come back. I didn't mean those things; I'd never say those things." He rambled, tears running down his face. His adrenaline was wearing off and everything just screamed pain but he ignored it. Spike was here again, and he'd be damned if he ever let him leave again.

"Shh pet, its ok. I over-reacted, I should have stayed. I'll never leave again love, I promise."

"You better not, you bastard." They both laughed, coming together once again in what felt like forever.

"We gotta get back to the Magic Box, pet. Everyone is scared out of their minds, especially Peaches." Xander's head perked up, a surprised look on his face.

"Angel…was worried about me?" Spike laughed at Xander's expression, wrapping his arm around him in a possessive manner.

"Yes love, he's the one who found me and sent me looking for you." Xander had the biggest grin on his face, already thinking of ways to torment Angel over this.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy being related to Angel. Who knew I would have so much fun with Dead-boy." Spike erupted in more laughter, pressing kisses to Xander's temple.

"Who knew is right love. Let's head out." Xander nodded before picking Buffy up from the ground and tossing her over his shoulder. Taking Spike's hand in his own, he couldn't stop smiling.

"Home afterwards, right?" His words sounded slightly reluctant, not sure if Spike would allow him to go back to the one place that he considered home in the longest time.

"Yes Kitten, then home."


"Are you seriously telling me that you just let Spike go find them? What if Xander was hurt? Do you honestly believe that he would spare her life?" Wesley scolded Angel thoroughly, looking displeased. Willow, Giles, and Remin bit back laughs at Angel's puppy expression, obviously not liking his mate being irate with him.

"Wes, I didn't have a choice. He swore to answer me if I called for him; I trust he'll do that."

"Coming from a man who nicknamed you after a fruit…" Wesley fumed, walking over to the counter for some tea. Angel rubbed the back of his neck, still frowning.

"Don't be so hard on Angelus, Mr. Price. He did what any Sire would have done; I commend him for just being able to find Spike in such a situation." Angel seemed surprised that Rex stood up for him, but sent him a grateful smile.

"Xander!" Willow hollered, running over to the door when Spike and Xander walked in; Buffy still thrown over his shoulder. Everyone was wide-eyed and shocked; expect Mr. Rex of course.

"Look at you! Are you ok?" Willow fussed, touching his face and arms while ignoring Spike's possessive growls of annoyance.

"Willow, why don't you come have some tea with Wesley? I think you're aggravating Spike." Giles spoke up, wanting just as much to make sure Xander was ok. Willow pouted, but conceded. Spike wrapped an arm tighter around Xander after he leaned Buffy's body against the wall.

"So I see you handled the situation quite well Xander." Looking up to his boss with a smile, he nodded.

"Of course, no one threatens my mate." Remin gave him a bright smile before laughing at Xander's slightly horrified expression.

"Why did you have to go and bang G-man into the bed? He's like, my dad." Just then, while Giles blushed and everyone else was laughing, Xander broke out in a smile.

"Does that mean I can call you Daddy now Giles?"

"Shut up Xander!" He blurted out beyond embarrassed when Remin wrapped him close in his arms.

"Don't tease him, pet. We were rooting for Giles to get laid, and he did." Spike jumped in, winking at Giles who looked even more embarrassed while Rex continued to laugh. Angel rolled his eyes, choosing to stay out of it. While Willow looked like she wanted to ask about every detail.

"Now that the dramatics are out-of-the-way, we should decide what we will do about the Slayer." Remin broke in, leaving Giles' side to step forward. Xander frowned, as did Giles and Willow.

"Technically, she should die." – "Xander!" Willow blurted out, surprised at the emotionless answer from him.

"What? It was her rules. Whoever won got Spike, the loser died. Well it's obvious who the winner is, I'm standing right here." Xander said, slightly irritated at the situation. He had his mate back, that's all that mattered to him now. Whatever happened to her, that woman who looked like his old best friend, had no hold on his conscious.

"I shall take the situation under control Xander, you go home with Spike." Giles still looked worried, but Xander nodded.

"Will she die, Remin?" Everyone was surprised to hear the demon speak so calmly. Rex nodded silently, making Giles' heart break slightly.

"Yes, my dear, she will have to be taken care off. We cannot afford something like this to happen again."

"Good to know, because if you hadn't planned to; I did." "Goodnight everyone, I'll see y'all tomorrow." Xander came back and said before taking Spike's hand and leaving the Magic Box.


Back at the apartment, Spike held Xander against his chest as the water poured hot from the shower-head. He'd already licked all of Xander's wounds and even convinced him to drink some of his blood to help deal with his possibly broken ribs. Not that it would completely heal them, but help increase the manner in which they did.

"I'm so glad you came back, I don't know what I would have done if you left…" His voice was soft under the spray of water, his hands holding Spike's arms around him. In reply, Spike nuzzled his face into Xander's neck; placing soft kisses on his mark.

"I'll never leave you again, pet. I promise you now; nothing will ever make me leave again." Xander tightened his hold, turning in Spike's arms to reach up and kiss him. Returning the affection, his hands slid down to Xander's waist to bring their newly sprung erections together.

"It's been over a week Spike, make love to me." Xander whimpered, nipping at his lips.

"It'll be my pleasure, love." Picking Xander up into his arms after turning the shower off, he laid him out on the bed before climbing on top of him. Xander wasted no time in wrapping his legs around Spike; rubbing their hips together and causing hot friction between them. With a growl, Spike had Xander locked in a kiss as his hands remapped his mate's body in a possessive, starving manner.

"All mine, always mine, never again will I leave you." Xander moaned in appreciation at the sharp bites to his neck and collar along with the commanding words.

"Always, yes, always." He was ready to beg if Spike didn't hurry things up. It had been too long without Spike inside of him, let alone touching him.

"I need, oh fuck Spike I need you in me now!" Xander's body was arched off the bed, Spike's cold hand wrapped tightly around his cock as he stroked him.

"You'll have me pet, no worries. Let ol' Will take care of you." Spike used Xander's pre-cum to slick his fingers before groping around Xander's ball and teasing his hole.

"Hah ah~!" Xander's legs unhooked from around Spike, spreading wide; bent at the need and bucking up.

"In~ in me, oh fuck Spike in~" He was incoherent, babbling away in need to be filled. Once Spike had three fingers spreading Xander wide, he delivered a sharp bite right about Xander's heart; his fist quickly locking around the base of Xander's cock to fight off an orgasm.

"You bastard!" They snarled together, bucking down on Spike's fingers in hopes of being allowed to climax. The pressure in his abdomen was becoming unbearable, especially from how it was aching earlier. It seemed to have increased ten-fold. Quickly licking the wound shut, Spike quickly stroked Xander as he slammed deep in him. The howl of pleasure Xander released went straight to Spike's cock and made him bit his lip in hopes of staving off his much-needed orgasm.

"Fuck Xan-pet, so bloody tight~" He growled out, giving short rapid bucks into Xander. In reply, Xander wrapped his legs back around Spike; taking the thrusts deeper into him as his hole fluttered and clenched around him. Wrapping his arms around Spike's neck, Xander pulled him into a messy kiss as the discomfort in his abdomen almost became unbearably painful.

"Spike, baby please, need- ah! Need to cum, hah!" Xander was digging his nails into Spike's back; bucking his hips down into Spike's cock in a brutal way. Not one to hold back anymore, Spike slammed into him fast and hard; rushing Xander's climax over him as his own came crashing down. Body shaking, Xander's legs unhooked from around Spike as he lay limp beneath him. Slowly sliding out of Xander's abused hole, Spike came up behind him to wrap Xander in his arms. He snuggled deep into the vampire behind him, a happy purr rumbling in his throat.

"Spike, never leave again."

"I promise pet." With a kiss to Xander's temple, he watched as his mate fell asleep for what must have been the first time in a week.


A few weeks had passed since the fight between Xander and Buffy. No one had been able to stomach asking Rex what exactly happened to her, except Angel, which he choose to keep to himself. Wesley and Angel headed back to Los Angeles just a few days ago, their duties racking up while they were gone. Xander was actually able to part with him on good terms, letting his 'Sire-in-law' know they'd been visiting soon; which Angel was more than happy to hear about. Dawn had been torn over Buffy's death, no one able to truly tell her what happened, she left to live with her father. Willow was the same as always, spending all of her time helping Giles run the Magic Box; especially now since Giles' was coming in later every day. It might have had something to do with Remin keeping him awake all night; or the limp he sported every time he was seen. Things for the most part, settled down comfortably. Demons still came through Sunnydale, though most never stayed; the threat of Remin Rex running the place now made for a specialized hot-spot. Those that didn't follow the rules were terminated immediately; normally by Xander and Spike. It was mid-day and Xander had gone to the Magic Box to check on Willow; Giles' having called out on a 'sick day'. He kind of wished sometimes that Giles' would just come out and say he was staying home for a sex marathon…but at the same time he'd rather not think about Giles' like that. Banging his head lightly on the table, he rubbed his stomach that still ached.

"Everything ok Xan?" Willow asked, just having rung up the last customer in the store.

"Yeah Will, just tired. My stomach is still killing me, but it'll go away in a while." Willow sat down next to Xander, having brought tea out since for a while he hadn't been able to stomach coffee. Grateful for the hot drink, he sipped on it with a happy sigh.

"Are you sure everything's ok? It's rare for you to be out and about." It wasn't that Willow didn't want to see Xander, she enjoyed his company; but now-a-days, it wasn't like him to just hang around.

"I just…something weird is going on but Auksinė Sidabrinė won't tell me what's up. It's…kind of got me freaked out, so who else would I go to but my favorite book-worm?" Willow took Xander's hand with a concerned face.

"What's going on Xan?" Taking a deep breath, Xander squeezed her hand.

"So, I've felt kind of sick recently. I've been hurting, and I'm uncomfortable most of the time. G-man thinks it's because me and the demon are becoming one complete entity. Thing is, Auksinė Sidabrinė just starts laughing when I think about. By the way, it's that creepy 'I know something you don't know laugh, but if you did you'd flip the fuck out'." Willow bit her lip, smiling at Xander's hand movements while he spoke.

"What has Auksinė Sidabrinė been saying?" Shortly after Buffy was killed, they'd all gotten on to calling Xander's demon by the name he had chosen.

"Things like, 'I cannot wait until it's here.' Or, 'Our mate will be so proud.' I know I might just be over reacting, but that's not normal right? Not that I'm normal but you get it." Willow paled slightly when she thought about it, remembering Xander's demon mentioning something about being 'pupped'.

"Xander…why don't we close the shop early? I think we should try some stuff at my house, maybe figure out what's going on." Not thinking anything of it, Xander agreed.

"Why are we stopping by the drug store Wills?"

"Oh, I just wanted some candy. You want anything?" She replied, trying to fight off a blush.

"Yeah, can you find me some chocolate covered anything?" Willow couldn't help but smile before she headed inside. Searching through the aisles, she stopped in front of the last place she wanted to be.

"Please let me be wrong…"


"WILLOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Flinching at the panic in Xander's voice, she rushed over to the bathroom when the door swung open. He looked pale, and slightly sick. Pulling him in to the room to sit on the bed, she rubbed his back.

"It'll be ok Xan, I know this is strange, but it's normal for someone like you."

"Normal? Normal?! How can this be normal?!" He was panicking and Willow wasn't sure how to calm him down. Patting him on the side of the face to get him to look at her, she gave him a soft smile.

"You love Spike, right?" He stopped immediately, taking deep breaths.

"Of course I do, more than anything."

"This is proof of your love for him. Take a few deep breaths, go home, cuddle up in bed and just talk with him about it." Xander took a few more deep breaths and nodded his head shakily.

"Yeah, ok, you're right Will. Thanks again." Squeezing her hand and promising to call later, he headed back to the apartment.


Spike had Xander wrapped tight in his arms, running his fingers through his hair as he listened to Xander's breathe even out. He'd been right upset when he first got home, so Spike had taken him to bed and calmed him down.

"You know, I don't really think I've said it, but I love you." Spike felt his chest get warm like it always did when Xander got like this.

"I love you too, pet."

"I mean, I really love you Spike. All my life, I felt like a nobody. Being with you, finally made me realize exactly who I am. Exactly who I'm supposed to be." Xander slid his hands down to hug Spike's arms to him. Spike nuzzled into Xander's neck, kissing him.

"Good to know, love; I can return the sentiment. My life seemed so dull after a century in a half. You make me realize it was all meant to happen so I could find you." Xander felt his heart pounding wildly in his chest as he turned around to face Spike.

'Now would be the time if any to tell him pup.' 'Oh shut up Auksinė Sidabrinė, I'm going too.' Taking Spike's hands and pressing them to his stomach, he smiled at him. Spike frowned a bit, rubbing at Xander's stomach.

"Is your abdomen hurting you again, love? I can go get some medicine."

"No, Spike, that's not it." He took a deep breath. "I guess there's no time better than the present. How would you feel if I told you, you were gonna be a Daddy?"

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