Tsuna turned around with a start, "Oh, Gokudera! Yamamoto!"
His two best friends ran up to him and Tsuna smiled.
"Happy Birthday Tenth!" Gokudera exclaimed, followed by a quieter utterance of the same phrase from Yamamoto.
Tsuna smiled bashfully, "Thanks you guys."
Gokudera arched an eyebrow, "You weren't on your way home by any chance were you?"
Tsuna nodded, "Yeah I was. Why?"
Yamamoto grinned and grabbed Tsuna's left arm while Gokudera grabbed his right, "You'll see."

When the trio walked into the Sawada household, they were immediately assailed by shouts.
All along the lines of 'Happy Birthday'.
Ryohei stepped forward and pointed to the kitchen, where Kyoko poked her head out, "Kyoko and I made your EXTREMELY delicious cake!" he exclaimed with a grin.
At the same time, Lambo tugged on Tsuna's pant leg. He held up one of his many lollipops to Tsuna and said, "Happy Birthday Tuna-san!" with a giggle.
"Lambo! You should call the person whose Birthday it is by their proper name! It's only polite!" I-Pin scolded.
Haru appeared and scooped up Lambo, "Happy Birthday Tsuna-san."
She blushed and closed her eyes, "And here's your present!"
She darted forward and gave his cheek a quick peck.
"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! HARU-CHAN!" Tsuna blushed bright red.
Gokudera made a face at Haru, and Yamamoto laughed, predictably.
Then Gokudera pulled a small package from his pocket and handed it to Tsuna, "Here's my present Tenth."
He grinned and Yamamoto sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "Haha, sorry Tsuna, but I forgot your present at my house."
Tsuna blushed, "T-that's okay Yamamoto."
Gokudera blew a breath through his nose and muttered, "Leave it to the baseball idiot to leave Jyuudaime's present behind."
Yamamoto eyed Gokudera and elbowed him gently, "Haha, you know, it was kinda your fault I forgot in the first place."
Tsuna's eyebrows came together, "Wha? How's that?" he asked out of curiosity.
Yamamoto grinned, "Haha, well, you see, Gokudera came over to my house before we came here."
Tsuna was already feeling apprehensive about the rest of the answer, but Yamamoto wasn't finished.
"Well, Gokudera dropped his jacket, and when he bent over to pick it up-mmph!"
Gokudera stifled Yamamoto's words with his hand and cast a look over at Tsuna, "Jyuudaime! Please disregard everything the baseball idiot just said!"
Tsuna was looking on in shock, "Was Yamamoto suggesting that-"
Reborn came out of nowhere and kicked Tsuna in the forehead, flooring the youth, where he laid twitching in pain.
The infant Hitman pulled down the brim of his hat somewhat and smirked, "You should learn to trust your right-hand-man more Dame-Tsuna."
What followed that evening was the traditional opening of presents and consumption of cake.
Of course, not without children running to and fro, occasional shouts of "EXTREME!" and various objects being blown up for various reasons.
Not to mention Reborn's ever-so-devious games.
Just a standard Vongola Birthday party.


written because i love Tsuna. and i dont really like HaruxTsuna, but whatever works *shrug*

story © MarluxiaSutcliff116

characters © Akira Amano