A/N: This is sort of a sequel to my one-shot Family. So enjoy.

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After the incident with the Brotherhood of Evil, The Doom Patrol and the five founding members of the Titans found themselves with extra time on their hands. Due to this, they began meeting up once a month just to relax and hang out (against Mento's wishes, but Elasti-Girl talked him into it). They would swap between Titans Tower and Dayton Manor every month. This particular time they met up at the Manor, where there was more than enough room to spread out. It was originally planned to be being together as a group, but everybody ended up breaking up to go off and do their own thing.

Robin and Mento would "discuss" battle techniques, and by that of course I mean argue. Raven and Negative Man would go somewhere and complain about how pointless this was and what they could be doing instead. Beastboy would happily go off with his two semi-robotic friends to play video games.

As for Elasti-Girl and Starfire, they took advantage of this time to "girl-talk". Despite the gap between their ages, they lived in fairly similar situations. They loved having someone to talk to that really related to them.

"I know, I know," groaned Elasti-Girl, "Mento is exactly the same way. I take my job as a hero seriously, but he definitely overdoes it." "And after you run out of the patience from using gentle persuasion…" started Starfire. "You just end up dragging him out of the crime lab and force him to take a break." They both giggled at the thought. "Honestly, sometimes I feel like the mother of the Doom Patrol," thought Elasti-Girl out loud. Starfire nodded in agreement. "Oh! That reminds me!" Starfire said as she placed her cup of tea on the coffee table. She reached into the side of her boot and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "I was doing the laundry a few days ago and when I was turning out the pockets on Beastboy's uniform, I found this," she stated. Elasti-Girl gave Starfire a confused look, who explained by handing her the note. As she scanned the paper, she smiled as she read her adopted son's thoughts of his new family. "That's my Garfield," she laughed. "So it seems we are our teams' mothers." "Allow me to guess," said Starfire, "You are the one on the team who breaks up the fights?" "Yes," agreed Elasti-Girl," And you probably have to be one to calm your stressed leader because he won't listen to anyone else?"

"And are the one who worries about everyone?

"And is treated as helpless when you're one of the most capable people on the team?"

"And does most of the domestic chores?"

"And comforts the others when they're sad?"

"While forcing a smile yourself?"

"And puts everyone else first?"

"And takes care of everyone when they're sick?"

"And still fights crime with everyone else?"

"And would not trade a single day of it for a thousand years of pampering and luxury?"

The two heroines smiled and nodded in agreement.

Beastboy, who had snuck by to go grab a soda, watched his two "moms" bond, a big grin on his face. He walked back towards his pals in the game room, thinking to himself how much he loves his two families.