First attempt at a story here so hopefully it wont be to bad. A friend knows I like to write and he also writes here so he posed this challenge for me.

Challenge: Naruto was not raised in Konoha (I know its been done), and was instead raised in one of the 5 elemental temples (wind,water,fire,earth,lightning) I chose lightning. How he got there is to be determined by the author. Naruto's elemental affinity should reflect the temple he was raised at. For whatever reason Naruto left the temple and is becoming a ninja at the nearest village (Kumo,Iwa,Suna,Kiri,Konoha) and is accepted on a trial basis. He will start as a genin (though he can be as strong as you want him to be) and can either be apart of a team or not your choice. The only other condition that he posed to me was that Naruto and atleast one other team from his village be apart of the Chunnin exams in Konoha with the rookie 9 and the rest (the invasion and what you do with it is up to you) If Naruto is part of a team send another one with his. If he's from konoha well then there really isn't much to change. Everything else is up to the author (pairing, if his parents are alive, who gets bashed, his skills and what not, the only thing I was asked not to do was not make a harem and no naru/hina or naru/saku)

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"Summons/Biju" Talking

'Summon/Biju' Thinking

Chapter One

Konoha October 10th

A woman with dark blackish blue hair was moving as quietly as she could through the darkened streets. In her arms she held a baby wrapped in a dark violet colored blanket with tufts of dark blonde hair sticking out the top of his head. She knew who this baby was and what he was and she also knew that she had to get him away from the hatred he would face in the future so she had taken him from his crib in the Hokage's office to get him somewhere safe. She looked down at the bundle in her arms to see the deep turquoise blue eyes look up at her and she couldn't help but smile, they were the eyes of her best friend Kushina Uzumaki, and they lived on in her son Naruto. She was unsure of who the boy's father was only because she knew Minato and Kushina had separated more than 2 years earlier and the fact that he still used the boy for the sealing of Kyuubi and sacrificing him to the hate it brought with the title, even when he had had his own children born right after Naruto was. That was actually the reason Kushina had left Minato to begin with, he had been cheating on her with Isako Haruno, who had given him a pair of twins mere hours ago, the woman did not know their names but she was sure that Minato had sealed the beast into Naruto rather than one of his own children simply to spite Kushina, though she had died during the birthing. The fact that Minato had somehow survived the sealing made the woman sure that if she left Naruto to the village he would not live the life he should and she owed it to Kushina to make sure he did.

The woman thought about where to take the boy after she had gotten past the borders of fire country, she knew she couldn't risk leaving him anywhere in fire county there was a chance he would be returned to the village, even if she took him to the Fire Temple.

Wait! I can take him to the Lightning Temple, Kushina said her clan always had lightning natured chakra so that would be the perfect place for him. If she remembered correctly the woman thought that the Lightning Temple even had a deal with the Hidden Cloud Village to accept children trained in the arts of the temple could become ninja if they did not wish to become monks.

Picking up speed the woman changed her direction towards Lightning Country hoping that no discovered that little Naruto was missing before she could drop him off at the Temple.

Unknown to the woman, she had been discovered, though she had yet to be implicated in the kidnapping.

Minato Namikaze slammed his hand onto his desk in frustration. He was close to losing his mind. He had no idea who had taken the damn brat of Kushina's though he sent nearly every single one of his available ANBU out to find whoever had taken his new weapon. He may have turned Kushina's child into a jinchuriki out of spite but that didn't mean he didn't know the value it had to the Village as a super weapon. What Minato couldn't figure out however was who would take the brat. Anyone who would oppose his view would end up dead and people in the higher eschelons of Konoha's society knew that though the majority of the Civilian and Ninja population had no clue their benevolent Fourth Hokage could be so cruel. Minato also knew that his one remaining student idolized him far too much to disagree with anything he said, so that left Kushina's friends but there was still a problem with that. All of Kushina's friends were either dead or to injured to kidnap a child from his office, he knew for a fact that Tsume Inuzuka was hospitalized with a broken leg and arm, Isao Yamanaka had been stuck in the backlash of one of the Kyuubi's attacks and had been dealt severe damage to her chakra system stopping her career for good, Yoshino Nara had had all of the bones in her left leg shattered and would be bed ridden for several months, and both Shira Aburame and ChiChi Akimichi had suffered severe chakra exhaustion and were currently unconscious at the hospital with hundreds of others.

That left only Haruka Hyuuga and Mikoto Uchiha to take the brat and since Haruka and Kushina had been fighting, especially after Kushina found out Haruka had been one of the people he cheated on her with, and Hiashi had applied a version of the Caged Bird Seal to her to keep it from happening again and keep her basically prisoner in the Hyuuga compound. Mikoto however was a different story as no one could find her amongst the bodies in the Uchiha compound. It had been one of the first place hit by the Kyuubi since the Uchiha had demanded their clan be separated from the "Commoners". The only survivors from the attack had been Sasuke, one of Mikoto's sons, Shisui, and a few of the civilian members of the clan. Itatchi had fled the village months ago after killing his father Fugaku. After that Shisui had taken control of the clan and attempted to change the superior attitude Fugaku had instilled in them but failed to do so, and even young Sasuke who couldn't even walk had been subjected to Fugaku's brainwashing and somehow even managed to look contrite and superior when around others.

Minato had to assume Mikoto had taken the damn brat but since there was no proof he could not, as even with his legendary Flying Thunder God Shisui could nearly match him in speed and with him now being the Uchiha Clan head a lot of political problems aswell.

Minato grit his teeth while looking out over the destruction of the village. It had taken severe damage and he no longer had anything to show for it, the damage wouldn't have been so bad with a weapon gained but now that it was gone he knew he would have to focus on the village for the time being but he swore that one day he would have his weapon back.

One day I'll get that brat back, and my village will finally have the weapon it needs to bring the rest of the hidden villages to their knees.

As Minato thought of his impending world domination Mikoto Uchiha reached the Lightning Temple. She knew the Naruto would do well here and that future would be great.

Walking into the temple proper Mikoto walked over the first female monk she saw. Wordlessly she handed the bundle of blankets with Naruto inside them over to the woman along with a letter explaining who he was before she disappeared never to be seen within the borders of Lightning Country again.

Katsumi was a woman who had taken the life of a monk very early on in life and was exceedingly calm, but even she when handed a bundle of blankets that contained a baby and a note, could do nothing more than stare forward shocked at what had happened. It was not often that babies were dropped off in the middle of the night still Katsumi knew she would take care of the boy, Naruto the letter said his name was and raise him as one of the few who left the temple to become a ninja for the Hidden Cloud. She didn't know why she decided to raise the boy that way but something told her nothing else would work out. Walking back inside to tell the head monk Katsumi wondered what the future would bring.

Time Skip 14 years

Naruto Uzumaki sighed as he continued on his way towards the gates of the Hidden Cloud village, he knew this would happen but he was still rather sad to leave his Mother figure behind at the Temple but knew that he would honor is heritage and become a ninja. He had been given the letter that was left with him on the night he had come to the Temple. He sighed once again thinking about what it said

Dear Naruto-kun,

You're probably wondering why I am writing you this letter to explain what has lead to you living at the Lightning Temple. First let me start by saying that my name is Mikoto Uchiha and I was your mother Kushina Uzumaki's best friend. You see when you were born the Nine Tailed Fox had attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves and the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze sealed it away into you. I do not know why he did this though I believe it was to spite your mother as he used you instead of one of his own children. Your mother and Minato-teme used to be in a relationship but Minato cheated on your mother not only with one of her best friends, Haruka Hyuuga, but also Isako Haruno a woman your mother hated more than anything in the elemental nations, so she left him and that never sat well with him. So while I don't enjoy being the one to tell you this you are the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, this DOES NOT MEAN YOU'RE A DEMON! It simply means you are its jailer. Now the reason I left you at the Lightning temple is that everyone in your Mother's clan and yours, all had lightning natured chakra so the Lightning Temple was the perfect place for you especially since they will train you and allow you to become a shinobi for the Hidden Cloud, and while your mother may not have been a Cloud Ninja, most of her clan were very few went to the Hidden Leaf after the destruction of their native village Uzushiogakure , her Parents among them which is why she was in the Hidden Leaf to begin with so you should be accepted in Cloud.

I'm sorry to say that I don't know who your father is or if you have one, the Uzumaki have always had some strange clan techniques that no one is really sure what they do. Unfortunately these techniques were destroyed during the attack, and I do not know if Cloud has any scrolls containing them as most of the Clan that was there were lost in the last Shinobi world war.

Good Luck Naruto-kun, and even if I can't see you grow up I know you'll live a happier life where you are rather than in the Hidden Leaf.

Love Aunt Mikoto

Naruto had read the letter first when he was 7 and from that point on he trained himself as hard as he could at the Temple determined to make his mother and aunt proud, whether he ever met them again or not. The Jinchuriki bit didn't bother him all that much he had met the beast he contained and through some of the seal masters at the Temple the beast had been sealed completely, ridding him of those awful whisker marks as Katsumi, his mother at the temple had called them. It had also managed to drastically increase his chakra control, and even though he no longer had the Kyuubi's chakra backing his own reserves, the Uzumaki clan was still well known for rather large reserves of chakra, with most of their Genin having more chakra than and Chunin level ninja.

Finally seeing the gates of the Village Hidden in the Clouds that were built into the mountainside Naruto hurried up wanting to get into the village before noon.

At the gates of the Village 2 teams of Genin and their Jounin Sensei, were on guard duty. It was normally done by four Chunin, but it was good experience for the Genin atleast that's what the Raikage always told them. So when Team B, consisting of Genin Yugito Nii, Karui, and Omoi with their Jounin Sensei the legendary Killer Bee and Team Darui, consisting of Genin Samui, Mabui, and Atsui with their Jounin Sensei Darui saw a boy walking towards them they were undeniably interested in him.

The boy walking towards the gates had shoulder length shaggy dark blonde hair with some black streaks in it, that was spikey on top, and was around 5ft6inches tall. He was shirtless allowing his toned chest and arms to be seen by everyone, the boy also had a tattoo of the Lighting Temple, a lightning blue Chinese Style Dragon with violet bolts of lightning arcing off of it, on his upper left arm. He wore no footwear his feet simply wrapped up in black combat tape. He wore baggy black cargo pants with lots of pockets that went down and covered the tops of his feet and his heels.

The blonde also had a black kunai and shuriken holster strapped on his right thigh for basic ninja weapons, the boy also had a kusari-gama wrapped around his waist the sickle end hanging about halfway down his thigh. He also carried a very intimidating Glaive strapped to his back by a thick leather cord. The Glaive itself was around 8ft long and diagonal on the boys back, and had a black metal shaft and a gleaming silver blade, with violet etchings of what looked like seals on the shaft and a violet etching of Chinese dragon on the blade. The blade itself had no cross guard and was around 2.5ft in length with a slight curve on one end of the blade but looked to be sharp on both ends. All in all the boy cut an intimidating figure that put all of the Genin slightly on edge as he got closer.

When the boy finally arrived at the gates Samui called out in her normal cold tone "Halt! What is your business in the Village?" with her hand on the tanto she kept at her back, all of the other Genin followed her example, while both Jounin watched how their teams reacted.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki" The blonde said causing raised eyebrows from the Jounin and gasps from the Genin, "and I am here from the Lightning Temple to join the Village as the agreement between them dictates."

This statement caused the Jounins eyebrows to go even higher and since since the Genin had yet to recover from the fact that he was an Uzumaki and Darui not wanting to subject the boy to Bee's rapping yet asked "What was an Uzumaki doing at the Lightning Temple in the first place?"

The now named Naruto answered politely "Well according to the letter I was dropped there simply because it was in my best interest, my mother was from the Hidden Leaf and there were some circumstances that occurred that led to one of her friends taking me to the Lightning Temple to be raised and so that I could become a Cloud Shinobi later on. I have letters from both the woman who left me at the temple and the temple itself to verify this."

Darui hmmed before nodding his head and saying "Well then welcome to the Hidden Cloud Naruto-san allow us to introduce ourselves, I am Darui sensei of team Darui which includes Mabui", who waved at Naruto shyly, "Atsui", who grinned in a feral way, "and Samui", who gave a cold stare. "Those four are Killer Bee the Raikage's brother and sensei of team Bee, which is Karui", the red head glared at Naruto, "Yugito", who like Samui stared impassively, "and Omoi",who just took out a sucker and popped it in his mouth. Darui finished pointing at each one as he said their name.

Naruto looked each one of them over but was immediately drawn towards Mabui, she had dark skin and Silvery colored hair that was pulled up into a bun with 2 bangs left framing her face, she had dark green eyes and wore gray formal looking clothing that was a longsleeved shirt and skirt that went to just below mid thigh, with a red shirt underneath along with 2 earrings hanging from her ears and a pair of typical black ninja sandals on her feet.

Naruto smiled as he caught her eye and grinned when she ducked her head slightly to hide a blush.

Mabui was unsure of what to think of the blonde in front of her no one had ever made her feel this way before, normally she was very calm and collected but now she was blushing like a fan-girl and it angered her slightly, though before she could look up and glare at him for making her feel this way she blushed again when she caught his eye.

The rest of team Darui and Bee were all rather shocked at Mabui's behavior before Darui finally said "Well then Naruto-san well take you to meet Raikage-sama and get your enlistment into the village finalized"

Naruto smiled before nodding and following the two teams towards the Raikage tower in the center of the village passing many civilians on the way who all smiled warmly at both teams and looked at him curiously.

When they finally got to the Raikage tower they met his secretary who sent them up once Darui had told her why they were there. When they got to the office the 2 teams and Naruto walked in to see the Raikage, to Naruto he was a hulking man with light hair and dark skin and like himself wore no shirt. Naruto also noticed the large heavy bracers on his wrists.

"Ah Team Darui, Team Bee what do I owe the pleasure?" The Raikage, A, asked upon noticing them infront of him while seeing Naruto out of the corner of his eye.

"Raikage-sama-" Darui began but was interrupted by Bee "Yo big bro, we gonna tell ya fo'sho. This guy right there showed up at the gates you see, and wants to join the village so we took him to see-" Bee was cut off as Karui smacked him across the head and growled out "Shut up and quit rapping Bee-sensei. We are here Raikage-sama, because Naruto san here" she said pointing at Naruto "is here to join the village and is from the Lightning Temple"

"Ah thank you Karui-san, now Naruto-san please give me the papers from the Temple" A answered. Naruto did so and waited as the Raikage went through his papers, including an explanation of his jinchuriki status.

"Well everything is in order Naruto-san, welcome to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, as per the agreement you will start as a Genin and you will be allowed to take the Chunin exams in Konoha in 2 months time. Now since we do not have many extra Genin you are going to placed on a team by yourself since I know you'll be capable of dealing with threats you come across" A said while fishing a Cloud forehead protector out of his desk and tossing it to Naruto who caught it and tied it around his forehead raising his bangs up a bit out of his eyes while agreeing with the Raikage's statement and terms.

"Now about your Jinchuriki status…"The Raikage started


Well there is chapter one, hopefully its not to bad, not as to the challenge ill post it on my profile if anyone wants to try it themselves just pm me. Now to this story It will be a narutoXmabui pairing, and yes I know the cloud teams are different but itll work out better this way for me, makes it easier with them all as genin to start. Also as a side note Im going to try and ignore Bee as much as possible or atleast not have him talk, the reason for this is because I one cant rap, im not Eminem or Vanilla Ice I simply don't have the talent for it, so because I cant rap and I don't really want to try and type them bee isn't going to talk a lot.

Now onto the Minato hating, I don't hate him first off, but I need a villain for the story and while I may include the akatsuki later on I want a sort of world domination, I have a lair in a volcano villain to start with, so maybe ill do something else for the akatsuki. Now if you don't like the minato bashing well don't read or know that I like him I think he is a cool character, im just using him as the bad guy this time.