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Chapter 6

The next morning Naruto found himself on the way to Konoha's Academy with Team Darui and Team Bee at his sides. He was confident in his abilities to pass the exams even if he had to do it by himself so he wasn't worried.

The site of the Academy reinforced Naruto's confidence as there were children of age for the academy running around playing ninja. This disgusted all of the Cloud-ninja as their academy would never allow such behavior, they were training to be killers not baby sitters.

Shaking their heads at the dismal behavior of the students all 7 quickly made their way up to the third floor after passing a rather simply Genjutsu. After entering the room the cloud ninja were subjected to the collective killing intent of the assembled Genin but they just shrugged it off each having experienced worse either from their sensei or Zabuza in Naruto's case.

As he looked around Naruto took notice of the competition, and decided most of them were worthless, though a few caught his eye.

The first group that caught his eye was a large group of Leaf-nins standing together in a corner, the only reason he considered them a partial threat was the amount of bloodlines present in the group, he could even see the team he met in Wave, with an extremely pale boy with a tanto next to them.

The second group was one of the five sand teams, it consisted of a red headed boy, a blonde girl, a boy in makeup wearing a cat suit. Only the red head was likely to pose a problem, as he could see all of the other Sand-nins were afraid of him, though the fan the girl had might pose a problem if he had to rely on his lightning jutsu.

Naruto saw a few other teams that looked to be prepared for the exam but none of them stood out much, his attention was drawn back to the group of leaf-nins when he heard them asking a silver haired boy with glasses.

"Kabuto-san was it?" Sasuke asked the glasses wearing boy. "You have information on all of the competition?"

"Yes I do though my information on teams from other villages won't be quite as thorough." The now named Kabuto said.

"That's fine, what can you tell me about the cloud ninja named Naruto" Sasuke asked wanting to know more about the mysterious blonde who in his mind was the reason for all of his misfortune lately.

"Well like I said I don't know much but I can tell you that his full name is Naruto Uzumaki, and he came to Cloud from the Lightning Temple, but his tattoo should tell you that. I also know that he killed both Zabuza Momochi and his apprentice single handedly using a forbidden technique from the temple and he played a major role in the death of Rikorou Nanashibe, an s-rank missing-nin. He actually has a new listing in the bingo books," Kabuto said getting gasps from most of the Genin as he took out a copy of the bingo book and opened it to Naruto's listing.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Rank: High-B/Low-A rank

Ninjutsu: A-rank

Kenjutsu: Low A-rank

Genjutsu: Unknown

Taijutsu: B-rank

Fuinjutsu: B-rank

Bloodline: N/A

Notes: Possesses knowledge of at least one forbidden technique, likely to know more, able to fire jutsu from a large glaive, he carries on his back. Also known to carry a kusarigama, is likely atleast proficient in its use.


Kiri-The hidden mist has offered a bounty of 50,000 Ryo, alive, for questioning on the whereabouts of Zabuza Momochi's blade.

"Wow I think he must be one of the youngest people to have an entry in the bingo book." Kabuto said earning the attention of almost everyone in the room.

This also had the effect of drawing Naruto and the other cloud team's glares onto the Kabuto and the rest of the leaf-nin.

Before Naruto could do something about the silver haired boy giving away who he was an eruption of smoke occurred at the front of the classroom.

After the proctor told everyone to settle down and explained the rules of the test he had everyone sit down and passed out the exams.

As soon as Naruto got his test he looked down at the questions and his eyes bugged out. He had no idea how to answer any of these questions. Explain how to find the area of the cutting edge of a kunai, using the formula aLq+15(gL)/26.2. Naruto had no clue how to do that, and he knew his education was more extensive than many others due to his time at the Temple.

Scratching his head Naruto thought about the rules and then realized that they wanted them to cheat. As long as they didn't get caught 5 times there were no repercussions. Now he just had to figure out a way to cheat without being caught.

Looking around he saw one of the leaf kunoichi using a system of mirrors that was so obvious he was surprised she hadn't been ejected yet. All of the Genin with Doujutsu were using them to copy the answers.

He saw Mabui and her team using their code system by using specific body movements and ticks. Naruto was never angrier with himself for not taking up Mabui on her offer to learn her team's code system. He hadn't though it was right to take something her team worked on for himself at the time.

Cursing himself Naruto set about finding another way to answer the questions, going through hi arsenal of techniques and realized he had one that would work.

Quickly selecting a target he was lucky to find one sitting in the row ahead of him. Going through hand signs he whispered the name of his jutsu, Lightning Style: Neuron Control Jutsu!, before shooting an almost invisible bolt of lightning into the base of his target's skull.

The Genin in front of Naruto had no idea what happened as he seized up. Naruto's jutsu was one any skilled lightning user could use, and it relied on manipulating the neural pulses fired from the brain to control the body, the more one knew about how the body worked the more they could control their target.

As soon as he felt he was in control Naruto forced the Genin to clutch his head and scream while flaring his chakra scattering all the papers on the desk. As soon as the papers were airborne Naruto cut his link to the Genin causing him to go unconscious and fall forward, before doing a quickly substituting his paper with one of the ones still airborne.

Sighing in relief that the paper he got had all of the answers filled in Naruto relaxed as everyone thought the Genin in front of him had a panic attack and the proctors send him and his teammates out.

After another ten minutes the proctor said it was time for the tenth question and ended up sending around twenty teams out of the room because one of them quit. This left twenty five teams still in the room as the proctor went on about how being a Chunin was about decision making and leadership.

Naruto rolled his eyes as did the other two cloud teams as their village stressed these qualities to make sure they remained as one of the power centers in the Elemental Countries.

As the scarred proctor was about to say something else when a large black ball crashed through the window along with a woman dressed in a very revealing outfit.

She had spikey purple hair done up like a pineapple and wore a fishnet body suit with a tan mini-skirt and a light tan trench coat.

As soon as she landed she yelled out "Alright maggots, my name is Anko Mitarashi, and I am the proctor for the next exams!"

Anko soon explained where to go and leapt out the window again causing all the Genin left to jump out after her towards the location of the second exam.

As soon as the Genin arrived Anko began explaining the purpose of the exam and passing out waivers before she had all of the teams come up to retrieve a scroll and gate number.

As Naruto walked to his gate he noticed several things. First was that a good number of the competition realized he was alone and separated from the other cloud teams. This posed no problem for Naruto as it just meant that he wouldn't have to look for teams with the correct scroll as they would come to him.

The second thing he noticed was the grass Kunoichi staring hungrily at Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto found it curious that someone would display that much interest in someone who is regarded as one of the worst Uchiha to enter the Leaf's forces in recent years.

Shaking himself out of his musings Naruto prepared himself to enter the forest for the second exam.

As soon as the gate opened Naruto sprang into the forest and began making his way towards the center knowing it wouldn't be long before the first teams attempted to attack him.

Naruto was correct in knowing that he would not have to wait long for the attack to occur. It came right after he crossed a stream.

After he crossed over the stream Naruto noticed that he was being followed. The team that was following him was not being very covert, as they probably thought he wouldn't be much of a threat on his own.

Coming to a stop as he entered a clearing Naruto turned around and drew his kusarigama from around his waist. As he tested its weight the team that had been following him landed into the clearing.

The team consisted of three standardly dressed Rain-ninja all in yellow jumpsuit and rebreather masks.

"So you knew we were following you did you?" The lead Rain-nin asked.

Naruto only smirked before exploding into action. He swung the scythe of his kusarigama at the three rain ninja to force them apart. As each one jumped in a separate direction Naruto followed the leader and swung the weighted end of his weapon into his head knocking him unconscious.

As soon as the other two saw that their leader was unconscious they charged Naruto enraged that he had taken one of them out so easily.

Smirking at their idiocy Naruto easily jumped to the side while hitting one of the rain-nin in the neck with the scythe separating his head from his body. As the Genin's body fell to the ground his teammate realized that they had attacked someone who was way out of their league.

Falling to his knees the final Rain-nin began begging for his life and that of their leaders, offering up their teams earth scroll as compensation.

Naruto thought for a moment before knocking out the final rain ninja and taking the scroll before once again setting off towards the tower.

Running towards the tower Naruto came across Team Darui being ganged up on by three of the five Sand-teams.

Naruto growled when he saw the wounds his friends had accumulated during their obviously intense fight, but his blood boiled when he saw the lecherous looks the male sand-nins were sending towards Mabui and Samui.

Taking his glaive off his back Naruto burst into the fight decapitating three of the attackers in one swing causing Team Darui to sigh in relief while the sand-nins backed up in fear. They hadn't expected anything so brutal from anyone other than their jinchuriki, and they quickly backed up in fear.

Team Darui and Naruto would have none of that however as Naruto, Mabui, and Samui all called out Lightning Style: Electromagnetic Murder Jutsu! Causing a large field of electrical energy to burst from their hands while Atsui threw kunai and shuriken at the sand-nins.

By the time their combined attack was finished the two remaining sand teams were no more, reduced to a pile of smoking corpses.

Naruto turned to his friends silently asking if they were alright. Getting nods in return after they had searched the teams for the correct scroll Naruto motioned for all three of them to follow him to the tower which all three did without question.

As soon as they entered the tower the four of them saw a message on the wall that looked like some sort of incomplete proverb.

Deciding now was the time to open their scrolls Naruto and team Darui each opened a set of scrolls and threw them down when they started smoking.

Getting into defensive stances at the thought of an enemy coming out of the scrolls, the teams were surprised when Darui and Kakashi appeared to have been summoned by the scrolls.

"Congratulations" Both Jounin said, Darui towards his team and Kakashi towards Naruto. The cloud-nins were happy to see Darui but all four were confused at the appearance of Kakashi.

Seeing the questioning glance on the cloud-nins faces he decided to elaborate and with an eye smile said "I decided to be the Jounin to great you Naruto, its traditional for a team's sensei to do it but since you don't have one and I didn't want to do it for my own team, so I decided to do it for you."

Naruto smiled slightly grateful for that the man seemed to care, it also allowed Kakashi to slip Naruto a note unseen when he was congratulating the blonde.

Taking the four cloud-nins into the tower the Jounin explained that since they arrived so quickly they now had nearly all five days of the second exam to relax and do as they pleased.

Dropping them at their rooms the Jounin left leaving Naruto to read the note Kakashi gave him and wonder what to do for five days.

Five Days Later

The five days had passed slowly for Naruto, even the arrival of team Bee hadn't made things go by any quicker, though Naruto did have fun a little bit of fun spying on the leaf teams when they arrived. It amused him to no end how two byakugan wielders were unable to see him.

Currently Naruto, Team Darui, and Team Bee were waiting with several other teams to hear what the Hokage had to say to them.

As the Hokage came out onto a viewing platform in front of the assembled Genin he began to speak that the exams were a substitute for war, before allowing the sickly looking proctor to tell them about the preliminary matches.

The proctor first asked if anyone wanted to quit and only the leaf nin Kabuto did.

After going over the rules and telling the assembled Genin to go up to the catwalk before the electronic board cycled through names to determine the first match up.

The board landed on two leaf Genin, Sasuke Uchiha and Akado Yoroi.

In Naruto's opinion the match was pathetic, Sasuke was apparently injured or too exhausted to really put up a fight and when Yoroi announced his bloodline to the increasingly tired Sasuke, Naruto knew he was finished.

Sasuke had tried to put up a fight at the end but Yoroi managed to restrain him before draining the rest of the boy's chakra winning the match.

After the proctor announced that Yoroi was the winner the board cycled again landing on Ino Yamanaka and Sakura.

This match proved to all those assembled what being a fan girl does to a kunoichi. Ino destroyed Sakura systematically whittling down her defenses before finally trapping the girl, and getting her to surrender.

As the proctor announced that Ino won, the Hokage couldn't believe how terrible his daughter's performance was, perhaps he should have been harder on the girl but he knew she would never live up to his expectations.

As Sakura and Ino left the floor, the board kept cycling-

The matches were rather interesting for Naruto as he got to see a lot of the skills the competition had to offer.

The fat Leaf Genin and his opponent, the puppet wielder from Sand knocked each other out, the fat one literally rolling over his opponent while at the same time going through a cloud of poison that knocked him out.

The match between the bug user, Shino, and one of the sound-nin Zaku was quick as Shino plugged up the holes the boy had in his arms causing him to blow them off winning Shino the match.

The lazy leaf Genin, Shikamaru, fought the sound Kunoichi and knocked her out after he captured her in his shadow and had her smash her head against the wall.

The Sand Kunoichi and one of the Leaf Kunoichi fought each other with the sand girl, Temari, winning easily due to the Leaf girls dependence on weapons.

Omoi, Karui, and Yugito all fought members from the second Sand team present, with Yugito and Omoi winning while Karui lost to her opponent who used her Scorch Release bloodline to win.

Mabui went up against the female Hyuuga and easily won due to the girls confidence issues, while Atsui went up against the male Hyuuga, who won after showcasing his Rotation technique which knocked Atsui back into the wall and knocked him out.

The red headed Sand-nin went up against Kabuto's second teammate and crushed him with his sand.

By now Naruto was getting restless, knowing that his turn would come soon, and that the only ones left for him to face were Samui, the pale boy on Kakashi's team, the boy with the dog on his head, the kid wearing green spandex with enormous eyebrows, or the sound-nin wrapped up like a mummy.

The pale boy ended up fighting the mummy and won using his ink techniques. Samui fought the dog boy who ended up getting shocked into unconsciousness quickly due to leering pervertedly at Samui, who didn't appreciate his attention.

Naruto winced as he looked upon the dog user, he would not wish Samui's punishment for perverts on anyone.

He shook himself out of his musings and grinned wildly when he realized it was finally hi turn to fight, and that he was facing the spandex wearer.

Jumping down onto the arena floor along with his opponent he waited for the proctor to start the match.

"Naruto Uzumaki of Cloud VS. Rock Lee of the Leaf. Begin!" The proctor shouted before jumping back to get out of the way.

Naruto and the now named Lee stared at each other from across the arena floor before Lee shouted-

"YOSH! Let us fight at our best to prove our YOUTH!"

Naruto along with almost everyone else in the room sweat dropped at the ridiculous sight of the boy screaming about youth while his sensei had tears of pride on his face up in the balcony.

"Umm, Ok whatever you say bushy" Naruto said which caused Lee to face him once more as he got into the opening stance of his taijutsu style.

Naruto copied the boy before getting into his own, dragon style kung fu stance, which was taught exclusively at the Temple.

Naruto waited for the boy to charge as his style was more counter based which is why he preferred to use his weapons rather than his fists, it just never fit his style but he wanted to test his opponent before bringing out his weapons.

Seeing that his opponent was waiting for him to attack Lee obliged and sprang forward at a speed that surprised all of the onlookers as he simply disappeared from most of the Genin's eyes.

Naruto however was not most Genin and was easily able to see him as he rushed forwards and side stepped the fist he sent at him, and brought up a leg in retaliation only for Lee to cartwheel to the side avoiding the blow.

Naruto simply got back into his stance as he waited for Lee to try again. And try Lee did, only he never got more than a glancing blow on Naruto who struck back at him fiercely and was rewarded with a few powerful hits to the body.

Lee shrugged off the blows having taken harder from his sensei, before he realized he was getting nowhere. He knew eventually that his opponent would get the upper hand if things continued the way they were.

"LEE! I give you my permission take them off." Naruto heard his opponents sensei yell and was surprised when the boy reached down into his orange leg warmers and pulled out two bands of weights.

Not thinking much of it Naruto was shocked when the boy let them go causing a huge cloud of dust to form before he disappeared again, this time however Naruto could barely see him.

Quickly jumping to the side Naruto avoided an axe kick that shattered the floor he was standing on and his eyes went wide at the power Lee displayed.

Knowing it was time to get serious Naruto took his glaive from his back and swung it in a forward arc causing the rapidly approaching Lee to veer off course or take a grievous wound from Naruto's glaive.

Staring each other down the two combatants tensed their legs before they rocketed off at each other Naruto swinging his glaive and Lee lashing out with a kick.

The spectators were amazed at the prowess the two Genin were displaying and wondered that if the two were as powerful as they were now what would happen when they were older.

Back in the arena Naruto avoided a punch from Lee and swung his glaive and nearly connected if not for Lee kicking him away at the last second, leaving only a shallow cut where Naruto managed to hit him.

Furrowing his brow Naruto's eyes widened when he felt chakra for the first time from his opponent before he disappeared completely from his eyes.

Acting on instinct Naruto slammed the blade of his glaive into the ground and went through 5 hand seals as fast as he could and yelled out Ninja Art: Spirit Barrier! creating a violet colored rectangular barrier in front of him.

Lee unable to stop slammed into the barrier full force with his punch only to scream in pain as the barrier burned his hand through the bandages he kept around them. Jumping back quickly Lee looked at the barrier his opponent had erected. It had a large spider web crack forming from where he punched it but his hand was also in more pain than he had ever felt before.

Lee quickly made up his mind and decided he would need to open more gates if he wanted to have a chance. Lee began releasing chakra as he released gates 3-5.

Naruto knowing that he needed to do something just hoped his barrier would hold out long enough for his attack to charge. Gathering chakra into the palm of his hand Naruto began to form it into a rapidly rotating razor sharp disk of his violet colored chakra.

This was without a doubt one of Naruto's most powerful non-elemental techniques, he had come up with it during his final month at the temple and had discovered it could cut through nearly anything, including the hardened chakra metal the monks staves were made out of.

Lee finished releasing the gates before Naruto could finish charging his technique. Lee shot forward his momentum sending him crashing through Naruto's barrier just as Naruto finished with his jutsu.

As Lee reared his fist back, Naruto threw his hand forward sending the disk of energy forward while calling Ninja Art: Destructo Disk!

As Naruto's destructo disk flew towards his opponent Lee brought his chakra coated fist forward unconsciously sending almost all of the chakra in his system into his fist.

When the destructo disk and Lee's fist made contact a large boom was heard as the contact created a pulse of residual chakra that forced all but the Jounin and the Hokage back with its power.

When they managed to get back to the railing they saw Naruto's jutsu grinding against Lee's fist though they could see that Lee was quickly running out of excess chakra to protect his fist from the cutting power of Naruto's jutsu.

As Lee's chakra finally gave out he shifted his body and fist causing the disk to slice through his wrist separating his hand from the rest of his arm.

Crying out in pain Lee finally succumbed to the pain and passed out leaving an impressed audience and a panting Naruto.

As the proctor finally got over his shock at seeing quite possibly one of the best fights he had ever seen, he announced Naruto the winner and called the medics so they could attempt to re-attach Lee's hand.

Naruto simply stood their panting hardly believing he had been forced into using that technique to win the fight, he was lucky Lee hadn't been able to move to the side as that was the one major flaw in his attack, it could not be controlled after it left his hand.

The proctor quickly called the other winners down, before having them draw a number from a box.

Yoroi drew 13

Ino drew 2

Temari drew 4

Shikamaru drew 5

Shino drew 1

Omoi drew 6

Yugito drew 3

Mabui drew 7

Neji drew 8

Naruto drew 12

Sai drew 9

Samui drew 10

Gaara drew 11

"Ok so the match ups for the final round will be- Round 1: Shino vs. Ino, Round 2: Yugito vs. Temari, Round 3: Shikamaru vs. Omoi, Round 4: Mabui vs. Neji, Round 5: Sai vs. Samui, and Round 6 Naruto vs. Gaara, Yoroi will face the winner of round 6 after a break to allow the winner to regain some strength." The proctor said getting nods from the assembled Genin.

Turning back to the Hokage the Genin listened as he explained that they had one month to train to make a good showing.

Naruto was barely paying attention as the Hokage told them all the date of the finals, just wanting to rest after his intense fight with Lee.

Quickly leaving after being dismissed intent on getting back to his room at the hotel to sleep.


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