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The red Charger headed southwest to Hollywood as Saya slept in the passenger seat. Hagi drove with a small smile on his face as the radio played classical music softly in the background. He felt it would soothe his wife and let her continue her nap. The past couple of weeks had been magical and amazing, he never felt happier- she was now his wife! He never tired of thinking it, like if he forgot for even one moment, the dream would be over and he would wake up.

He remembered when they first arrived at the hotel, he was rather nervous about being in the same room with Saya and one king size bed, but it turned out to be the best mishap he could have ever hoped for. He watched as his queen and wife gave a small smile in her sleep- he didn't realize that when the rooms were being arranged, she called the club owner back and asked for a room with a king size bed, but not garden tub. The hotel thought it was a mistake on their part and upgraded the room- Saya just acted like she had no idea what was going on.

It was his idea to stick around another week. He remembered Saya's sly grin as he told her not to worry about packing, they'd be staying a while longer. He remembered what happened afterward and every time after… he cleared his throat.

Nathan's answering machine picked up when Hagi called to inform him they would be in Hollywood the following day. He had the most bizarre message Hagi had ever heard. He imagined Nathan's place to be quite lively- if one could judge from the man's clothing and personality.

Angie and the guys had taken Hagi and Saya out for a night on the town a few days after the wedding. A few of the band members were surprised that the couple was so subdued- they figured the newlyweds would be all over each other. The couple danced close and they conversed with everyone without kissing- even once. They looked in each other's eyes as their hands were interlaced under the table. She leaned into him toward the end of the evening and gave a small sigh as his cheek pressed into her hair. Angie claimed it was the sweetest thing she'd ever seen.

He informed Marva of their plans which she relayed to everyone. She asked him to please be careful about going to Nathan's place, she didn't trust the man she had seen a couple of times sneaking around the ranch. The few times he was spotted, she'd call out to her son and Hagi would pass by in a black gust of wind, preceded by a hail of silver daggers that flashed red. Once, Nathan was pinned to the ground so Marva could question him. She showed no fear as Hagi held the man and Marva glared at Nathan, asking him why he was there and what he wanted. He was warned by her that if he wanted to observe them, he should become a paying guest and do his observing in the open instead of sneaking around. Nathan did not return after that. Hagi knew the chevalier wanted to see if he had become stronger and if he could mask his presence- he knew that Nathan was almost certain that he could. Hagi wasn't about to let his secret out until it was absolutely necessary.

Saya gave out a long yawn as she stretched her arms back and her legs out. He smiled as he caught sight of the way her delicate toes stretched out, too. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as he asked, "Would you like to stop somewhere?"

"How far do we have to go?" she asked as she adjusted the seat up and straightened her skirt. She really liked the tan, suede skirt and jacket he had bought for her. The fringe that trimmed the jacket and skirt made her feel like she really was from a ranch in Texas. Marva had commented that all Saya needed was a cowgirl hat and a pair of six-shooters and she'd look like Annie Oakley. Then Saya had to know who Anne Oakley was.

"We will arrive in Hollywood in an hour," he informed as she leaned back and grabbed her tan boots from the back seat. He chuckled softly as he thought, It appears like she is from Texas and I am not. He was wearing his black suit and slacks with the black boots Claudia gave him. He felt it would be best if he was fully prepared for battle. He would carry their swords, in case they were needed.

"Let's get there and get this over with. I want to learn all I can from Nathan and Samantha and then go home," she informed as she began to zip up her boots.

His eyes shot open as he wondered what she meant by that comment. She always referred to Omoro as home, even recently. He swallowed and reminded himself, Wherever she wants to go, I will follow. If I have to live in Okinawa, it will be paradise- as long as I have her. His thoughts were interrupted by an angry gurgling. He smiled and noticed, "I think we should stop. You should have something to eat before we go to Nathan's."

She smiled as a blush came to her cheeks.

3 hours later, they arrived at the building where Nathan was staying. He had the top floor of the building all to himself. The couple looked up at the building, both with no expression on their faces. Hagi's hand tightened over the sheathed katana in his hand as Saya held hers with both hands to her chest. She commanded, "Let's go." He followed her to the elevator and watched as she pressed the button for the 12th floor.

As they rode to the top of the building, Saya watched their reflections in the camera knowing that Nathan was watching. They arrived to the 12th floor and the only thing that separated them from Nathan was a door. She knocked as they overheard lively music and chatting voices. A familiar, feminine male voice came from the other side singing out, "Who is it?"

"You know who we are, Nathan," Saya responded and watched as the door opened.

"Mr. and Mrs. Trudeaux, at last!" the blonde gestured dramatically as he ushered them in. "Welcome to my temporary home."

Hagi noticed the large living space, possibly a den, was decorated in vibrant blues with rich reds. Curtains of ivory chiffon were swept into swags that surrounded the oversized living room. A crystal chandelier twinkled in the sunlight that filtered in through the oversized windows.

"Welcome to our home away from home," a young woman that looked remarkably like Diva stated from the burgundy oversized sofa. She wore a floor length gown that sparkled in sky blue with a high waistline. Her hair was pulled up into a twist with long curls that came down over her shoulders. Rising from her seat, she nodded as another woman, sitting on the royal blue sofa, rose to her feet as well. The other was wearing a similarly fashioned gown and hair style, but her gown was red and her face was like Saya's.

Nathan made a graceful gesture of extending his arm and bowing low before announcing, "My lovely queens, this is The Warrior Red Queen Saya and her knight which goes by the name- Hagi." He waited as Queen Samiyah's first knight came to her side. He continued, "May I present, The Red Seer Queen Samantha and the Azure Seer Queen Samiyah and her first knight."

Saya gave a slight nod of her head as the two queens curtsied and Hagi bowed.

Nathan clapped his hands and gave a wide grin as he exclaimed, "Oh good! Now that we all know each other- drinks! What does everyone want?" A short man with thin glasses came to Nathan's side and listened to the orders from the two queens, Nathan and then Saya. She asked only for a glass of ice water. Nathan motioned them to the ivory love seat.

Saya sat, clutching her sword as Hagi stood behind her with a protective left hand on her shoulder. The couple suspiciously eyed their surroundings as well as their hosts.

The Red Queen Samantha noticed the deep red ring that The Black Knight sported on his left hand and felt the vibration of the strength of the man in the air. She was convinced without a doubt that he was indeed the knight of the legend. She cleared her throat and directed her statement to the man, "First Knight of the Warrior Queen Saya, I owe you an apology. We have been raised in a certain formalness and I am unaccustomed to a knight speaking as freely as you and The Rogue Knight Nathan do. You were only protecting your queen and your family, as a knight's purpose is."

He nodded and requested, "I prefer to be called Hagi."

Saya listened to the conversation as she came to a realization. The knights' names are never mentioned in the title given them, unless they are a rogue knight like Nathan. She understood what Hagi meant- the titles were a means of control. They were stripped of their identity and then made the property of their queens. She glanced up at the brown haired man that stood at the side of the blue queen. His face was like Hagi's used to look- impassive and expressionless. Hagi was that way from all the burdens that weighed him down from the war, but this man was completely stripped of his identity, family, and emotion- all in the name of serving his queen. How sad! Her hand reached up to interlace her fingers with her husband, knight, and best friend. She interrupted, "How can you live without love?"

Her words were soft, but they seemed to echo though the room as everyone went completely silent. Finally, Samantha spoke, "You have asked that before and I have given my answer to you."

"So you mean that you feel the sole purpose of your existence is to command your knights and create the next generation without a care for anything at all?" she asked in complete shock. She felt Hagi's fingers gripping her shoulder a bit more as she felt his response to her- Saya, they don't understand.

She gripped his hand and responded- I don't understand! He looked into her eyes as she turned to him. How can they live like this? How can they live without the hope of one day having what we have now? It hit her like a ton of bricks as tears stung the back of her eyes. She had lived this way once- all throughout the war before Kai, Riku, and her father took her in and raised her as one of their own. The man who held her hand in support and love was the same man that fought at her side, obeying her orders, and would have eventually ended her life. He pushed aside his human emotions for her and remained a hollow shell in order to do what was expected of him. She couldn't speak as she thought of how painful that must be for these men that took on their roles as chevaliers.

Hagi listened to Nathan as he felt Saya's grip on his hand tighten. She was having trouble accepting the way the immortals live, but she would soon know more than just that sorrow.

"Honestly, Saya," Nathan waved his hand and then continued as the drinks arrived, "it's not that hard to figure out. They don't let silly emotions get in the way of their purpose."

Hagi spoke up, changing the subject, "You have said there are other queens and knights. I want to know how many and why they are watching us."

"Hagi," Nathan groaned, "always so direct and serious. I told you that there's no need to concern you…"

"They have threatened Saya and I," Hagi interrupted. His protective side was returning with a vengeance as both hands were now on Saya's shoulders and he was narrowing his eyes at the group that sat before him.

"Pshh," Nathan waved, "they have not. You can't get her pregnant so you don't need to worry."

"Then why are they following us?" he asked pointedly.

Queen Samiyah spoke this time, "To make sure that you are alright. The First Knight of Queen Aksaya seems to like you and was greatly concerned when you fell ill."

"We told him that you would be fine when blonde scientist's potion awoke The Warrior Queen," Queen Samantha laughed, "but he didn't believe us. We knew you would live."

"You have to," Queen Samiyah finished. "You are The Black Knight."

At this Nathan rolled his eyes and groaned. Saya noticed but Hagi was still concentrating in the seer queens. They spoke in the same way as Hibiki and Kanade. Before Nathan could complain Hagi asked, "What are seer queens?"

Both queens smiled to each other and responded, "You must know the history of the immortals before that can be answered."

Samiyah began, "As long as mankind has existed, our kind has been there. We were once gods to mankind. They would sacrifice their own to us to appease our kind. We would take these 'sacrifices' as our servants where they would live out their lives and give us the blood that sustains us. We only took what was necessary."

Samantha continued, "Our servants would pair off with a mate and create children and they, in turn created children, and the process continues to this day. We would choose suitable men from their stock to turn into knights. They would be told of their duties and role as a knight before they would undergo the process. Unlike you, H-Hagi," she stammered at the name," they were given a choice."

His hands gave her shoulders a loving squeeze and he spoke evenly, "I have no regrets about what has happened."

"Save one," Samiyah smiled knowingly before she continued. "We existed peacefully along side mankind for thousands of years until war came to the world. We were regarded as the cause of war- they named us demons, dragons, and vile things, killing us off as they found us. The remaining survivors built the underground palaces we live in. Many of them were killed off over the years until only Queen Aksaya and her only surviving knight remained. She was with child and gave birth to her twin daughters."

"As all queens do, they fought to the death, leaving only one standing. The Azure Queen Chasina won the fight, but her First Knight was killed in the process. Her Second Knight has studied at many Universities and has now become our physician and is a great warrior as well. Queen Chasina gave birth to two seer queens that are now in hibernation," Queen Samantha added.

"The Azure Queen Alcinda and The Red Queen Ambrosia," Queen Samiyah continued. "This is where the one bloodline becomes two. Queen Samantha and I are the 8th generation of Queen Ambrosia. You and Diva are the 4th generation of Queen Alcinda, your great-grandmother. You will be able to meet her in 20 more years, when she and her sister queen awaken from their shared hibernation."

"Shared hibernation?" Saya asked.

Queen Samiyah gave a small titter of laughter and explained, "Yes, seer queens do not fight. Their energies work together to see what is not seen with the eyes and to hear what is not heard by the ears."

Hagi shook his head at the thought. They are nothing more than fortune tellers.

Samantha regarded the knight as she had heard his thoughts. She smiled at the surprise she was about to give him. "I am surprised at you, Black Knight. You were born to a people that trust in the gift of second sight. You are even…"

A thought no one heard was passed between the two seer queens. Samiyah sent her sister queen a warning that he was not ready to hear what she was about to say. Hagi heard the warning and narrowed his eyes. Samiyah regarded him with surprised eyes. In her thoughts she asked- You heard that?

Every word- was Hagi's response.

She smirked at him and responded- When the time comes, The Young Seer Queens Hibiki and Kanade will explain it to you.

"Third generation," Samantha breathed as she regarded the knight in a new light. She heard her sister's response in her mind- It took you a while. She shook her head and waved off the confused looks that came from the Warrior Queen and Nathan. She continued, "I am certain it was explained to you how we mate." Saya nodded for her to continue as Hagi had explained it to her before. "When a knight is turned, every part of him is infected with his queen's blood. It is why he must obey her. Every part is infected, including his seed. It is why you and your knight cannot have children. It is your blood and that of your sister queen that create the children- the sperm and egg are only catalysts. That is how the Second Knight of Queen Chasina explains it. But in the case of your Second Knight, Riku and our father, there is a special gift that keeps some of their DNA active. It is that gift that makes the seer queens. It is that gift that allowed Riku to hear Queen Diva's song even before he was turned. He had the gift to hear what could not be heard."

Queen Samiyah finished, "In ancient times, Seer Queens were venerated and worshipped for their abilities. Mankind called them Oracles and built temples where they would live and give their visions. When the war came, all that ended." She pointed to Hagi and finished, "It is an old prophecy that I wrote you through my knight that The Black Knight shall usher in an era of peace for men and immortals. It is why we knew that you would live."

Nathan gave a devious grin as he decided to make waves, "So tell me, what is that one regret you have Hagi? I'm sure Saya's dying to know."

Her eyes looked up to him and she noticed how he glared at Nathan.

"Nathan," Samiyah scolded as she gave him a glare of her own. "He must tell her when he is ready."

Nathan reclined into the sofa further and clasped his hands behind his head. His queen was dead and he could easily disobey any demands as they were not attached to him by blood. Deciding to continue to make trouble he spoke, "There's no time like the present."

"It was in his dreams," Samantha growled with eyes glowing crimson as she came across the way and transformed her delicate hand into a claw which she held to Nathan's throat. "If you continue on this discussion, I will physically remove your tongue!"

Nathan's hands went up in front of him as he gave a wide grin and clicked his tongue, "Temper- temper, My Queen!"

She growled, "I am not your queen, Rogue Knight!"

Saya cleared her throat and asked, "If Hagi and I can't have children, why were we threatened?"

Samantha released Nathan and calmed down. She responded, "Queen Aksaya wants the bloodline of immortals to remain pure. If you and Hagi have children, they will be a hybrid of human and immortal, because your sister queen's blood would not be present. It is just a theory, but The Second Knight of Queen Chasina believes it is still a possibility- that is why we don't want the Red Shield experimenting on you."

"Julia says that the barrier surrounding my eggs can't be broken anyway, so there's nothing to worry about," Saya explained. "What about my mother? What happened to her?"

"Your mother's sister still lives. Her name is The Red Queen Chitose, she will awaken in another 4 years. As for your mother, I only know what happened before she left. You need to ask her knight the story." She pointed to Nathan.

All eyes were on Nathan as he sighed and sat up, "Well, I guess I had to tell someone sometime. It may as well be her only remaining daughter and her knight."

The Azure Queen Saya was true to her name- a swift arrow. Unlike her daughter that still carries the name, she was not strong in battle but swift of mind. She knew that her sister queen was truly a warrior and would easily win in a battle. She was jealous- for the immortal queen to exhibit such an emotion was completely wrong. Her heart's desire was to be the mother of the next generation- at all costs! She decided out of anger to find a man that she could have as her knight that would never give her sister children.

Immortal queens never walked in the human world, but The Azure Queen Saya would sneak away to think. I was in a group of traveling actors when she came across me. She found that I was just what she was looking for- being that I do not care for women at all. She explained to me what she wanted and what was expected of me. I agreed and she drained me of my blood and then cut her wrist to give me her blood. I was turned outside of the confines of the immortal world. The Azure Queen Saya was punished for her actions, but it did not stop her.

When her punishment ended, she found her sister Chitose's only knight and enticed him. They found his crystallized remains and we were kicked out.

We found a place to live in the outskirts of Boston in 1686. We lived under assumed names as husband and wife. As her belly grew, so did the suspicions of the townspeople. There were numerous accounts of bodies being found that were drained of blood. Gossip spread like wildfire that said it was the work of witches. It was near her time when a young woman came upon my queen feeding from me that my world came apart. The townspeople came in with pitchforks, torches, ropes, and chains. My queen was too weak from her labor to fight them off. I was too weak because she had nearly drained me.

By now, Nathan had tears in his eyes as he spoke. I was bound by chains and held down by several men. The only thing I could do was watch in horror as my queen was tortured and bound as they quoted bible scriptures to her, hoping to cast out the demon and cure her from the witchcraft. She transformed into her true form and flew off to the North. Using my last bit of strength, I burst free and drained 3 men completely before taking off after her.

It took several minutes for Nathan to compose himself as he let tears fall and held a frilly handkerchief to his face. They all felt emotion from the horrible memory. Hagi had now joined Saya on the loveseat and held her hands. Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she waited for Nathan to compose himself. Nathan continued the tale- I searched for her for nearly 150 years before I happened to be in a café in Paris and overheard the news that a wealthy scientist and his partner had found the remains of a strange creature in Iceland. The remains were shipped to a place in Bordeaux called The Zoo.

I came to the Zoo and managed to sneak into the basement laboratory and found the remains of my queen. Her head had been smashed in. I deduced that she had probably ran out of strength over Iceland and fell from the sky. It was me that dropped little clues here and there about the history and name of my queen which these men only viewed as a strange creature. They now knew that she was named Saya.