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"Kurt, stop fidgeting," Blaine says, rolling his eyes.

"I can't help it," Kurt answers. "I'm nervous, okay? I'm meeting you parents, Blaine. Your parents!"

"It's no big deal, really," Blaine replies, reaching out to entangle his fingers with Kurt's. "I'm sure they'll love you." He brings up their intertwined hands to press a kiss against Kurt's knuckles. "I would have introduced you earlier, but they're very busy."

"Yes, I almost feel like I'm meeting a legend. I can't believe we've been dating for over a year and have never met them. You are practically a third son at my house. I won't be surprised if Dad asks you to call him 'dad' one of these days. He's always extremely pleased when Finn slips up and refers to him as 'Dad'."

"I love your dad; he's amazing. Hanging around at your house is just more convenient. It wouldn't make sense for us to drive to Westerville after school, since you'd have to drive the whole way back at night. It would just take up time that can be put to much better use." Besides, Burt and Carole are still at work when school ends, and no matter how often his parents were out of town, when they're in town, they would be all over them, not leaving them alone for a minute. Especially his dad.

"Right, use," Kurt teases. "And what exactly do you have in mind when you say that?"

"You know, schoolwork and stuff," Blaine blushes a bright red and drops Kurt's hand. He grasps the steering wheel with both hands and refuses to meet Kurt's eyes, which he knows are watching him carefully.

"Yes, that's what I tell my dad we're doing while we're home alone. I'm not sure he always believes me though."

"Ku-urt," Blaine groans and shakes his head.

"Dad says he wants to ask your parents for dinner soon. Hopefully before school starts again."

Blaine nodded. "Dad's often off to LA for his job. They travel a lot, but I'll mention it. I'm sure they'd love to meet your parents as well."

"I'm glad they decided to move to Westerville when you where five." Kurt mused. "Even though I'm sure LA would have more open-minded to grow up in, I'm glad you're here, where I could find you."

"I'm sure I would have found you eventually. It might have taken us a bit longer, but our paths would have crossed eventually."

"Yes," Kurt agrees, no doubt in his mind that he would have met Blaine eventually. "Still, I'm glad I met you so early in my life."

Blaine smiles and agrees. He had often cursed his parents for moving to Westerville, but not since meeting Kurt, never since meeting Kurt.

Kurt frowned. "I thought your father was a doctor? Does he travel to LA for conventions or something?"

"Oh, no, uhm, it's complicated," Blaine says, avoiding the subject. "Actually, my Aunt Goldie is the reason we moved here. Did I ever tell you?"

"I don't think so, no."

"Yes, she graduated from law school right as I turned 5 and got a great job opportunity in Columbus, one she couldn't turn down. Dad said he didn't want the family to fall apart, so we followed her here."

"That's nice. I had no idea you were all so close." Kurt frowns, wondering if there's a reason Blaine hadn't introduced him to his family before. To be honest, it had crossed his mind more than once this past year, but he had always brushed it off, but now that it was happening and Blaine was still nervous and avoiding certain subjects, he was starting to become suspicious again.

"You have to meet her soon. She's the best."

"She's your father's sister then?" Kurt asks, curiously to know more about Blaine's family.

"Oh, no, she's… well, we're not related… we'll, technically we are, but, uhm… she's just a close friend of my parents, but they're not actually related by blood…"

"Blaine…" Kurt starts, confused, but he's surprised when Blaine pulls up in his driveway. He didn't realize they were in Westerville already. He decides to hold off the questioning for later, when they're alone, and gets out of the car. He glances at his reflection in the car door and bites his inner cheek. "Do you think I look okay? Is it not too much? I know I can be a bit overwhelming."

Blaine glances at his boyfriend from head to toe and smiles. "No, it's never too much. I love your style."

"Yes, I know you do, but what if your parents think it's too much?" Realization suddenly dawns upon him. "Blaine, your parents, they're okay with us, right?"


"Yes, they're okay with us? As a couple?" Blaine had never mentioned anything about his parents not being accepting, and since they came from LA, Kurt has always assumed they were okay with their son's sexuality, but now he isn't so sure anymore. It all added up. Why Blaine only invited him over when his parents were away, why he had never introduced him before today.

"Oh," Blaine lets out a breathless chuckle. "Yes, they're more than okay. I would even dare to say my Dad is overly excited about the fact."

Kurt frowns. "Really? He didn't have any problems when you came out? I mean, even my dad had his reservations at first. It's okay, I won't judge him."

"No, no," Blaine was practically laughing. "I promise you my dad is more than oaky with the fact that I'm gay. He even threw me a 'coming-out' party."

Kurt looks at him, confused.

"Look, Kurt, the reason I've never introduced you to my parents is, because… well, partly because they travel a lot, that's not a lie."


"The other part is… well they can be a lot to take in. They tend to get overly excited about things. Especially Dad. Dad is… he's very eager and excitable." He puts his key in the door to open it and leads Kurt inside the familiar hallway and takes a deep breath to calm his nerves about his next sentence. "Pops more the relaxed one. I guess they balance each other out."

The realization hits Kurt like a brick wall, just as Cooper, the family dog, comes storming into the hall and demanding Kurt's attention. Dad and Pops. Dad and Pops! "Wait, wait! Dad and Pops?"

Blaine sucks his bottom lip into his mouth and looks away. "I'm home!" he yells as they enter the living room.

"Oh, they're here, they're here! David, how do I look?"

"You look fine, Bryan, as always. I'm sure the boy's too nervous to even notice what you're wearing."

"If he's half as fabulous as Blaine has told us, I'm sure he'll notice, no matter what."

Kurt's eyes widen at the two very distinct male voices coming from the kitchen. "You have two dads?" he whispers loudly at Blaine, while he's trying to get Cooper to calm down and stop jumping against him. "When were you going to tell me about that?"

But before Blaine even has the time to answer, two men enter the living room. One is short, with curly hair, and the spitting image of Blaine. He and Blaine are obviously related. The other one is tall (very tall, even to Kurt, and he's used to living with Finn), dressed from head to toe in designer clothing (Kurt does notice, no matter how nervous he is, thank you very much), and his eyes linger on the pants the man, Blaine other dad (or his 'Pops', he's not sure at this point) is wearing. They're the exact same as the ones he is wearing.

"Oh shit," the man says, his eyes mirroring Kurt's.

"Bryan," the other one scolds.

"David, he's wearing my pants. Our son's boyfriend is wearing my pants. Oh my, God, I wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole now."

Kurt can feel the man's pain. He really can, and on any other day he would be very sympathetic, but he is too confused to properly reply. He has lost all sense of dignity, and doesn't even have the courtesy to properly introduce himself. Blaine had two dads. Blaine has two gay dads, and he had never mentioned the fact to Kurt.

He sees the taller man, Bryan if he had heard correctly, turn around and run up the stairs.

"Oh, Bry," the smaller one shakes his head. "Excuse us for a minute boys; we'll be right back," he says, before following the other one up the stairs.


The sound of Blaine's voice seems to bring him out of his shock, and he turns to Blaine, accusingly. "You have two dads, Blaine. Two dads! You could have told me about that before the moment I met them."

"I know, I know," Blaine says, guilt flooding his voice. "I just, it never seemed like the right time."

"Why?" Kurt feels confused. "I mean, it's not as if I would be against it or something."

Blaine shakes his head, with a breathless chuckle. "No, I know, it's just, when we met and you said I was the only other gay teen you knew, it just, it just seemed like too much to spring on you at once. Like I wanted to rub my fabulous gay life in your face. I never lied, I promise. I just never mentioned to them as my two dads, just as my parents."

He's right, Kurt realizes. Blaine always talked about his parents or his dad, never about a mom.

"It just, I never told you, and we grew closer and closer, and I never knew how to tell you. I mean, it's not something you bring up out of the blue, you know. Like: 'Oh hi, Kurt, how was your history exam, oh, by the way, have I mentioned I have two dads?' and then it became this big secret and they insisted on meeting you and I still didn't know how to tell you and I, I screwed up."

He gets it. Kurt isn't happy with it, but he gets it, somehow. "Hey, I'm not angry. I'm just surprised." He closes the gap between them and grabs both of Blaine's hands. "I wish you had told me earlier, though." He chuckles at his next thought. "At least I don't have to worry about them not being accepting."

Blaine ducks his head and blushes. "I wasn't lying when I said my dad threw me a coming-out party."

"Right," Kurt laughs. "So your dad is the tall one?"

Blaine nods, pulling his arms around Kurt's waist and pulling him in so they're pressed close together. "And Pops is the one with the curls."

"He's your biological father, I assume? Since you look freakishly alike."

"Hmm-mm," Blaine hums and buries his face in Kurt's neck. "I inherited his horrible mop of hair, unfortunately, instead of Goldie's. Goldie is my biological mom; she was their surrogate."

Kurt's hand toys with the curls at the nape of Blaine's neck where the gel is starting to loosen its hold."I love the curls, and you know it." He pauses and thinks back to what Blaine had told him in the car minutes before. "Oh, I get it now, your Aunt Goldie. That's wonderful, so sweet of them to include her in your family."

Blaine buries his face further in Kurt's neck, almost afraid to voice his next thoughts, but he feels safe here, in the cocoon of Kurt's arms. "I want that as well, in the future. When we… I mean, if we…" he takes a deep breath. "I want kids, and I want to include the surrogate in my family."

"I think that sounds lovely," Kurt answers, his voice barely above a whisper. It's so fragile, what they're talking about. So distant. Talking about growing up and having kids, when they're still kids themselves, but somehow he can see it. He can see their future. "I would love that."

Blaine's arms tighten even more around Kurt's waist, and they just stand there, letting images of the future, dreams, overtake them for a while, until a forced cough brings them back into reality. They blush and untangle themselves from each other. Kurt instinctively grabs Blaine's hand and lets his boyfriend pull him towards his parents.

"Right, let us forget the earlier incident and start over," the tall one says. "Hi, I'm Bryan. I'm Blaine's dad, and this is my husband, David."

Kurt shakes both their hands politely. "I'm Kurt."

"I know," Bryan practically squeals. "Blaine has told us so much about you."

"Dad," Blaine groans, embarrassed.

"He's right, Bry," David says. "Try not to embarrass him in front of his boyfriend."

"But it's so much fun! I think I've earned the right after all the poopie diapers, the midnight crying and the many hours of hormonal teenage rants of 'I'm so in over my head; he won't even like me; he's so out of my league'."

"Oh my God, Dad, please!" Blaine is blushing furiously at this point.

"Wait till I get out all the embarrassing naked baby photos," Bryan teases.

"Bryan," David says, trying to scold his husband, but failing miserably.

"I'm sure it's nothing Kurt hasn't seen before," Bryan says lightly. "Come, dinner is in the kitchen and getting cold."

Kurt's eyes widen and he looks at Blaine like a deer caught in the headlights. "Have you told them?"

"I, no! of course not," Blaine answers. "Pops, he, uhm, he found our condoms."

"Oh my god, please tell me it were the ones still in the package."

"Yes, yes, but uhm… I mean, the package was half-empty... so yeah." Blaine's scratching behind his ears, which are bright red.

"What.. uhm," Kurt was blushing equally red. "Did they say something or…?"

"Boys, dinner's getting cold!" Bryan called.

"We talked, and Dad bought me a new box and bottle of lube the week after that," Blaine mumbles. "I'm sorry; I told you they can be a lot to handle."

Kurt hums, before his eyes widen and he looks at Blaine. "Was that, I mean… when you, the lube that, like tingled and stuff, when you said you had something new for us try out..."

"Right, so dinner, come on," Blaine tugs on Kurt's hand and pulls them into the kitchen, cutting off the conversation tactically.

Kurt followed him mindlessly. His boyfriend was not kidding when he said his parents were a lot to handle. They bought them lube, a freaking great one as well. He wasn't sure whether to be grateful, embarrassed, or maybe even terrified that one of his best sexual experiences with Blaine was thanks to his boyfriends parents.

"I heard you two talking about the lube David and I got you," Bryan says with a broad grin. "If you want we can talk about this and give you some pointers."

Terrified, definitely terrified.

Dinner, although awkward, had been very good. Kurt actually really liked Blaine's dads, even if Bryan seemed to have no boundaries whatsoever, and he enjoyed watching their dynamic, Bryan's exuberant energy balanced perfectly by David 's calming influence.

It almost feels like a relief to discover two adult gay males, and be able to talk to them. Sure, Kurt loved his dad to death, and the man did his best, but these two had actual experience with it all. They knew what it was to be discriminated against and hated, but it hadn't stopped them from starting a family and raising the most wonderful son, at least in Kurt's eyes. It might have been forward, but Kurt could see himself loving both men as fathers himself, like Blaine loved Burt. He wouldn't mind at all having them as in-laws someday.

"So, how about we watch some TV until Kurt has to leave?" David proposes, ushering Kurt and Blaine into the living room. "We'll clean up; go pick out a movie or a show to watch."

The boys nod and disappear into the next room, leaving Bryan and David in the kitchen. Bryan starts to gather the dishes while gushing over Kurt. "Don't you just love him? Our boy has such good taste, we've taught him well!"

"Uhm, Bryan, aren't you a little surprised by Kurt?"

"Yes, of course! In the best way. I mean, I had my hopes when Blaine told us about the Dalton uniform and how Kurt tried to upgrade it; and how he talked about auditioning for Project Runway if it is still running in five years, but I hadn't dared to hope for such a sophisticated young man. His taste is almost as impeccable as mine. I admit, the pants incident was a little awkward, but it only shows his marvelous fashion sense. We'll just have to co-ordinate next time we get together. He's young; I'm sure his wardrobe isn't half as big as mine."

"Probably, but that's not what I meant," David says, his voice trailing off. "I mean his looks. Haven't you noticed something?"

"What?" Bryan looks at his husband with confusion all over his face.

"Oh come on, you must have seen it… he looks like he could be your long lost son…"

Bryan raises his eyebrows and waits.

"Or brother. I meant brother," David amends hastily. "Never mind, that's not the point, Bry. He looks just like you. He's like a slightly younger version of you with more defined cheekbones."

Bryan blinks and checks his reflection in the glass oven door. "You don't think I have good cheekbones?"

"I love your little hamster cheeks, and you know it, but please, focus! I think Blaine might be suffering from the Oedipus complex."

"The what?"

"You know, Oedipus, the guy from Greek mythology who killed his father so he could marry his mother."

"That's gross. I'm sure Blaine doesn't want to kill you, Honey."

"Aren't you a little bit concerned about this?" David asks.

"No," Bryan answers, grabbing his husband and nuzzling their noses together. "We've already established that Blaine is freakishly like you, not only in looks, but in behavior as well. I'm just thankful I was able to talk some fashion sense into him. Kurt and I might have similar features, but that just means our boy is even more like you then we thought before. You both have excellent taste."

"I guess," David agrees reluctantly.

"Look, as soon as he starts to act jealous when we do this," he presses a sweet kiss against his husband's lips, "you're allowed to talk to him about it, but for now, let's just be glad that Blaine finally let us meet his boyfriend. He obviously cares a whole lot for this boy, more than I would like for him to care for his first high school boyfriend, to be honest. So let's just get to know Kurt, and make sure they know we're fully supportive of them. He loves him, David. He really loves him."

David sighs and drops his head on Bryan's shoulder. "Our boy is 17 and in love."

Bryan nods in agreement. "I see the look in his eyes when he looks at Kurt, and I know it. I see it from you daily."

"You think… he's that's serious about Kurt?" David asks, tentatively. He wouldn't have minded keeping his boy young a little longer.

"Who knows? They're still young, but they've been together for over a year. He changed schools to be with this boy, even though we both disagreed. He has had sex with this boy. It's not like the Jeremiah fiasco from the year before. He's serious about this one."

David nods.

"Now, let's hurry up, because I love our boy, but I don't want to walk in on him and his boyfriend doing anything on my vintage couch."

As it turned out, Bryan's fear was unfounded. When he and David walk into the living room, to their surprise, they find Kurt and Blaine sitting on separate couches. They have one large couch that seats three, usually occupied by Bryan and David, and an oversized easy chair, usually occupied by Blaine, that could easily fit the two boys. However, Kurt is sitting alone and Blaine is sitting at the side of the big couch, squeezed into the corner so there's more than enough room for Bryan and David to drape themselves along the couch like they usually do. (They often end up with Bryan's legs on David's lap, the dog squished somewhere in between when he's not lying with Blaine.)

David suspects that Kurt wants to make a good impression, and he's probably too shy to cuddle together during the first night with his boyfriend's parents. He decides not to mention it, but of course his husband does.

"Blaine, you're in my seat, shoo!" He pokes his son in the ribs. Blaine squeaks and looks affronted. "He's ticklish." Bryan winks at Kurt as he takes Blaine's place on the couch.

Kurt chuckles, even though he's still hesitant and David swears he can hear a murmured 'I know' under his breath.

"Dad, the couch is big enough for the three of us. Where do you expect me to sit, on the floor?" Blaine complains, but David doesn't miss the sideway glance in Kurt's direction, or the slightly hopeful look in Kurt's eyes.

"It is big enough for three, isn't it?" Bryan says as his husband sits down, and he drapes his legs over David's lap. "Cooper, come here, boy." The big mountain dog runs into the living room and jumps on top of the men, prodding and turning until he's comfortably resting between Bryan and David, his head on Bryan's lap. "Go sit with your boyfriend. You're both small; you'll fit on the couch." He makes an arm gesture, and Blaine blushes a bright red, but he doesn't protest. His father just gave him permission to cuddle up with Kurt while they watch TV, and he's not going to pass up that opportunity.

It's awkward at first, because neither one knows how to react. They start out sitting next to each other, pressed together at their thighs and shoulders as Project Runway starts. They intertwine their fingers, but that's the only thing. Gradually they evolve to real cuddling, when Blaine gets a cramp in his leg and starts shifting. First he tries to pull his legs up to his chest, but it's not comfortable, and Kurt can just feel it. He shoots a nervous glance at Blaine's parents, and encouraged by Bryan's bright smile, he wraps an arm around his boyfriend's waist, pressing Blaine against his chest. Blaine catches on quickly, and swings his legs over the armrest and gets comfortable against Kurt's chest.

David watches them switch positions, and something tells him they've been doing this a lot, whenever he and Bryan are off to LA, or maybe at Kurt's house. It's a position they're familiar with, that they both love, judging by the relaxed look that's now resting on their faces. They're comfortable like this, he realizes. As comfortable as he and Bryan are on the couch with Cooper sandwiched between them.

'Bryan is right', he thinks as Blaine grabs one of Kurt's hands to press a kiss against it before resting their intertwined fingers on Kurt's lap, 'they are in love'. More in love than two teenage boys probably should be, but in love none the less, and he feels regret. Regret, because he should have been more persistent about meeting this Kurt. Blaine was always full of stories about Kurt and his family, but it never had occurred to him that they needed to get to know this Kurt, because it could possibly be more than a high school boyfriend. Heck, he had seen Blaine looking through catalogues for a graduation present earlier this week. His explanation had been that he might need to order something, and it would take a while to deliver. That wasn't what had surprised him and compelled him to bring Kurt home to meet them. No, what had surprised him was that they were jewelry catalogues, and Blaine had marked several pages with rings on them. His boy was planning to buy his boyfriend a promise ring, an actual promise ring, and not something made out of gum wrappers. He had told Bryan, and they had insisted on meeting this Kurt instantly, because Blaine wouldn't buy just anyone a ring. He had been reluctant at first, and David knew he was afraid of how Kurt would react to Bryan, who could be a whirlwind, but it all seemed to be going smoothly so far.

Of course he is afraid. He is very afraid, because his boy is falling hard and quick. He had already had fallen, and he had no idea what will happen in September, when Kurt graduates and moves to New York as he told them during dinner. He doesn't know what Blaine will do. He had been so enthusiastic about Kurt's plan, nodding and agreeing and saying he'd come a year later, but David wasn't sure how he would go a year without the boy who seemed to occupy most of his time and thoughts. Hell, he had switched schools to be with Kurt this year, but he can't finish his last year of high school in New York. It's still a few months away, and a lot can happen in that time, but David has a feeling that every present for Blaine next school year, birthday, Christmas; every reward for an extremely good grade, or the lead in a musical, will be the keys to their condo in New York and a set of plane tickets. That and an extremely high phone bill.

Suddenly, David feels his heart tighten in his chest, because no matter how sweet Kurt seems, and how great they all get along, the boy has Blaine's heart, maybe he doesn't realize it, but he owns it, and he could easily crush it. He doesn't think Kurt would do it on purpose, not with how he was twirling Blaine's curls around his fingers in a practiced way, like he probably had done a hundred times before. He is afraid, because this teenage boy has his son's heart, and he is not prepared for that. He isn't prepared to see his little boy all grown up. He realizes he is staring, when suddenly Kurt catches his eye. He must recognize the look on David's face, because he tightens his grip on Blaine, like he is afraid he would force them apart, so David puts on a brave front and smiles reassuringly at Kurt, because no matter how afraid he is, he wouldn't dream of breaking his son's hearts by separating the two of them. He will do anything to help those two with whatever comes across their paths, because no matter how young they are, and how afraid he is, the two are in love, and that was not something David wants to stand in the way of. He feels Bryan grab his hand and squeeze it gently, telling him he knows, telling him they'll help them conquer the world together, because Kurt made their little boy happy, and in the end that's all that matters.

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