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"Kurt? I'm so glad you called; I'm in the middle of a wardrobe crisis here. Can you Skype me?" Bryan answered his phone in a rush.

"Is this a bad time?" Kurt asked timidly. "I actually wanted to talk to you about something important."

"Oh, no it's okay, go ahead," Bryan replied as he closed the door to his wardrobe and plopped down on his bed. "I always have time for one of my boys."

Kurt hummed and swallowed audibly. "I, you really mean that?"

"What?" Bryan cocked his head in confusion.

"That I'm one of your boys?" Kurt asked, a little shy.

"Of course, Honey," Bryan reassured him. "I've thought of you as a second son pretty much since the moment I met you."

"I… good, that's good."

"Kurt, did something happen? Did you and Blaine have a fight or something? You're scaring me," Bryan said, worry flooding his voice. He started picking at the cover of his bed absentmindedly. He didn't want Kurt and Blaine to break up; they were his boys. He just wanted them to be happy together forever, like him and David.

"No, no it's good, I promise it's a good thing." Kurt took a deep breath. "You know I'm sitting on a bench in that little park around our corner, Irving Square Park. I told Blaine I was gonna run to the store for an errand." He needed to go to the store after this phone call, so his excuse seemed legit. "I didn't want him to overhear this."

"Okay? Honey, you're rambling," Bryan interrupted him. "Just spit it out."

Kurt nodded and took another deep breath before continuing. "I want to ask Blaine to marry me."

At the other end of the line Bryan tried to suppress his squeals.

"I take it you approve?"

"Oh, Honey, I so approve!" Bryan was practically jumping up and down on the bed. His boys were gonna get married. They could have a wedding in Central Park, maybe.

Kurt let out an audible breath of relief. "That's good. I mean, I thought you would, but you never know."

"When are you gonna ask him?"

"I… I don't know yet. I still have to buy a ring, hence the actual reason I'm calling…"

"Ooh!" Bryan actually bounced on the bed this time. "Yes, a thousand times yes! When can I fly in?"

Kurt chuckled. "How about this weekend? We can just tell Blaine we're going on a shopping spree."

Bryan promised Kurt he'd book his ticket as soon as he got off the phone, and they quickly ended their call since Kurt still had to run to the store before he could return to their apartment. He had gone back to picking out his outfit for that evening's premiere when his phone started to ring again. This time it was Blaine who showed up on the screen.

"Hi there, my second favorite son. How are you?"


Bryan could practically see Blaine roll his eyes. "I can't help it, Blainey. Kurt's fashion sense is just impeccable."

Blaine hummed in agreement. "Look I have to make this quick, okay?"

"I see how it is, living the fabulous life in New York and you don't have any time over for your old man."

"Dad, please, this is serious. Kurt could be back any moment now, and I have to ask you something."

"Oh?" Bryan put the phone between his ear and shoulder as he rummaged through his shirts.

"I need you to come to New York to go ring shopping with me."

Bryan's head shot up and his eyes widened. "Oh shit, shit," he cursed as he grabbed the phone that had fallen to the ground. "Sorry, Blainers, I dropped my phone. You need me to do what?"

"I promised I'd call you to go ring shopping with me, so that's what I'm doing. I'm asking you to come pick out the perfect engagement ring with me, for Kurt."

"I…you…he… wow." Bryan sat down on the edge of the bed, flabbergasted.

"Dad? Is that okay? I mean, I know I still have a year of college left, but you know Kurt, it'll take the two of you over a year to plan our wedding, and I… I just want to marry him, Daddy. I love him."

"Oh, Blainers," Bryan pressed his free hand to his heart and sighed happily. "Of course that's okay. It's more than okay. In fact, Kurt and I are planning another New York shopping spree, so that'll be the perfect excuse for me to fly to New York this weekend." His mind was already working in overdrive. He could get Kurt and Blaine to get matching engagement rings. He was going to make this perfect for his boys, just as they deserved.

"Thanks, Dad. I love you."

"I love you, too, Son. I'll book a ticket and I'll get back to you about the details, okay?"

Bryan had a plan, and in his mind, it had seemed like a very good one. He figured he'd take Kurt out first, since he was the more stubborn of the two, and Blaine afterwards. Blaine was his son, his baby boy; he should be able to manipulate him more easily.

"Blaine, I don't think a big stone is exactly screaming 'Kurt', do you?" Bryan said as he rolled his eyes at the ring Blaine was currently examining. He knew which one Blaine needed to choose; it was right there, on the bottom right. Unfortunately his son seemed to have taken an interest in every ring in the display except that one.

"Kurt likes eye-catching accessories," Blaine contradicted. "He has brooches representing every animal on this planet."

"Brooches, yes. You can coordinate brooches with your outfit. He's gonna want to wear his engagement ring with everything, don't you think?"

"Oh." Blaine was silent for a few moment. "Yeah, I hope he will." A soft smile appeared on his face. "I really hope he'll say yes."

"Why wouldn't he?" Bryan asked. Of course he knew Kurt was gonna say yes. Kurt had his own ring already. He just hoped he could get Blaine to buy the matching one.

Blaine shrugged and ducked his head. "I don't know. Maybe he thinks we're too young, or maybe he doesn't want to get married at all."

"Right, so that stack of wedding magazines in his closet is just for fun?"

"Well… I mean… inspirations for his designs, maybe?" Blaine mumbled. "I don't know, Dad. Can't I be just a bit insecure? You should comfort me; that's your job as a father. I should have asked Pops to come."

"The horror!" Bryan exclaimed. "He probably would have let you get that ring with the enormous stone."

Blaine smiled, suppressing a laugh. "He did choose your engagement ring, if I remember correctly."

"Lucky guess," Bryan replied. "Now, I think you should go with white gold, and some small stones. Subtle, but stunning."

Blaine nodded as he looked over the display again. "Maybe we should go check out some other stores."

"No!" Bryan squealed before clearing his throat. "I mean, have you looked well? I'm sure there's something Kurt will like here."

"Come on, Dad. We've been here for the last hour and a half."

"Look again, Blaine! It's important you look at all the rings. Even the ones on the bottom or in the corners!"

Blaine frowned at his father. Bryan was looking almost panicked. There was nothing here, Blaine was sure of it. He didn't get why his dad had wanted to go to this particular store in the first place. There were hundreds of jewelers in New York, but his father had gone to this one straight away, claiming that the atmosphere and look were just right to find the perfect ring for Kurt. He shrugged, knowing it was a losing battle to argue with his dad so he focused his attention back on the display.

"Bottoms and corners!" Bryan repeated pointedly.

"Oh." Blaine's eyes widened. How had he looked over that one? It was white gold, like his dad had suggested, with three simple stones lined up next to each other. "When did you see that?"

Yesterday, when I was here with Kurt. "When we came in, I thought it was perfect."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Blaine shook his head as he picked it up. "It's perfect."

"I wanted to let you choose for yourself."

"Dad…" Blaine raised an eyebrow as he looked at his father. "Don't lie."

"What?!" Bryan exclaimed. "I did… mostly."

"Whatever you say," Blaine replied, shaking his head fondly. "It's really… it's perfect. It's us." He touched the stones. "Three stones for the three stages we went through: best friends, boyfriends, and – I hope - fiancées."

Bryan smiled as he wrapped an arm around Blaine's shoulder. "He's gonna say yes, you know."

"Yeah?" Blaine looked up at his dad, a watery smile on his face.

"That boy loves you so much, Blaine. I would almost be jealous if I didn't have your pops." Bryan pressed a kiss against the top of Blaine's head. "You two are perfect for each other. And I like the sentiment behind the ring. You should have it engraved."

"I think I might."

"So, when are you gonna propose?" They were waiting for the ring to be engraved, and in the mean time Bryan had taken Blaine out for lunch. He missed his son. New York wasn't exactly around the corner. Of course they flew out to visit each other all the time, but it wasn't the same.

Blaine shrugged "I don't know yet. I figured I'd just keep it with me and wait for the right moment."


"No?" Blaine asked, unsure.

"No," Bryan repeated, undoubtedly. "Knowing you, you'll walk around with the thing for at least a year before you work up your nerve. You should plan something so you can't get out of it. We don't want Kurt to find the ring, do we?" Besides, Bryan wanted to be there to see it. He couldn't miss his own son's proposal, could he?

"No, I guess not," Blaine answered, biting his lip. "I just don't know…"

"Blainers, you're in New York, the city of dreams. There must be something you can think of."

"The Empire State building?"

"Oh, please, can you be any more obvious? This is Kurt we are talking about. He deserves something special."

"How did Pops ask you?" asked Blaine, curiously.

"It was amazing," Bryan gushed, his eyes almost turning into hearts. "In fact, you were there."

"Really?" Blaine looked curious. "But I was born at your wedding, or well, your first attempt."

"Well, you weren't in this world yet, but you were there. Your pops had gotten your Aunt Goldie to come to his office, and she was lying on the bed with the sonogram device on. He sank to one knee and said he wanted to ask me in front of our son. It was perfect." Bryan sighed happily at the memory. "You just have to think of something that's important to both of you. Even if it's in your living room or just on a street corner."

Blaine's eyes lit up. "I think I know where to propose."

"Bryan, you're spoiling us," Kurt gushed as they were getting up to leave the show. "I can't believe you bought us last minute tickets for Wicked. You should come visit more often."

"Oh it's nothing," Bryan waved it away. "I love spoiling my boys. Besides, how long have you two been together now, four or five years? I think you can start calling me Dad." He winked at them both.

"Oh..uh, I…" Kurt was stuttering, not sure what to say, and Blaine was glaring at his dad.

"What?" Bryan held up his hand defensively. 'I'm just saying. Anyway, I think Blaine has an extra surprise for you."

"What?" Kurt looked curiously at his boyfriend. "You do?"

Blaine nodded as he grabbed Kurt's hand. "Come with me?"

"Where are we going?"

"Just, trust me, okay?" Blaine said as they walked toward the stage. He stopped right in front of it and looked at Kurt with a big smile before hoisting himself up. Once he was in position, he held out his hand to Kurt. "Care to join me?"

"Blaine!" Kurt scolded as he looked around the empty theater warily. "You can't just do that! What if someone sees?!"

"It's okay, Kurt. Dad arranged it with the management. They know. It's all part of the surprise."

"Okay…" Kurt still looked around hesitantly before grabbing Blaine's hand and letting himself be pulled up onto the stage. He couldn't suppress the smile on his face once he was up there. "It was a great show, wasn't it?" He softly squeezed Blaine's hand. "I still can't believe your dad got us such good seats. I've never sat in the third row at a Broadway show, ever!"

Blaine chuckled as he pulled Kurt closer, grabbing his other hand as well and pecking his lips softly. "I guess it helps if your name is Bryan Collins and you're a major name in the television world."

"I guess it helps, yeah," Kurt chuckled as he threw his arms around Blaine's neck. "Now what's my surprise?"

Blaine's smile broadened as he disentangled himself from Kurt and took a few steps back. His hand nervously patted his pocket; he could feel the ring and suddenly all his nerves were gone. This was what he wanted. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this man. "Do you remember the first time you were here, on this stage?"

Kurt frowned, clearly confused. "Yeah, it was in my junior year of high school with Rachel. We broke in and sang For Good here."

Blaine nodded. "You always told me that was the moment you knew you wanted – no, needed - to come to New York, that this was where you belonged."

"Yes…" Kurt looked curious. "Where are you going with this?"

"Do you remember the second time you were here? Not on the stage, but in the theatre."

"Of course I do, Blaine. It was my first New Year's in New York. Your Dads had gotten you tickets to come and see me as your Christmas present. My dad got us tickets to come and see Wicked as my Christmas present…" He trailed of, still unsure what this was leading up to.

"That was my moment. Not here in the theatre, specifically, but that whole week, that was my moment when I knew this was where I wanted, needed to be."

"Oh, Honey," Kurt coed as he stepped back closer to Blaine. "I never knew."

"Not just because of the city, Kurt. Because of you." Blaine stepped close to Kurt, grabbing his hand and intertwining their fingers. He pressed a kiss against Kurt's knuckles before letting their hands hang in between them. "That week I knew I wanted to come and live with you. Nothing had ever felt so great before, so domestic. Even if Rachel and Santana were there constantly, putting their noses where they didn't belong. Living in that loft with you for a week was when I knew it. I really wanted to live with you, here in New York."

"And then you did," Kurt reminded him. "You moved in with me after graduation and after rooming with the girls for a year we got a tiny apartment of our own. Our home."

Blaine nodded. "So since both of our big decisions to move to New York happened here, in this theatre, I figured it was only appropriate to have another big decision here."

"Oh, my God!" Kurt let go of Blaine's hand and clasped his own hands in front of his mouth. Everything suddenly clicked. Blaine was sinking down on one knee and looking up at him with loving eyes.

"Kurt Hummel, will you marry me?"

"Oh my, God! Blaine! Yes! Of course I'll marry you," Kurt squealed as he pulled Blaine back onto his feet and pressed their lips together. "Oh, my God. Blaine!" He pressed another kiss against Blaine's lips. "I can't believe you proposed to me on the stage of Wicked. God, I love you. You know me so well!"

Blaine laughed as they kissed again, a little more passionately this time. "I love you, too." He pulled back and fished the ring out of his pocket. "I think I should put this on your finger now, right?"

Kurt nodded as Blaine slid the ring onto his finger. He examined it closer and shook his head in disbelief. "Blaine, did your dad pick this out with you?"

"Yes," Blain said, suddenly a little unsure. "Don't you like it? We got it yesterday. I'm sure we can exchange it if it's not-"- He was cut off with another kiss.

"No, Honey, I love it. It's just… he knew! He's such a sneaky bastard." Kurt shook his head fondly.


"We didn't go on a shopping spree a few days ago. Well, we did go shopping, but not for what you think," Kurt was still looking at his ring, not believing what he saw. "I've got the exact same ring in my drawer at home."

"What?" Blaine repeated himself.

"I was gonna propose to you," Kurt said, laughing. "He knew. He knew we had the same idea and he got us to buy matching rings."

"Oh my, God." Blaine shook his head. "I should have seen that coming. He wanted me to get this specifically. Did you get it engraved as well?"

"No?" Kurt cocked his head and took the ring back off, examining the inside. "Best friends, boyfriends, fiancées."

"It's the stones," Blaine explained. "Every stone stands for something we've been."

"Oh, Honey!" Kurt blinked furiously, trying to suppress his tears. "I'm so getting yours engraved tomorrow." He pressed another kiss against Blaine's lips. "We need to get home, I need to give you your ring!"

"I can't wait."

"Oh, David, it's so beautiful," Bryan sniffed on the phone. "You should be here. He said yes! Our boy is getting married."

"I can't believe you're spying on Blaine proposing to Kurt," David scolded. "That's a private moment, and of course he said yes."

"Don't worry, I recorded it for you."

"Oh… that's… that's nice. Thanks."

"I'll show it to you tomorrow, as soon as I get back," Bryan promised.

"Wish them congratulations from me," David said. "We should fly out together soon. I miss my boys."

"You'll have to call them. I'm sleeping in a hotel tonight."

"I thought you were staying at their place? On the pull-out couch?" David asked, confused.

"Yes, well, I couldn't really stay there tonight, could I?" Bryan said, rolling his eyes. "I mean, they just got engaged."

"What? Why not?"

"David, Honey. What did we do after you proposed to me?" Bryan shook his head. His husband could be a bit daft sometimes.

"We cried."


"And then we got hugged by Goldie?" David said, unsure what Bryan was going for.

"Yes… and then we went home and…" Bryan prompted.

"Oh… Oh!"

"Yeah, Oh. I so did not want to be there for that celebration, so I booked a hotel."

"Smart choice."

"Yes," Bryan agreed as he saw his boys hurry past him. Kurt was pulling Blaine along and they were pressed close together, obviously high on their happiness. They hadn't even seen him standing there as they walked by him. Bryan grinned as he watched Kurt stop at the double doors to pull Blaine close, pressing their lips together passionately. "A very smart choice, I think."