Authors Note: In this story, Peach and Daisy are sisters. It sort of explains why they live in different kingdoms. I only own the story.

Mushroom Kingdom

Chapter 1

Princess Peach and Daisy were just coming in the door of the castle from school when they heard yelling in the throne room. " I wonder what's going on." Peach muttered to herself.

When the girls walked to the throne room, they thought their eyes were deceiving them. What they saw was their parents yelling and just verbally berating each other. The girls parents stopped suddenly when they saw Peach and Daisy staring at them shocked. The queen stood up straighter and tried to think of an excuse for her and her husband's childish behavior. She couldn't.
"Girls, do you have your homework done?" She knew very well that they just got home and hadn't even had time to get started on their assignments. The girls just shook their heads too stunned to speak. "Well, go get on it." She said firmly. As they started walking down the long hallway to their rooms, the queen sighed and bowed her head as a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

"What do you think that was about?" Daisy asked Peach.
"I don't know. Have they argued before?"
"I don't think so. At least, not that I've heard." Daisy replied. They both fell silent as they walked down the hall.