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Michiru walked down the road with her friends Usagi, Makoto, Rei, Minako and Ami. The girls had just finished their last day of college for a couple months.

"Michiru-chan, why is your mom sending you to college if she knows you want to play the violin?" Usagi asked curiously. "She does know that."

Rei sweat dropped. "Of course she does, Usagi-chan."

"She does...but doesn't support it," Michiru explained. "She wants me to have a job like being a therapist."

"Seriously, that sounds boring," Makoto told Michiru as she nodded.

"Well, it's time for Ami-chan and I to split here," Makoto said. "We both live the same way, Michiru-chan."

"Oh," Michiru replied simply frowning. "Alright, Usagi-chan, Rei-chan and Minako-chan, do you want to go to a bar?"

"I have to wait a bit Michiru-chan," Usagi said. "I can go in a couple months."

"I thought innocent Tsunkino Usagi would never drink!" Minako said teasing the blonde.

"Minako-chan!" Usagi said crying as Michiru giggled.

Usagi, Minako and Rei had all gone home since Michiru lived the furthest away from them. Michiru sat in a bar drinking a little beer, not much though. She was going to go soon since it was getting late, her digital watch read '11:30 pm.'

"It's great I don't live with mom," she said. "I'm happy she's paying for college and all but I want her to support my dream."

"Miss, who are you talking to?" the man behind the bar asked as Michiru blushed.

"N-none of your business," she said. "Here's the money for the beer." She got up and walked out of the bar.

The night was dark but nice and warm...now Michiru wished she had stayed with Rei who offered to give her a room at her families shrine because all the girls planned to go to a concert the next day.

"Someone help me!" Michiru heard as she looked around and saw a man walking backwards and someone go after him.

"Oh god," Michiru muttered to herself as she ran fast, the man looked as if he was paralyzed and in a trance, suddenly the aqua haired female stopped. The man stood there now, with no terror in his expression on his face.

"Good job, my little pray," said a soft voice but also somewhat scary. "Come here."

Michiru saw a blonde figure dressed in a black suit, the blonde bit his neck; she put a hand to her mouth to cover up her gasp, she slowly got up to walked away from the wall and went near a closed ice cream store.

Suddenly, a blonde looking boy came out of the alleyway and Michiru picked out a book from her bag and pretended to read it...the blonde looked at her funny when she saw the book was upside down.

"Hey," the person said startling Michiru who almost dropped the book. "You're reading your book upside down."

"Yo-you scared me," she said looking at the blonde when the book fell from her hands, the blonde picked it up and gave it to her. "T-thank you."

"You're welcome," the blonde said smiling, Michiru thought she saw fangs but she shook it off. "I see you're studying the sea."

"Uh...yeah..." she mumbled. "Thanks for giving me my book back. Bye."

"Wait," the blonde said as Michiru looked at the blonde. "Do you want me to walk you home?"

Michiru blushed, she thought she just saw THIS person drinking someone's blood and next the tall blonde was innocent. "U-uh we don't know each other."

"So, we can walk and talk," the blonde said. "I'm Tennoh Haruka."

Michiru shook the blonde's hand, it felt kind cold. "I'm Kaioh Michiru."

"Nice to meet you, Michiru," she said smiling. "Now, let's get going." Haruka put out her hand and Michiru was somewhat hesitant. "What? I don't bite."

Or do you? Michiru thought.

"Uh, I know...just lost in thought," she giggled as she grabbed Haruka's hand.

"So, how long have you lived in Tokyo?" Haruka asked curiously as Michiru looked at her.

"Uh since I was born, what about you?" Michiru questioned as Haruka thought for a second.

"For quite sometime," she said smirking. "A long time I guess you could say awhile."

Odd...Michiru thought.

"Is this your house?" the blonde asked curiously as Michiru nodded looking at the small house.

"Uh...yeah," Michiru muttered as Haruka looked at the house.

"Don't you have a mom or dad?" Haruka asked pointing to the window which led into the house, it was pitch dark.

"No, my dad died five years ago and my mom is alive just doesn't live with me," Michiru said simply as she sighed. "I finished my first year of college today, I'm studying more about the sea but I want to play the violin in front of people."

"A violinist?" Haruka asked as Michiru nodded.

"Yeah," Michiru checked her watch and saw it was nearly 1:00 am. "I better be going now, goodnight Tennoh-san."

Haruka watched Michiru walk inside and stood there for a second, Michiru went to her room and waved to the blonde; was there anything out of the ordinary coming? Yes- Michiru sat down at her vanity and saw the blonde speed down the sidewalk.

"Oh god," the aqua haired girl muttered. "S-she's..."

Michiru picked up the phone and called her friends, first she called Rei.

"Michiru-chan, I was sleeping...and you know vampires don't exist! What kind of question is that? Sorry to snap at you," Rei said. "I'll see you tomorrow at Crown."

Ami said the same thing as Rei, Usagi didn't pick up the phone, Makoto didn't own a phone and finally it came down to Minako.

"Vampires, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, have you see any around?" Michiru asked curiously.

"I see one everyday!" She said giggling. "I see Rei-chan in the morning with drool hanging out her mouth that looks like white blood."

"Your humor is going down hill," Michiru said. "Night Minako-chan." Michiru hung up the phone and sighed.

The aqua haired girl laid in bed awake that night and couldn't sleep.

I will some investigating on Tennoh Haruka!

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