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Haruka picked Michiru up after cleaning up the stuff from their date, and held the aqua-haired girl to her chest and took her home...her home.

3 hours later...

Michiru's eyes opened only for her to be disturbed by the ringing of her cellphone. It said "Minako" on the screen. Before touching her phone, Michiru looked around her-she was in a room with black bricks and blue tinted windows.

She picked up the phone.

"Minako, why are you calling so late?" Michiru asked. "I-I was sleeping."

"Liar," Minako teased her. "We saw you out on a date."

Michiru's eyes went wide, Minako spied on her?

"When did you do that? I haven't been on any dates lately," Michiru lied to Minako who went silence.

"Well, I don't know anyone else who has aqua colored hair," Minako teased her again. "So where are you?"

"Huh?" Michiru asked. "What kind of question is that to ask?" Michiru knew she was at Haruka's place, wherever this place was. "One second, Minako-chan."

Michiru looked out the window and saw a nice big field with green grass and a big tree out there and a figure sitting beside it; that figure was Haruka.

There's the blonde I know...Michiru thought as she smiled.

"Michiru-chan?" Minako said.

Michiru snapped out of her daze. "Ye-yes?"

"So where are you?"

"I need to go," Michiru said as she hung up the phone.

The aqua-haired girl looked around her and saw an old stair castle like you see in a castle, she walked down them and found a candle too. This reminded her of some freaky movie, she kept walking and then came to the lowest floor...there was Haruka's coffin. She ran her hand across it.

"Wow," she muttered. She opened the big coffin and saw it was all red inside, it even had a pillow...a lot of vampires don't have pillows.

Michiru felt her feet had gotten cold, her shoes had been taken off; the shoes sat near the coffin but didn't slip them on and she opened the door which revealed the little castle like building.

The aqua-haired female felt dirt between her feet; since she was a child, the girl had always wanted to be in this kind of place. It was kind of cool; as a child Michiru loved exploring the renaissance ages of old castles and art techniques designs for art when she was old.

The girl walked down the hill but left the candle in the castle, she kept walking until she arrived near Haruka.

"Haruka?" Michiru said as the blonde turned around smiling at her.

The blonde vampire looked at Michiru and saw her feet.

"Where are your shoes?" Haruka questioned the other girl curiously.

Michiru giggled. "You tell me."

Haruka smirked. "What do you mean?"

"You took my shoes off while I was sleeping, why?"

Haruka smirked and giggled. "I thought your feet could be sore."

"From wearing shoes?" Michiru asked as she giggled.

Michiru noticed Haruka looking at her oddly.

"What?" Michiru questioned Haruka.

"You have a cellphone?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Were you talking to your boyfriend?"

"I don't have one."

Haruka smirked and Michiru saw the moonlight hit her fangs. Michiru blushed, this had been the weirdist time of her life...was she falling in love with a vampire?

"Michiru, who did you talk to on the phone?" Haruka asked. "Will the make a good meal?"

Michiru slapped Haruka on the arm, she knew it was only a joke and Michiru put the phone on her lap.

"My friend Minako," she said smiling. "My friend's have been asking me what I've been doing so late at night." Haruka raised her eyebrow. "They call me crazy, saying that I'm with a vampire."

"It's the truth though," Haruka said. "You could always make them believe you. I could vampire up in front of them."

Michiru slapped Haruka's shoulder playful and fell on top of the blonde. The two blushed but then held each other close.

"Let me meet your friends," Haruka breathed into Michiru's ear. "I won't hurt them, you have my word on that."

"You really want to meet them?" Michiru breathed back.

Haruka took her hand and put it through Michiru's aqua-coloured hair, playing with it on her fingers. The moonlight bathed the two, making them look beautiful together.

"Where are your friends right now?" Haruka breathed as Michiru giggled.

"In bed," she said. "Humans sleep during the night, remember? Haruka, don't you have any friends?"

"No, I've been alone my whole time as a vampire," Haruka admitted. "But then you saw me and I was stunned when I saw you."

Michiru blushed and Haruka smirked; Michiru knew that the teal eyed girl could see the blush.

"Hey, Michiru," Haruka said. "Want to finish the Apple Cyder? I can take you home after since I'll be getting to bed soon."

Haruka stood up and Michiru grabbed Haruka's hand. The two walked back to the castle like home and Haruka poured herself more blood while giving Michiru the cyder.

"Cheers," the blonde said as the two clincked glasses.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dropping Michiru off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haruka kissed Michiru above the eye brow and on the lips.

"Please let me meet your friends, Michiru," Haruka said smiling. "I want to get to know them."

Michiru nodded. "I'll talk to them later today, here at my house. See you at 9:00 p.m. even if they don't want to come along? Near the diner on Main Drive, right?"

"Yes, I love you," Haruka said as she kissed Michiru's hand then lept off into the sky.

"Good night Haruka!" Michiru yelled, not knowing if the vampire could hear her.

Haruka turned around and smiled as Michiru waved; it was 4:00 am in the morning, hopefully nobody was getting woken up by the two.

Michiru got ready for bed and slipped her head onto the pillow and dreamed of her and Haruka.

++++++++++++++++++12:00 p.m.+++++++++++++++

"MICHIRU!" Minako yelled at the door. "OPEN UP!"

Michiru almost fell going down the stairs but came to open the door, she had a black bracelet on that the vampire gave her with their inscitals put together.

"Good morning to you guys too," Michiru said looking at all the girls.

"Michiru, it's 12:00 p.m.," Makoto said rubbing the back of her head laughing as the rest of the girls looked at her like she had lost her mind. "Can we come in?"

"Of course," Michiru said smiling as the girls came in. "I actually wanted to talk to you guys."

"About what?" Ami asked curiously, putting her Math text book on Michiru's table.

Michiru felt a lump build up in her throat.

"You want us to meet a vampire?" Rei asked giggling crazily.

"We already know one!" Usagi said as the rest of the girls looked at Usagi as if she had lost her mind. "It's Rei-chan!"

"You got to be kidding!" Rei said as the two had a tongue war with each other.

"Nice..." Minako mumbled. "Michiru-chan, maybe this person is pretending to be a vampire."

Michiru sighed. "She's an actually vampire, that's why you're coming with me later tonight to meet Haruka."

"Is she gunna eat us?" Minako asked in a joking voice as Michiru went to get dressed for the day.

The girls stayed over for awhile, Michiru fixed them some tea and gave them some snacks to eat from her cabinet that she kept her sweets in.

Can it be night yet? Michiru wandered. I want to see Haruka...I know she's sleeping but..."

++++++++++++++5:00 P.M.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The girls left and promised to meet Michiru at her house and walk over with her later, the aqua-haired girl started playing the violin while dancing around her room bouncing a lemon on the violin itself.

"Carry, carry, carry," Michiru sang. "Watch the sky fall."

Michiru remembered this song from her cousin she had a long time ago, it was a song she had created to help nature. Michiru, as a child, thought it worked...little did she know now.

"Make the plants grow," she continued.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++After dinner-7:00 pm++++++++++++++++++++++++

Michiru got ready for meeting Haruka, she had the bracelet on still and put on a nice black necklace with a blue baby coloured top, blue jeans with light blue shoes.

"Haruka, you're total my other half," Michiru said smiling to herself.

"So, Michiru, where's the vampire?" Usagi asked curiously.

"She has a name," Michiru said looking at Usagi. "That would be-"

"Haruka," said a new voice. Michiru turned around and saw Haruka and hugged her tightly. "Hello, Michiru."

"You must be the vampire?" Minako asked curiously. "You bought those fake fangs you can buy at a joke store to play a joke on Michiru-chan here."

"Yeah, right?" Rei asked curiously.

"Michiru-chan was obviously joking, you look normal," Makoto said as Haruka's eye twitched.

"Guys, vampires don't exist," Ami said as she had been saying the entire time.

Haruka cleared her throat and all the girl's looked at her.

"I am a vampire," Haruka said.

"Oh, prove it then," Usagi said poking Haruka in the chest. "Rei-chan could be your family then, she's our little vampire."

"CUT THAT OUT!" Rei said sticking her tongue out.

"Can we get back on the topic, please?" Haruka asked as the girl's looked at her again. "Michiru isn't lying, did you read about the vampire going around Tokyo?"

"Yes," Minako said. "One boy apparently was totally out of it when the police found him...you did that?"

"She's a-" Usagi started as Michiru stopped them all from talking and everyone looked shocked, even Haruka, at Michiru's unlady-like behavoir.

"That was me," Haruka said.

"So, you really are a vampire?" Minako asked curiously.

"Guys, there are no such things," Ami said again to the girl's.

Michiru looked at Haruka, holding her arm tightly. "Show them," she whispered. "Guys, I wasn't joking-look."

The girl's looked and saw fangs slip out of Haruka's jaw and they gasped.

"Y-you weren't lying," Makoto said.

"Nope, she doesn't bite," Michiru said as the girl's looked calm. "She's a good vampire and loves me, we have a lovely relationship together."

"We are just a little shocked," Rei said. "We didn't saying anything was wrong with it...you two are lovely together."

Michiru blushed and Haruka smirked.

"I see it," Haruka whispered.

"Shh!" Michiru said.

"See what?" Minako said.

"Nothing, I'm taking your friend for awhile," Haruka said. "She's going to be mine for a little bit."

The girl's giggled.

"Are you going there?" Rei questioned as all the girl's gasped, Michiru held onto Haruka tight.

"You are all cute," Haruka said blowing the girl's a kiss. Haruka looked at Michiru. "I'm taking you to a special place, before all of this happened."

"Okay, Ruka-chan," Michiru said as Haruka left the ground like a different creature from another planet. Michiru fell asleep in Haruka's arms as the girl's from the ground watched their friend.

"Wow..." they all muttered.

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