The forest was dark, as Addison expertly darted through the trees. Stopping only to catch her breath, she leaned against a nearby tree and looked over her shoulder. She could hear the search party, and the dogs barking. She had to get out of there soon or else she would be in a shit load of trouble. If it was one of the deputies or volunteers that found her, she could possibly talk herself out of trouble; but if Sheriff Stilinski found her, well there was no way out then. He would most definitely tell Deaton, who probably already knows she snuck out. Her godfather knew everything.

Finally regaining her breath, Addison sprinted, further away from the others in the forest. If her assumptions were correct, then she should be reaching a road soon. Urging her feet to run faster, she fell through the bushes and landed on the hard gravel with a thud. Her mental moment of victory was interrupted when headlights came up suddenly and the sound of tires screeching reached her ears. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she prepared herself for the worst.

After a second of nothing however, she opened her eyes and looked beside her and saw that merely inches from her face was the grill of a car. Not just any car though; a jeep. Jumping from the driver's seat and running to the front of his car was Stiles, seeing who he almost hit, he let out an exasperated sigh and threw his hands in the air. "Jesus Christ Addie! What the hell?!" he said worriedly.

"I could ask you the same thing Stilinski! What are you doing out here?" Addie asked lifting herself into the sitting position.

Stiles took a much-needed breath; when he rounded the corner of the old forest road, he didn't expect to have someone fling themselves in front of his jeep. Let alone one of his best friends, Addison Moore. "I overheard one of my dad's calls, so me and Scott came out here to check it out." he said lending his hand down to her to help her up.
Addie took his hand and hauled herself to her feet, dusting off the gravel and dirt that now stained her clothes.

"Well thanks for the invite." she said sarcastically.

"Hey now, you are the one always complaining that Deaton keeps you under house arrest. But I guess that's not entirely true now since you are out here." he said, "Wait.. why are you out here?" he asked, tilting his head to the side confused.

Addie looked back at the jeep and noticed it was empty, "Where's Scott?" she asked evading his previous question.

Stiles grinned sheepishly and reached back to scratch the back of his head, "Well yeah about that... My dad caught me and made me go home... So technically, I lost him."

"You lost him in the woods? At night?!" she yelled at him.

Stiles put his hands up to show his innocence. "Well he lagged behind-"

"He has asthma!" Addie cut him off glaring.

"And I didn't want him to get caught too." he finished as if she didn't just interrupt him.

Addie gave her friend a pointed look, "We have to go find him now."

Stiles was about to reply, when his phone went off. Reaching down into his pocket, he flipped open his phone and smiled. "Ha, see? Text from Scott saying he's fine!"

Addie grabbed the phone from his hand and looked it over herself, "Okay fine," she said, "but you still lose some best friend points for leaving him out there."

Stiles grabbed his phone back from her and smiled. "Will giving you a ride home, earn them back for me?"

Addie smiled back at him, "Not all of them, but a good few." she said.

At this comment Stiles extended his arm in a fancy gesture towards the passenger side of his jeep. "Well then m'lady."

Addie laughed as Stiles walked her over to the door and opened it for her. As she jumped in, and he was about to close the door, he paused. Suddenly Stiles leaned close, and reach for her head. Addie froze. Then Stiles pulled back revealing a twig, he laughed and threw it to the ground and looked back into Addie's eyes. They both smiled at each other, then Stiles looked down at the ground embarrassed and kicked a piece of gravel. Hastily he shut the door and ran to the other side, jumping in himself. He turned the key which was already in the ignition, and the car jolted back to life. "C'mon Cinderella let's get you home before you turn into a pumpkin."

Addie laughed, "Stiles! It was the carriage that turned into a pumpkin!"

"Okay fine, let's go before my jeep turns into a pumpkin!" he replied.