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Stiles and his father were intently watching the hospital security video, while Scott hovered above them watching as well. Addie had placed herself in the chair by the door and remained silent; snuggling deeper into Stiles' coat which he had given to her on the ride over to the police station. Despite the urgency of the situation, she couldn't seem to drag herself into the conversation.

Matt was the kanima master. Yes, this was a serious issue. But all Addie's mind was filled with, was her mother.

"We'll see each other again soon"

What does that mean? Is she finally coming home? Incessant thoughts like those continued to plague Addie's mind as the boys discussed the possibility of Matt being the murder with the Sheriff. No wait... Former Sheriff. Shaking her head slightly, she looked over at the group and listened in on the conversation.

"If the boots match up with Matt's and the tire prints, then that places him at the scene of three murders." Stiles exclaimed. 'He had always disliked Matt so I guess pinning him with murder is like a freaking field day'

"Actually four." Mr. Stilinski says, pushing himself to his feet with nearly morbid enthusiasm that matched his sons. "The mechanic that was killed was working on a car paid by Matt's credit card. That puts him at the mechanics', the trailer, the hospital and the rave."

Stiles rubbed his palms against the pockets of his jeans. "So, if one's an accident, two's a coincidence, three's a pattern, then what is four?" he asked his father.

Mr. Stilinski clapped his son on the shoulder. "Enough for a search warrant." Turning away from his son, he pointed to Scott and his face held is former business-like sternness. "Scott, call your mom back, tell her to come to the station. If we can get an identification then that will be enough for a warrant. Stiles, go to the front desk to makes sure they know Melissa is coming in."

"I'll do that." Addie said suddenly, startling the men and halting what they were planning to do. Standing up, she kicked off her ridiculous heals and pulled down the dress that she had borrowed from Lydia. "I better call Deaton anyway and let him know what's going on." She dug into Stiles' jacket pocket and pulled out her phone before walking out of the office and down the hall.

With her head down, Addie scrolled through her contacts to reach Deaton's number. 'I really need to start putting people on speed dial' she thought as she passed an insane amount of contacts to reach her god-father. Finally reaching him, she hit call and waited. When it went straight to voicemail, she furrowed her brow but opted to leave a message anyway. "Hey, it's me. I'm at the police station with the guys, don't worry we're not in anymore trouble. But uh, we found out who the master is... And now we're going to figure out what to do from here I guess... Call me back." she finished, and shoved her phone back into her coat pocket. She continued to look at her shuffling bare feet as she reached the lobby of the police station. "Hey Angela," she called out to the receptionist but didn't hear a reply. Looking up from her feet, she froze.

Images of her hallucination earlier that night came flooding back. With a gasp, she backed up slightly and frantically blinking her tearing eyes. But unlike her hallucination, when she opened her eyes the blood was still painted on the floor and walls. With a trembling breath, she took a step forward and peered over the counter, only to be met with the dead vacant eyes of Angela and two of the officers that happened to be on duty.

Movement to her right caught her attention, and Addie slowly turned to see a scowling Matt pointing a gun at her. Addie's body began to tremble and she held back another gasp.

Matt nodded his head down the hall she had just came from, and Addie silently followed his instructions. Stumbling on her first step, she grabbed the wall for support and paused once more. Matt grew quickly irritated and grabbed her forearm roughly, pulling her back to her feet and shoving the gun in her back to motivate her to continue walking.

"She's on her way here." She heard Scott say from the office as they approached it. Addie stumbled once again, her feet seeming to betray her even though she desperately wanted to be brave. Matt gripped her arm tighter and she winced as they entered the office; the three men in the room looked up at their entrance and each of their faces melted into one that resembled horror.

Mr. Stilinski, who was leaning on his desk, stood up straight and held his hands up. "Matt, let's talk this through." He said, just as Matt moved the gun from Addie's back, up to her head. "There's a solution here that doesn't involve a gun."

Matt let out a cruel chuckle. "That's funny because I don't think you understand how right you are." he said eyeing Scott, silently letting him know that Jackson was also here.

"I know you don't want to hurt people." Mr. Stilinski said, trying to talk the demented boy down.

Stiles almost let out a scoff, instead he frantically tried to look into Addie's frightened eyes; but she kept shifting them away, not wanting to look at either of them for fear of crying.

"Actually, I want to hurt a lot of people." Matt replied, gripping Addie's arm harder, and used the barrel of the gun to wisp away strands of her hair in a taunting way. "You guys weren't on my list, but I could be persuaded." he paused, before his scowl grew even deeper. "One way being by dialing someone on your cell phone, like McCall is doing." Scott dejectedly, pulled his hand out of his pocket and resumed looking at Matt. "That could definitely get someone hurt." he continued tauntingly. "Phones on the table. Now!" he shouted, as the three other men followed instructions and placed their cell phones on the desk. "You too, sweetie." he mockingly whispered to Addie. "Or would you like me to get it for you?"

Addie reached into her coat pocket and pulled out her phone, ironically it began ringing. She looked at the screen and saw Deaton's name flash across it.

Matt released his hold on her arm, grabbed the phone from her hand and violently threw it across the room. Matt brought his hand back, but this time grabbed Addie by her hair, which caused her to scream slightly. "You're going to have to call them back later."

Stiles reluctantly tightened the handcuffs on his fathers wrist, and slowly stands back up to face Matt. To Stiles' right stood Scott a few paces behind and then Addie stood on the other side of the room, where Matt had shoved her when entering.

Matt swung the gun back and forth between all of them, "Three against one, isn't exactly fair. So one of you needs to hop inside that holding cell and keep the former sheriff company." Matt smirked when Stiles threw a glare at him. "Any volunteers?"

"You aren't exactly alone." Addie said causing Mr. Stilinski, who was on the ground, to raise a questioning eyebrow at her. "That gun in your hand gives you more leverage." she covered up quickly. But Stiles and Scott knew exactly what she meant; Jackson.

Matt took a casual step closer to her, while pointing the gun at Scott. "Yeah but see that's why I'll keep two of you around, it makes it more even."

"You must be failing math, if you think this is even." Addie spat out with a glare. She might have been scared before, but now anger was consuming her. Her subconscious was trying to tell her to stop, but she didn't care to listen.

Matt raised his eyebrows in amused surprise. "Wow, Beacon Hill's sweetheart's got an attitude? Who knew you had it in you?"

"You're so pathetic." Addie replied, she could practically hear Scott gape in astonishment.

The amusement drained from Matt's face, and he began to bite the inside of his cheek. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." she spat out. "You think that just because some idiots hurt you years ago when they were drunk, that you have the right to start killing people?" She unfolded her arms and let her fists clench at her sides. "Well guess what, shit happens to people everyday, but it doesn't give you the right to kill people! My parents left me, when I was just a kid! And you don't see me going around and killing everyone who has a perfect family!" she exclaimed as she tried to fight her eyes from clouding with tears. "Shit happens... Suck it up and move on."

Matt began to shake, and he closed his eyes. "You don't know anything."

Addie rolled her eyes. "Oh trust me, I know everything. How about next time, you go spew your anger issues out to a therapist and get some swimming lessons."

The moments proceeding happened so quickly, that Addie wasn't even sure what had happened. Time seemed to had slowed down as Addie turned her head to look at everyone else. Looking to the left, she saw the faces of Stiles and his father, with horror painted across them. She continued to turn her head and saw Scott stepping close to her with his arms extended to catch her; it was then that she was falling backwards.

Scott's arms cushioned the fall and then he adjusted himself to cradle her head. Looking up at him, she saw that his face also held one of horror and that tears were glazing over his eyes. Movement to her left caught her attention, and she slowly turned her head to see Stiles scrambling over to her side. He fell to his knees and extended his hand to her stomach and pressed down.

That's when reality set in and all her senses seemed to come back at once. She could hear the repetitive oh my god's come from Stiles. She could hear Mr. Stilinski from the other side of the room, trying to talk to someone, who she assumed was Matt. She could see Stiles shaking and tears glazing over his eyes. She could feel a pain in her stomach. She could see red staining the front of Stiles' jacket that she was wearing.

"Get up!" Matt exclaimed waving the gun around, causing Scott and Stiles to shift their attention away from Addie. "Now!" he said threateningly.

Stiles turned his head to look at Scott with a pleading look, asking him silently to come up with a plan. But Scott just simply closed his eyes and shook his head. Reaching down, he gently lifted Addie and dragged her to the nearest wall, propping her up against it before standing to face Matt. Stiles stood as well and followed Scott out of the room as Matt instructed, but not before looking over his shoulder at Addie one last time.

Addie couldn't stop looking at the red that was staining her stomach. She knew it was blood, she knew she had gotten shot, but she couldn't bring herself to focus on the pain. All she could notice was red. Red was the color of love, but in a way it was also the color of anger. Was that symbolism of some sort? Does love and anger come from the same part of you? Does it run through your veins like the blood does? If I am losing all this blood, does it mean I am also losing my love and anger? So then maybe all those poets and authors were wrong, love can die. It can bleed out in the most painful ways, until it's just... Gone. Taylor Swift had said it best, loving him was Red; the him being Stiles of course in this situation. But Taylor had also got something wrong, losing him wasn't blue.

As more and more blood pulsed out of her body, she couldn't help but think of the heartbroken look on Stiles' face. Each time more blood spilled out and stained her jacket, she couldn't help but think that losing him was also going to be red.

"Addie!" she heard Mr. Stilinski call out. "Honey, I need you to talk to me. Stay alert." he said almost pleadingly.

Finally lifting her head and looking away from her blood, she met Mr. Stilinski's eyes across the room. She opened her mouth to speak, and it was then that she realized how hard it was to breathe. "If..." she paused and took a shuddering breath. "If I die, can you tell my mom I'm sorry?" she asked weakly.

Mr. Stilinski furrowed his brow in confusion. "...Addie-"

"I'm sorry we couldn't meet again." she said in a stumbling voice before looking back down at her stomach. "I never forgot you, I never stopped thinking about you." she continued, but Mr. Stilinski bit his lip for he knew she was speaking to herself. Addie looked back up at him, but this time tears were streaming down her cheeks. "I love you." she said, this time directly to him. "You helped raise me. And I just... Love you, I hope you know that." Her speech had begun getting quieter and her eyes began to droop. "I love all of you." she finished in a breathy tone before finally closing her eyes.

Mr. Stilinski violently tugged on his handcuffed wrist and called out to her once again but got no response.

Stiles lay paralyzed on top of Derek as Matt argued with Scott above them. His father's voice suddenly rang out, calling Addie's name, and his heart began slowly imploding.

Matt had quieted his belittling of Scott's intelligence and listen to the desperate cries of the former Sheriff as well. "Too bad she couldn't keep her mouth shut." he said tauntingly.

"I'm going to kill you." Stiles practically growled out.

"Not if I get to him first." Derek responded with just as much intensity from below him.

Matt walked over and tugged Stiles off of Derek; shoving him onto his back, side by side next to angry alpha. Crouching down next to Stiles, he smirked. "I never understood what it was about her, that got every guy in this town so pussy whipped. Especially seeing as how she never actually gave it up in the first place."

Scott stood off to the side, and contemplated lunging at Matt, but when the slither of Jackson's tail caught his eye he refrained.

Lights illuminated the front windows and Matt stood back up. "Do what I say and I won't hurt her. I won't even let Jackson near her."

"You can't trust him, Scott! Look at what he did to Addie!" Stiles cried out.

Matt glared down at Stiles before shoving his foot down on his chest. Stiles' face began to turn red as his air supply began to dwindle.

"Stop!" Scott exclaimed. "Please! I'll do whatever you want!"

When Addie opened her eyes, she found herself laying on plush cushions. Pushing herself up, she expected pain to explode from her stomach but there was none. She looked down and saw that instead of her party dress and Stiles' jacket, she was dressed in just a plain t-shirt and jeans. Looking at her surroundings, she found herself on a couch in a living room. Standing to her feet, she slowly walked forward to the mantel by the fireplace that held many pictures. Picking up the one in the middle, she trace the individuals of the picture with her finger and smiled down at it. It was a picture of herself and her parents. She looked down in confusion though, this picture was supposed to be in her bedroom at home. 'Wait...' she thought, before spinning around and looking at the room once more. 'I remember this place.' The purple couch in the middle of the room. The ridiculously ugly lap in the left corner. Her childhood home.

A sound came from the connecting room to the right; the kitchen. Setting the picture back on the mantel, Addie rushed into the kitchen. She nearly tripped on the lip of the hardwood floor and grasped the door frame for support.

"Now, how many times have I told you not to run in the house?" rang out an angelic voice from in front of her.

Addie let go of the door frame and launched herself toward the person who had just spoke. "Mom!" she exclaimed as she latched her arms around her mother.

Martha Moore, gave a small laugh before wrapping her arms around her daughter. "I told you that we'd see each other again, why are you so surprised?"

Addie pulled back as happy tears poured down her cheeks. "Because I thought I was dying. I didn't think I would make it to see you."

Martha brought her hand up and gently wiped the tears from her daughter's face. "Ah, honey. I don't think you understand..."

"What do you mean? You're home!" Addie exclaimed happily. "Where's dad? Where is everybody? I can't wait to tell Stiles and..." she paused and pulled back as the smile faded from her face. "Wait...The police station... What happened there? Is everyone okay?" she asked worriedly.

Martha brushed the bangs out of Addie's face. "I don't know."

Addie pulled herself fully out of her mother's grip. "What do you mean you don't know?"

Martha sighed. "Some things have yet to be written. I know bits and pieces about what's going to happen. Like us seeing each other again... But the future is subjective, it can change in an instant."

Tears began to fill Addie's eyes once again. "This isn't real." she concluded, "I'm dreaming. You aren't real."

"I am real, just in a different way I guess you could say." Her mother responded gently.

"I'm dying... That's the only reason I can see you." Addie said as she sniffled. "But that wouldn't make any sense unless... You were dead too."

Martha shook her head and looked down. "My state of living, isn't the issue right now."

"No!" Addie cried out as more tears freely spilled. "You can't be dead! It's not fair!" she said as she collapsed into her mother's embrace once more.

"I know it's not. It's not fair that I didn't get to see my daughter grow up. And it's not fair that we were taken from you." Martha spoke soothingly. "But there is a reason for everything, and we just have to trust that."

"I don't want to go back. Not if it means I'll never get to see you again." Addie mumbled into her mother's chest.

Martha pulled her daughter back and made her look directly in her eyes. "Don't say that. You have so much to live for! You have so many people who love you!"

"But none of them are you..." Addie said quietly.

"No, but one of them is Stiles." Martha said knowingly, before lowering her head and nearly whispering. "And another is your father."

"Dad's alive?!" Addie questioned, shocked at her mother's confession.

Martha gripped her daughter's head and kissed her forehead. "There are so many things you don't know honey. So many things I wish I could tell you. But you need to learn them on your own."

"But he's alive. He's out there, why hasn't he come back for me?" Addie questioned sadly.

Martha shook her head, "It's time for you to go now." She responded, evading the question.

Addie frowned. "How?"

"With a little bit of magical help." Martha said with a smirk.

Addie looked down at the floor. "Mom... I don't have my magic anymore."

"Oh, I know that. You did a selfless act and gave them to your friend." Martha replied with a small proud smile. "And because of that, mother nature is allowing me to give you a gift."

"What do you mean?" Addie asked wearily.

Martha smiled and raised her hand to Addie's cheek. Suddenly her hand began glowing, it was soft and warm and Addie felt herself began to grow rejuvenated. "What was that?" she asked, when her mother finally pulled away.

"It was my magic." Martha replied. "It's yours now... It's not like I need it anymore." She finished with a shrug. Addie opened her mouth to speak, but her mother brought up a finger to silence her. "No time for questions. You need to wake up now."

Addie shifted her eyes around the kitchen questioningly. "How?"

"Close your eyes." Martha said.

"So in order to wake up, I have to go to sleep?" Addie quipped.

Martha rolled her eyes. "Save your sarcasm for later, now just close your damn eyes."

Addie smiled and complied, quickly closing her eyes. "I love you mom."

"I love you too."

She could hear talking across the room and gunfire, but a part of Addie didn't want to open her eyes, knowing that it wouldn't be her mother that she saw. Begrudgingly she opened her eyes to meet the dim glow of the emergency light in the room. She didn't have time to announce her sudden consciousness, when an enraged figure barged in.

"What's going on Matt?!" asked a voice that she recognized as Mr. Stilinski.

"Please, you have to let us go! I need to check on my son and Addie!" cried out Melissa McCall, 'crap when did she get here?'

Matt began muttering things to himself before going over to Mr. Stilinski and smacking him against the head with the gun, knocking him unconscious. Addie gasped at the brutality which caused both of the other occupants in the room to look at her with surprise.

"Addie?" Melissa McCall called out astonished, she had passed the girl when coming in, it was clear that she was dead.

"What the hell?!" Matt called out. "Why aren't you dead?!" He went over to her and hauled her to her feet, and began to pull her back out of the room.

Addie firmly held her feet to the ground causing their movement to stop, and Matt turned around to face her with an angry glare. "Karma's a witch." She suddenly propelled the bottom of her palm upward and connected with Matt's face; effectively breaking his nose.

Matt let go of her arm and grabbed his face while yelling in pain. In the midst of this action he dropped the gun, and before he could correct his mistake Addie kicked it away toward the cell with Melissa, where is slid in between the bars and was safe from his grasp. With blood streaming down his now crooked nose, he glared at Addie and made a move to lunge at her.

Anticipating this, she held up her hand and let the magic travel up her spine, effectively creating an invisible shield between them.

"What the hell..." Matt wondered as his momentum was stopped unexpectedly.

"Let's review on your supernatural knowledge shall we?" Addie said. "Werewolf, kanima and oh yeah, witch." A frightened look spread across Matt's face at this new addition to the supernatural list, but Addie's victory was short-lived when Jackson in the kanima form, slithered in. Seeing its master in distress, he did what any other obedient submissive animal would do; he targeted Addie as the new enemy.

Addie barely had time to dive away, as the kanima swung its tail at her. Scrambling to her feet, she backed away into the holding cell bars. She could hear the confused terrified cries of Melissa McCall. "Go to the back wall!" she called out to Melissa, as she kept her eyes on the kanima that was creeping closer to them.

Letting the tingle spread up her spine once again, Addie stepped back and felt herself magically walk through the solid bars. The kanima quickly jumped forward and tried to claw at her, but was momentarily held back by the bars. Addie breathed out a sigh of relief, before glancing over her shoulder at a gasping, terrified, and obviously confused Ms. McCall. Before she had a chance to try to explain, the kanima was ripped away from the bars and thrown across the room. Addie turned her attention back, and saw Scott crouched in the defensive position; She could tell by the hunch of his back that he was wolfed out.

The kanima hissed at Scott and was about to lunge when Derek came barreling in and knocked it to the side. Knowing it was outnumbered, it dodged Derek's second attack and ran out of the room, with Derek quickly following.

"Scott?" his mother called out as she stepped forward beside Addie by the bars. "Honey?"

Hesitantly, Scott began to turn around, and the gasp that came from Melissa nearly broke Addie's heart. She brought her hand to her mouth and began backing away to the back wall once again.

Scott was heartbroken, that much Addie could tell from his facial expression. But when he shifted his eyes to look at Addie, it slightly changed to confusion and wonderment. Letting her magic take over again, Addie walked through the bars once more and met Scott on the other side. She turned her head to look back at Melissa, "We'll be back to get you out, don't worry." she said before grabbing Scott's arm and running out of the room. When they reached the hallway, she paused and turned to him. "Who's shooting at us? And where's Stiles?"

Scott had questions of his own that he desperately wanted answered, but when he saw Gerard peek around the corner down the hall he dismissed them and tried to quickly get Addie away. "The Argent's were going after Jackson and Derek. And Stiles is in the interrogation room, you need to go to him now. I'll get my mom and his dad out of here."

Addie quickly nodded before sprinting back the way they came and turning at the adjacent hall. Reaching the last door, she shoved it open and saw Stiles weakly leaning against the desk.

Stiles turned to look at whoever was coming through the door, and nearly fell back down, which would have sucked seeing as how it took nearly all his strength to finally stand to his feet. "Addie?"

Addie smiled and walked toward him. "Can't get rid of me that easily, Stilinski." She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to hers, desperately kissing him. He stumbled into her, but kissed her back just as passionately. She pulled away and took a much-needed breath, "C'mon we gotta get out of here."

"But you were-I saw-Matt shot you!" he stammered out as Addie wrapped his arm around her shoulders and began basically dragging him out of the room.

Addie navigated their way to the back exit of the police station. "Yeah he did, but I broke his nose so I think we're even." she said as she pushed open the back door.

"Okay one, that is nowhere near being even. And two, that's not what I meant!" Stiles exclaimed as they reached the nearby dumpster and paused. "I thought you were dead." He finished weakly, as crestfallen look crept onto his face in remembrance.

Addie turned her body to face his and brought her hand up to his cheek. "I think... I was. But that doesn't matter anymore, because I'm back... And I'm not just going to be a pawn in this stupid chess game anymore... The queen's back bitches." She finished jokingly, yet with a glint of seriousness in her eyes.

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