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"So what did you talk about with Stiles?" Addie asked as she fidgeted in the uncomfortable maroon chair that faced the large desk.

"You know we can't talk about that." Ms. Morrell replied as she rested her elbows on her desk and leaned against them.

Addie began picking at the wooden arm of the chair. "Oh c'mon, I won't tell anyone." she said with a faint smile.

Ms. Morrell quirked her eyebrow. "Do you really want to be one of those prying girlfriends?"

Addie raised her eyebrows and halted her nervous movements. "Ouch." she simply said before biting her lip and crossing her arms. "I don't even need to be here. Deaton's just being a worry-wort."

"You were shot last week." Ms. Morrell rebutted. "For all intents and purposes, you were dead."

"And yet here I am, alive and well." Addie replied with a sarcastic cock of her head. "Ain't life grand?"

"You also got your magic back. Have you been using it?" The counselor persisted.

"I don't see how that's any of your business..." Addie said with a slight glare.

"It's my job to make sure that you are okay-"

"We've already established that I'm perfectly fine." Addie quickly interjected.

Ms. Morrell pushed herself off her elbows and sat up straight. "So you have no feelings whatsoever towards the death of your classmate?"

Addie rolled her eyes. "Matt was a psychopath. And a part of me hopes that his death was very painful."

"I wasn't aware that cruelty ran through your veins." Ms. Morrell said, slightly taken back by Addie's comment.

"Yeah well, I guess I'm still a little bitter that he shot me." Addie said looking out the window to her left. "If he had no regard about the pain he caused by murdering all those people, why should I care if he died peacefully?"

"You should care because that's just who you are. Or I guess, who you used to be."

Addie scoffed. "Oh so just because I don't sympathize for a murder, it means I'm a heartless monster?"

"Not a monster, just different." Ms. Morrell stated with a shrug. "Even Stiles has noticed it."

Addie shifted her eyes back toward the counselor. "I thought we weren't allowed to talk about what Stiles said."

"Yeah well we also shouldn't be talking about magic and monsters, but I guess we can break a few rules." Ms. Morrell said baiting her.

Addie looked down at her hands in her lap. "What did he say?"

"He said that you've been distant, but he also admitted to being distant himself." Ms. Morrell started. "He also said he can't sleep, and when he does he dreams about death. He thinks about the pain of drowning; the possibility of just giving into the pain and giving up. He also talked about you getting shot, and how he had flashbacks to when he was ten-"

"His mother died when he was ten." Addie interrupted quietly.

"He was scared that he lost you, just like he lost his mother." Ms. Morrell continued. "But this time you wouldn't be there to help him through it... He needs you Addie." she urged.

"I need him too..." Addie mumbled.

"Why don't you tell him that, instead of me?" Ms. Morrell suggested.

"Because then it will make everything harder." the younger girl replied.

Ms. Morrell leaned against her elbows once again. "Everything, being what?"

"The things I have to do, they aren't going to be pretty... But there is no beauty in war."

When she realized that Addie wasn't going to continue, Alicia changed the subject. "Deaton tells me that you are planning on finding your father."

Addie looked up and glared at her mocha skinned counselor. "He shouldn't have told you that. It's none of your business."

"If it involves the supernatural in Beacon Hills, then it is my business." Alicia responded.

Addie rolled her eyes and stood to her feet, grabbing her bag on her way up. "I'm sure you can handle not having a witch at your disposal for a few months while I'm gone." she said bitterly.

"That's not what we're worried about." Alicia replied. "It's a big world out there, filled with dangerous and wonderful things. Deaton's afraid that you might encounter either one of those and not come back. He has spent the last ten years of his life caring for you, and this is how you repay him? By running off, blind, into an unforgiving supernatural world? Next time you get shot, you might not live to tell about it. Do you want to die, is that it?"

"Don't reprimand me for wanting to find my dad!" Addie bit out as she slung her back over her shoulder. "You think I don't know the consequences? You think this decision is easy? I don't want to leave the people I care about, and possibly never see them again. But I need answers! I need to know why!" she bit her lip and blinked her angry tears away. "I haven't even decided if I'm leaving yet, so how about you keep your judgmental accusations to yourself."

Instead of returning to class after her session with Ms. Morrell, Addie skipped the rest of the school day by going home and finishing her 'project.' Once it was completed, and she was thoroughly proud of herself, Addie gathered the various things that she needed for tonight and set off for the hospital.

Melissa McCall wasn't that hard to find, sitting in her usual chair behind the desk looking more exhausted than ever. When she looked up and saw the young girl approaching, she froze.

"Hi Ms. McCall." Addie said gently, with a small smile.

Melissa began to quickly shuffle the pages on her desk. "Sorry Addie, but it's really busy right now. No time for talking." Standing quickly, she walked around the far end of the desk, furthest away from Addie, and began walking down the hall.

Addie hurried after her, "I know things are confusing for you," she said as she caught up with the older woman. "And I know you're upset about all the secrets that were kept from you." She reached out and grabbed Melissa's elbow, effectively halting their movements. "But if there is one thing you need to know, it's that Scott is still your son no matter what, and he still needs his mother. All these dangerous things that have happened, he has constantly put his life on the line to protect his friends and family. And even though you dislike this whole monster thing, you should be proud of him."

Melissa pursed her lips and looked down at the ground.

Addie let out a sigh and released her hold on the woman's arm. Digging into her pocket, she pulled out a neatly braided leather bracelet. "Here," she said extending the object toward Melissa, who looked up at the sudden comment. "I need you to wear this. It's not the most beautiful thing ever, but it will definitely help."

When Melissa made no move to take it, Addie rolled her eyes and grabbed her hand, tying the bracelet on herself. "You could be a little appreciative, seeing as how it took me nearly a week to make." she sarcastically said. "It was made with old magic, which is generally stronger. Basically it won't let supernatural creatures near you within a two feet radius, without your consent." Melissa shifted her eyes back and forth between the bracelet and the girl. "Me excluded obviously." Addie finished with a smile.

Melissa lifted her arm to look more closely at her new accessory. "If only I had this last night."

Addie frowned and nodded her head. "Yeah Scott told me what happened, and I'm sorry I couldn't get it to you sooner."

Melissa shrugged slightly. "It's not your fault."

"It's not Scott's either." Addie challenged, which caused Melissa to bow her head once again and look at the floor guiltily. Sensing that she crossed a line, Addie began walking away. "You should come to the game tonight. It's the championship and everything."

Addie made her last stop, before heading toward the game which she already knew she was going to be late for, and walked up the familiar rickety stairs of the Hale house. walking through the door, she was met with the anger inducing voice that she had been expecting.

" -suddenly there's lizard people, geriatric psychopaths and you're cooking up werewolves out of every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town." Peter said as he nonchalantly stood a few feet away from Derek, he shifted his eyes to the doorway and a smile formed on his face. "Well hello there Addie." He greeted as she approached with an angry expression. "You don't look too surprised to see me." he taunted, which caused Derek to cautiously throw a glance at his small female friend.

Addie halted her steps an equal distance from both of the Hale men. "Well when Lydia became the normal one in our group again, I assumed you came back and stopped haunting her."

Peter nodded his head mockingly, "Yes, and I have you to thank for that."

"I did it to save her, not you! For all I care you could still be rotting underneath these floorboards." she bit out, and with a sudden twitch of her hand, Peter was sent crashing across the room.

Derek followed Addie's example and charged after his uncle, fist first.

Stiles scanned the crowd from his seat on the bench, and turned back to face the field with a dejected look.

"Your dad's here." Scott offered approaching his friend, trying to lighten the mood. When he saw that it had no effect, he frowned and asked about the real person that Stiles had obviously been looking for. "She still not here?" he asked gently as he took a seat next to Stiles.

Stiles tried to give a casual shrug, but Scott saw right through it. "She texted me and said she was coming." he looked down and began nervously patting his gloved hands on his knees. "It was the first conversation we've had in about a week. And it wasn't even a real conversation." he finished with a laugh, which he hoped didn't sound as sad as when he actually heard it himself.

"Were you avoiding her, or was she avoiding you?" Scott asked with his eyebrows raised, surprised at this new piece of information about his friends. Scott knew things were tense after the situation at the police station, but if those two weren't talking then it was a serious issue. Scott thought back to the last time they had a spat and didn't speak, besides the recent times when the supernatural issues were introduced. It had been when they were twelve, Stiles made a joke about Addie's newly cut short hair, saying she looked like a boy. She had been angry, and Stiles got irritated that she had taken it 'too seriously', and they didn't speak for about a week and a half.

"A little bit of both." Stiles answered. "She's been holed up in her room doing witchy things, and I've just been dealing with my dad and everything." he looked down and resisted to urge to once again nervously play with his hands. "Do you know what's going on?" he finally asked, not caring about the fear that crept into his voice.

Scott shook his head, "Not yet."

"It's gonna be bad, isn't it?" Stiles glanced at Scott. "I mean people screaming, running for their lives, the blood, killing, maiming kind of bad."

Scott furrowed his brow, but couldn't disagree with Stiles' statement. "Looks like it."

"Scott, the other night... Seeing my dad handcuffed like that... And Addie getting shot and then basically just watching her die on the ground... And I was useless, paralyzed on the ground. It's just that-" he paused and bit the insides of his cheeks, trying to fight off the nightmares of the situations he was remembering. "I wanna help you know? But I can't do the things you can do." he paused once again before looking down at the ground. "I can't."

Scott looked over and patted his friend on the shoulder. "It's okay."

"We're losing, dude." Stiles confessed looking out onto the field.

"Losing?" Coach Finstock questioned as he stomped up to the pair. "The game hasn't even started yet!" He then smacked Stiles gently on the back. "Now put on your helmet and get out there. You're in for Greenberg."

"What? What happened to Greenberg?" Stiles asked, looking around the bench for his other teammate.

"Nothing!" The Coach answered. "Greenberg sucks, but you suck slightly less."

"I'm playing? On the field? With the team?" Stiles asked, all expression left his face, and he let his excitement sink in.

"Yes. Unless you'd rather play with yourself." Finstock countered sarcastically.

"I already did that today…twice." Stiles said, the double meaning of his statement settled in with Scott as he held back a laugh.

"Get the hell out there!" Coach exclaimed which caused Stiles to jump to his feet and jog out to the field.

Sheriff Stilinski, rightly reinstated, turned away from his light chit-chat with Melissa McCall and looked out at the field. When he saw his own surname printed on a jersey that was running out onto the field he jumped to his feet. "My son is on the field! My son is playing!" he cried out excitedly, as the others on the bleachers looked at him oddly.

After the fight with Derek and Peter subdued, Peter revealed that he knew of a way to save Jackson, not kill, but save. And unfortunately, even though Addie didn't want to trust him, she knew that this wasn't an issue they could take a chance on. She left the duo to deal with all the dirty details, and made her way to the school. Looking at the clock on her cell phone, she guessed that she would make it about a fourth of the way through the game, which means she would be there for more than she missed. She hoped this reasoning would soothe Stiles' mind, because she had a feeling he was anxiously waiting for her.

Pulling into the parking lot, she hurried the long way around to the bleachers, as to not disturb the game. When she reached the front of the bleachers and looked out onto the field, the familiar number of 24 caught her eye. 'He's playing!' She thought excitedly. 'Well...' looking around she saw the rest of the players were on the other side of the field with the ball, 'Well he's on the field.'

The ball suddenly rolled across the field and stopped right in front of Stiles, who cautiously scoped it up and ran to the goal. He stopped short and peaked over his shoulder to see the other team barreling towards him. The crowd was on their feet, yelling and screaming but it had no effect on his fear of being pummeled.

"Stiles shoot!" Addie exclaimed from her spot between the field and the rest of the crowd.

Stiles looked up at her surprised, but then quickly followed her instructions and threw the ball into the goal. He had just scored a point, and the crowd was going wild.

Addie screamed excitedly and clapped her hands together. Through his helmet, Addie could see a smile plastered on Stiles' face as he looked at her, before running back to focus on the game once again. Turning away, Addie rushed up to the bleachers and took a seat next to Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall and surprisingly Lydia.

"It's about time you got here!" Sheriff Stilinski called out over the roar of the crowd.

Addie smiled in return and caught the eye of Melissa, who gave her a small smile, before reaching over Lydia and grabbing her hand affectionately. A silent thank you.

Stiles began scoring more points, and Addie scanned the field for Scott and possibly Isaac, who she had learned from Derek was the only one who didn't come out and say that he was running away.

The clock began to tick off it's final 30 seconds, and Addie finally saw Scott run onto the field.

The team began cheering at their obvious victory, and the fear set in for Addie. Something was definitely wrong. She along with the rest of the crowd were already on their feet, and she could barely see over the people in front of her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jackson standing away from the crowd, his claws fully extended.

A horrified look spread across her face, and Melissa tugged on her arm to question what was wrong. Addie ignored her and turned to the bleachers aisle and raced down them, with Melissa on her tail. Right as her feet were planted on the soft grass, the lights in the stadium went out. The darkness did not stop Addie as she hurried over to Jackson, but she did vaguely notice that Melissa was no longer behind her.

She squinted as the approached the place that she had last seen Jackson, but terror ignited through her veins as she saw a figure now laying on the ground. She bounded up to the person, that no one else seemed to notice and tugged the person over to lay on their back.

The person was Jackson, and the grotesque puncture wounds spewing with blood caused Addie to release a scream.

The lights suddenly flicked back on and more cries filled the air. Two people appeared on either side of Addie and she knew them to be Lydia and Melissa. Lydia was frantically crying, while Melissa was checking for a heartbeat.

"I need you to help me with CPR!" Melissa called out to Lydia, when she noticed that Addie abruptly stood to her feet and began backing away.

Her back hit a solid figure causing her to stumble, and she turned her head to see Isaac holding her upright, with Scott to his left.

"Stiles?!" Addie heard the familiar deep voice of Sheriff Stilinski call out. "Where is Stiles?"

Addie turned her head frantically and looked for her shaved headed, spazzy hyperactive boyfriend. Tears began to fill her eyes as she too couldn't spot him.

"Where's my son?!" Sheriff Stilinski shouted once again into a confused and unknowing crowd.