TITLE: Should've Been Easier By Three

AUTHOR: Faith Alana Alastair

DISCLAIMER: : I'm not Mike Judge, who had the original idea, or Glenn Eichler, or Susie Lewis Lynn either. I don't own any of these characters, (except Scott, Natasha, Caine, Jason, Dayton and Maggie.)


PAIRING: Daria/Jane, Daria/Lindy, Jane/Lindy, Daria/Jane/Lindy. Also Natasha/Jason(oc's) and Andrea/Scott


SUMMARY/PROMPT: It's College, Now. Daria decides it's time to live a little, now that she's in college.

SPOILERS: Everything through "Is It College, Yet?"

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm not sure where this came from, but after a Daria marathon, I decided to challenge myself a la NaNoWriMo, and managed it. I actually wrote the 50k+ words in this in 12 days.

FEEDBACK: God, please. I love this fic so much, tell me what you think.

DISTRIBUTION: Want...Ask...Have

WORD COUNT: 51,158


Daria smiled and accepted the phony diploma from the dean of students, shaking her hand and crossing the stage. She looked out at the audience, her parents, sister and Jane cheering. She also saw Trent, Vincent and Amanda Lane, and Caine Logan. As she took her seat, Lindy blew her a kiss from two rows in front.

Andrea sat next to her, cradling her own rolled blank paper. "Wow. The end of college."

Daria looked over at her and smiled. "You guys will visit, right?"

Andrea nodded, gazing at Scott walking across the stage. "Of course. I hope I'll like California."

"I'm sure you will." Daria said patiently through the end of the ceremony, then met Lindy and her family once the crush parted. "Hey, Kiddo!" Jake grinned, holding his arms open. "I'm proud of you." He turned to Lindy and opened an arm. "And you too, Lindy."

Daria hugged him and stepped back, watching Lindy hug her father, then Jake. Trent stepped up and held out a small box to each of them. "Happy Graduation," he said quietly.

Daria opened hers, revealing a silver guitar pick, Mystic Spiral's logo and name inscribed on it. "Thanks, Trent."

"It's for the three original Spiral groupies," he explained. "Janey's got one too. The assistant manager at The Ground helped us score a contract."

Lindy grinned. "Trent, that's great!" She hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. "I knew you guys would make it."

Quinn walked over, hugging Daria, then Lindy. "I'm so proud of you guys," Quinn said. "It won't be the same up here without you guys."

"I'm proud of you, Quinn." Daria smiled, hugging her again. "Getting into Raft after everything was impressive, and you've done really well here."

Lindy nodded. "You're really going to become a doctor."

Quinn blushed and smiled. "I wouldn't have done it without you guys," she said, turning to include Jane. "All of you guys."

"Well, you've turned into a pretty cool chick," Jane said, grinning.

Caine walked over and hugged the girls, giving one to Jane, too. "That's for your graduation tomorrow," he said with a wink. "C'mon, Jake and Helen want us all to go out and celebrate."

Daria smiled. "That sounds great, Mick. I really need to get out of these clothes, first. We'll meet you at the restaurant?"

Caine nodded. "Sounds fine." He hugged Lindy once more, and made his way back to the parents.

Daria looked at her girlfriends and chewed her lip, smiling. "So I have kind of a question for you both."

Lindy and Jane looked at each other as they got into the car. "Sure, Babe. Anything."

"Will you both marry me?"