This is a very short chapter, but if you've read the rest of my stories, a few familiar names do appear. I'm working on getting the ideas for the next story together, so I can't promise when it will come. Still, enjoy this last chapter of Shadow Hunter:Traitor.

For a long moment, Leo just stood there staring vacantly where Bishop had disappeared. He might have continued to do so if the soft whisper of cloth on stone hadn't caught his attention.

"We grieve with thee," one of the Shadow Lords said softly. "The death of such a warrior as he is to be regretted by all."

As the robed figure spoke, a thought came to Leo. Turning to the Shadow Lords he asked, "Did he have a shadow-name as well? I've only known him as Bishop or 'the Traitor,' but if he was trained here he must have had a shadow-name given to him at some point."

"You would be correct," a second Shadow Lord confirmed. "All trainees are brought before us, and a drop of blood is placed upon a special page of the Book of Shadows, at which point their warrior name is presented. Your companion was something of a novelty, for the Book of Shadows offered not one, but two names upon his presentation. He was both Blade's Herald and Shadow-Guide. Which, if either, his mistress used was known only between the two of them."

"At the time, we were all puzzled by the unusual occurrence," yet another Shadow Lord said. "Looking back, we now know he was the forerunner for our downfall; the harbinger of our destruction. It wasn't until after his departure that the prophecy of the Shadow's Blade was remembered, and by then it was too late to recall any actions that might have set that destiny in motion."

Before Leo could respond, a sharp pain tore through his mind, almost sending him to his knees. It was the unexpected assistance of the Shadow Lords alone that kept him on his feet. "And that, young one, tells us it is time for you to go," one of them said. "Our world has shifted out of phase with the rest of the universe, and I fear your bond with your brothers has been sundered. You must return to them before any damage can occur."

Forcing himself to push through the pain, Leo pulled the dimension-jump devices from the bag. One of completely smashed; there would be no using it. The other was obviously dented, and Leo could only hope that it would do the job.

"I can't say thank you, because the only thing you did for me was create some of my worst nightmares," he told the Shadow Lords. "However, at this point, I will say good luck. Maybe, now that the Chi'Tarri are cut off from any new victims, you can lead them in a better direction."

As one, all seven Shadow Lords bowed to the young warrior. Turning away from them, Leo began the initialization sequence on the jumping device. It sputtered a bit, but finally came on. It was almost at full power and ready for the jump, when a hiss caught Leo's attention.

"No," the dying Chi'Tarri Leo had stabbed hissed as he somehow leaped at the unsuspecting turtle. "You cannot win. I won't let you win!" And with that, he stabbed a blade Leo hadn't seen coming deep into the turtle's leg. At the same time as the blade penetrated his flesh, the Chi'Tarri set off what felt like a psychic bomb inside Leo's head, setting his recently broken bond afire. As the world around him shifted and faded, all the turtle could do was scream.


Back on Earth, all the rest of the turtles could do was wait. The Chi'Tarri planet had shifted out of phase, locking away the monstrous creatures away (hopefully) forever, but there was still no sign of Shadowblade or Bishop. And so, four turtles and two humans waited, and watched, and prayed to whatever deities might be listening that their loved ones would come home soon.

When Shadow returned to consciousness, he wasn't entirely certain where he was. He could hear soft voices nearby, but his mind refused to process them at first. When he finally came awake enough to take full stock of his surroundings, he realized the voices sounded very young, and at least one of them was female.

Very carefully, he opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize he was back at the Lair; except, this wasn't the Lair he was familiar with. He couldn't say why, but he knew this wasn't home. Moving his pounding head cautiously, he turned to look at the owners of the two voices he'd heard. He was beyond shocked to see two young turtles standing quietly by his bed. The one wearing a dark mask said to the other one, who was wearing a white mask, "Better go get Uncle Donatello. He'll want to know he's awake."

"On it, Remy," the white-masked turtle said, revealing the owner of the female voice he'd heard.

The dark-masked turtle turned back to Shadow and smiled. "Hi," he said softly. "I'm Remy; that was my sister Gabby."

"Remy, you rascal, you're not supposed to be in here," a very familiar voice said from the doorway. The figure stepped into the room, and Shadow, unnoticed by either figure quietly began to panic. Because that figure was very obviously Raphael, but he wasn't Shadow's Raphael. Which meant that Shadow was a long way from home, with a shattered bond, and no way of getting home. With a wordless whimper, Shadow let darkness take him again.

So, kudos to anyone who caught the Stark Trek reference. And is anyone as excited as I am to get back to my BF verse? I didn't realize how much I missed writing that group of misfits until I started working on this story. Anyway, thanks for all the support, and I can't wait to see you all next time!