Ok, right now its 2:00am and im gonna write a quick chapter right now and im probably gonna write some more on the road. I know you probably don't care though. Here's the 4th Chapter.


Tonight me and Jerome are going to see that movie Pitch Perfect. I heard that it's a pretty funny movie. I don't want to get too attached to Jerome cause you know, I have to… ya know.

I wore comfy clothes. I mean, I have to sit there for 2 hours.

(Outfit on my profile)

At the movies

The movie started and we were laughing so hard. I don't know when but Jerome put his arm around me and I didn't really mind.

We left and since the movies weren't far away, we walked home.

When we were walking, we started to make conversation.

"So, Rachel, Did you like the movie?"

"Yeah, it was so funny"

"Yeah, so were almost home"
"How do you put up with them all the time"

"There not so bad once you get to know them"

"I guess but Amber is always squealing"

"Yeah, im not even use to that"

"Well that's great news" I said sarcastically

"Yeah, so were here"


All of a sudden, Jerome started leaning in. Oh god, he was going to kiss me.

Ok, now we are kissing. This is not my first kiss, but it was my best. Alfie opened the door screaming, "Ohhhhhhhh"

We broke the kiss and Jerome gave Alfie a death glare.