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A.N. Ryou Bakura - Ryou Hunter, Yami Bakura - Bakura Kageshi, Yami Yugi - Yami Taiyou, Seto Kaiba - will be referred to as Kai, which is short for Kaiba, at some points. Yugi and Seto are also adoptive brothers so they will call each other brother. *"words"* - spoken telepathically, 'words' - thoughts, "words" - spoken out loud.

One week later: Saturday, early morning

Chapter Twelve: Golden Hunter

Long before the sun peaked over the horizon were the three figures awake, in truth they had not slept at all. The night was spent walking through the shadowed streets, moving silently as if shadows themselves. Unlike most people they were not asleep in bed dreaming contently of happy times, no, for the three, happiness was not something so easily attained, it was something as foreign to them as a normal life.

"We should get back, I doubt we'll run into anymore of them," said Yugi, even as his eyes scanned their surroundings for the slightest sign of movement in the darkness.

"Yeah, I think we did pretty well tonight. We should get some rest, it's been a hell of a night," Ryou said, looking at Seto and Yugi, who both looked as they always did when on a hunt, grim and dispassionate.

"All right, let's get back. We can sleep in late since we don't have school today, and I don't think we have to hunt tonight," said Seto, looking at the watch that encircled his slim wrist. 'Hmmm 3 a.m. still early,' he thought.

The three headed home weary yet alert, walking as a unit. Undetected to the Lights, two pairs of eyes watched their movements carefully, hidden by the enshrouding darkness. One set glinted slightly with an unnatural light, while the other gleamed with mirth while watching the three walk away.

*"It's amazing how the small one and the Hunter looks so much like the Shadows. Heh, the tall one looks familiar too, does he not?"* inquired the taller figure, using the familiar telepathic path.

*"They do, do you think they've figured out about their past yet?"* the smaller wondered, a small smile playing about his lips.

*"I doubt it, if they did they're hiding it well...I just hope they remember when the Shadows are around. The telepathic power they release will be one hell of a blast for the Shadows, and the expressions on their faces will be absolutely priceless when they recognize one another,"* the figure gave a cackle of laughter his eyes glowing.

*"You're sadistic, you know that, right?"* The message was sent dripping with amusement, causing a smirk to bloom on the recipients face, fangs glinting maliciously in the darkness.

"And I'm damn proud of it too," replied the taller figure. The two stayed among the darkness as the three hunters disappeared from sight.

"Ryou's changed a lot from the last time I saw him," the smaller one commented thoughtfully, moving out of the shadows, followed by the taller figure. "He's gotten better, I think working with those two have been good for him." The vampire looked at his companion, noting the wistful look in the human's eyes as he made the comment. Stopping just shy of the light he looked up at the moon, eyes reflecting the nocturnal light with an eerie gleam.

"Do you regret it?" he inquired, his tone distant, bellying none of his emotions.

"Regret what? Agreeing to do this?" he looked back at the vampire, a slim brow raised in question.

"No, I meant coming with me all those years ago, leaving you life behind...everything." Although his voice was nonchalant, seemingly uncaring, his breath was bated, waiting for his companion's reply.

"I don't know, sometimes...sometimes I miss living a normal life, being able to live like a normal teenager, things like that. I mean, I know my life wasn't exactly normal to begin with but I still had a normal day life, now...well now I don't." At the comment regret washed over the Ancient, causing unfamiliar pain to lance through him.

"I'm sorry then...I should not have done what I did. Taking you from all you held dear was like killing you. I hadn't realized what I was doing...I cared more for my own happiness, and due to my selfish actions you had to pay the price while I had all the gains." He turned away from the slightly smaller man, unwilling to allow his weakness to be seen, unwilling to allow anyone to see his pain. The hunter looked at his Ancient companion, although the vampire's face was devoid of any emotion he sensed the underlying torment in his companion, torment his words had inadvertently caused. He moved closer to the vampire and laid his head on the tense shoulder, bespeaking of trust and deep affection.

"I don't regret anything I've done, I did what I did of my own free will. You shouldn't blame yourself for my choices. Besides, do you think I would have preferred to stay in my old life where I was completely alone, or here...with you, the one who holds my heart?" The Ancient looked down at the face of the human who gave his heart and life for him, willingly and without regret and felt the warmth that had been absent for centuries before he met the human surround him chasing away the cold brought by the darkness.

"I've lived for so many lifetimes and I've never met anyone who would so willingly give me what you've given me without thought," he said his gaze softened, eyes glowing with something other than the constant need for blood and carnage that had been such an integral part of his existence until he met a small child, and vowed to watch over him.

"Well you did tell me you loved me," the hunter replied with a smile. "It's not everyday The Golden Death says that to anyone...hell I doubt it's even said in a hundred year interval."

"You'd be right, I never said that to anyone, ever," replied the vampire called by many as The Golden Death, his reputation the closest ever to rival that of any of the feared Shadows. "Then again, it isn't everyday that the Golden Light says that to anyone either." The vampire smiled down at the human his eyes catching and reflecting the light from a nearby street lamp.

"Don't forget I'm not just the Golden Light, my Golden Demon, I'm also the Golden Hunter, and I'm damn good at hunting," said the human with complete confidence, before walking out into the night, walking the direction taken by the three they had watched.

The darkness was broken by a sudden flash of light, not pure white, but rather light tinted by gold, like light emitted by the desert sun. Suddenly two figures appeared in front of the watcher, one was a stranger, the other a familiar figure, wide brown eyes blurred with barely held tears and white hair glowing like a halo.

"I'm sorry, Ryou, we could not find him," said the stranger gravely.

"No! You mustn't have looked hard enough," cried the younger version of Ryou, his accent more pronounced. "H-he couldn't have been beaten. He can't be...he can't!" With that the youth turned and ran, and once again the darkness was encompassing, like a shroud of pain, sadness, mourning and death making the appearance of even barest hint of light to impossible. In the darkness the heartbreaking cries of a boy echoed, mourning the loss of another bearing the Hunter name.

Seto sat up abruptly, eyes wide; heart beating a wild tattoo in his chest; sweat plastering his hair against his nape. Wearily he raised a hand a wiped at his face, surprised to find trails of moisture running from his eyes.

"Another one," sighed Seto, "Ryou what's wrong? Why are you letting these memories pass through your barriers? What do you sense?" His questions were answered with nothing but the silence of the night, lately all his questions were going unanswered, something that often caused him to lose what little sleep he got. Aware he would get no more rest Seto moved to the edge of his bed and stood, not at all bothered by the darkness nor by the cool air in his room that touched the bare skin of his torso. Moving confidently in the darkness he picked up his laptop from his desk and walked to his door heading down the stairs for the library. He did not bothering to turn on any lights as he went, comfortable in the darkness that was often both his ally and enemy, able to his him from those he hunted and hide those who hunted him.

Seto entered the library and moved to the desk at the side of the large room, turning on the lamp he blinked at the sudden light, he set down the laptop and sat down turning on the machine, the electrical hum comforting in its familiarity. Soon the sound of tapping keys replaced the silence of the room. Opening the familiar file containing all the information they had gathered on the Shadows, Seto studied the collected data, attempting to put faces to the descriptions and failing. The information seemed to mock him, giving him cryptic answers at a time of urgency.

"Who the hell can they be?" he asked the silence. "How do you fight an enemy you don't even know? Faceless enemies who has killed anyone to have ever seen their faces." Seto sighed and tilted his head back looking up at the ceiling and closing his eyes racking his brain for an answer. Suddenly sightless blue eyes snapped open, glazed and unseeing.

Three figures stood in the shadows, he couldn't see any of them, not even their silhouettes yet he knew they were there. Watching with predatory eyes, glowing crimson with centuries old power, canines elongating to deadly points, an insatiable thirst burning, wanting, needing that which is the life of all things. Blood.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice cracking in barely held desperation.

*"You know who we are, just as we know who you are,"* replied a mental voice, a familiar tone that begged to be recognized.

*"We're watching you, you and the other Lights. We're watching and waiting."* the message was both a warning and a threat.

Just as suddenly as the vision came it disappeared leaving Seto to stare at the glowing screen before him, his heart beating a fierce rhythm in his chest.

"I know them," he said into the quiet room.

*"That you do Seto Kaiba, that you do."* The reply was unexpected and Seto shot up from his seat in a ready fighting stance, his eyes sweeping the room, finding nothing but the shadows of the night.

"Who's there?" he demanded, his eyes searching sharply for any movements. "Show yourself," the command held a firm mental compulsion, silently demanding obedience to his order. "Come to me." Seto's voice softened, deepened into a deadly tone that had called more than one vampire to their demise, the hypnotic rhythm of his voice was something that he had learned to use to its fullest advantage through the years.

*"You are powerful, I've yet to meet a human who is able to use a more powerful compulsion than you,"* the veiled compliment was both surprised and amused. *"However, I have lived countless lifetimes and your attempt if for nothing."* Seto growled at the self-assured comment, baring his teeth in anger, his fire blue eyes narrowing.

"If you wont show yourself and fight, then leave, we'll all meet soon enough, leave now." Suddenly Seto froze, his eyes widening.

"As you wish," said the unseen vampire, warm breath whispering over his ear and nape. "Until we meet again, my Blue Eyes," the promise was filled with a possessive note that further unnerved the brunet, and just as suddenly as the vampire got close it was gone the only sign of the loss if its presence was the disappearance of the warmth behind the teen. As soon as it left Seto shook off his surprise and turned seeing nothing behind him but the laptop that glowed blue humming contentedly. With a sigh he sat back down and looked at the screen, again his eyes widened as his gaze fell upon the open file, a message blinking up at him.

We're already here and we have our eyes on you and the others.

"Dammit," Seto muttered slamming a fist onto the hard wood of the table, again no answers were given to his questions, but danger was still lurking in the darkness waiting to devour him and those he held dear.

Bakura sat silently a book on his lap, the lamplight casting shadows on the walls in a soothing manner, the loud music blaring from hidden speakers boldly opposing the quiet serenity. However, the Ancient's attention was not directed at the book in front of him, but rather at a distant memory.

"Are you going to visit me again soon 'Kura?" asked the child, older now than when they had first met but still possessing the same blinding innocence.

"Of course I will, little Light, don't I always?" The smile bestowed onto the child was a rare sight, one that the young human was accustomed to seeing whenever he was visited by his dark angel. Short arms quickly encircled the Ancient's neck and a child's happy laughter rang though him, spreading warmth through his cold soul.

The memory faded back in time leaving a smile on Bakura's lips, a smile that quickly slipped away as Yami entered the room. Yami, as always, looked serious, but the colour on his usually pale cheeks and the unquenchable light in his eyes spoke of a recent meal the temporarily sated the spreading darkness that was present within both of them.

"You're back early," commented Bakura, a contemplative look in his eyes as he gazed at the slightly older vampire. Yami flashed a smile, fangs still extended, gleaming at the white haired demon. Bakura rolled his eyes and looked back down at the book on his lap. "You got a call, said they'll be here in a few weeks. I have no idea why you even bothered to call them, we don't need help with this, and as much as I like the squirt he wont be of any use to us in any way. You're only putting him in danger." The comment showed no real concern, only a veiled warning of the dangers in the future, something that Yami was well aware of.

"The kid can take care of himself, he's a survivor, just like his brothers," Yami said taking a seat across from Bakura and closing his eyes, a smile playing about his lips and the blood coursing through him providing colour to his cheeks. Bakura's eyes were trained unwaveringly at the Pharaoh, narrowed and glowing a slight crimson.

"Brothers? How, pray tell, do you even know he has brothers? Let alone that they are even alive." The air was suddenly cold; a silent threat hanging overhead as their powers slowly rose and clashed.

"The kid told me he had brothers, and you know as well as I do that he's a survivor. He was able to live through vampires like Mason and Creed at a young age, I have no doubt his brothers can live through worse." Yami's tone was confident, showing nothing of what he knew, and his crimson eyes mirrored the glow flickering in Bakura's amber ones.

"Is there something you're not telling us Yami?" Bakura questioned, closing the book with an abrupt snap and leaning forward, his fangs extending in his mouth.

"No more than what you are keeping to yourself, Bakura," replied Yami, eyes hardening a deadly glitter shimmering in their ancient depths.

"I have many secret Pharaoh," said Bakura quietly, standing and moving towards the door, his steps gliding and inaudible. "Secrets that move me to act on my own, and I regret nothing of what I do, and what I have done, I never will." Bakura paused at the door, unmoving, his pale hand resting on the doorknob. "Things from my past still haunt me, you and Joey are aware of this, but my past wont turn me into a monster. I will not become a heartless killer...I wont be like him." With that Bakura stepped out of the room leaving Yami alone with his thoughts.

'I know my friend,' Yami thought to himself, his eyes still at the door. 'The monster from your past still haunts you and the thoughts of what will become of you in the future brings fear to you.' Yami closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the cushion the effect of the recent feeding already dissipating at a rapid rate.

"You wont become a monster 'Kura, you wont turn out like him. The risk you've taken willingly and your determination to protect the Hunter - that is what keeps you from his power."

Ryou paced the living room his hands fisting at his sides, eyes hard, Yugi sat on a chair a frown on his brow and Seto sat in front of the coffee table, the computer in front of him, his hands steepled in concentration.

"So they already know who we are," Yugi said in the silence. He looked at his brother, who kept his gaze trained in front of him, his shoulders rigid with tension. The small empath felt no emotion from his brother and that truly worried him; never had Seto ever been so...cold, empty of any kind of feeling, completely cut off from any type of warmth.

"Yes, they know everything." Seto's voice was monotonous void of any emotion. "I should have done something, if I did maybe we'd have less to worry about or al least we might have gotten a clue of who the fuck they are." Suddenly the brunet lashed out and the laptop sailed across the room slamming against the wall with enough force to shatter the screen and crack the plastic, the sound like a gunshot in the silence. "I should have done something, anything!!" Seto raged, the anger he felt becoming uncontrollable. "Dammit! Now I've put you all in more danger." Seto stood and paced his eyes flickering blue flames narrowed in frustrated anger.

"Kai, we were already in danger, you haven't done anything to put us in any more. And be reasonable, if you had taken that vampire on and he was one of the Shadows you might have been seriously hurt, you know that. I know we're good, but the Shadows are Ancients possibly the most dangerous Ancients, at that," said Ryou, trying to reason with the pacing teen.

"It doesn't matter, I might've been able to hurt him enough...I didn't even try." Seto stopped in front of what was left of his laptop and stared at the broken equipment, his eyes unseeing. "I just froze."

"What's really bothering you Kai?" Ryou asked placing a hand on his friend's arm. "Usually you don't get shaken up like this easily, and you haven't been getting much sleep lately. What's wrong?" Seto turned slightly and looked down at the smaller teen.

"It's you," he whispered. Shock made it's way into Ryou's eyes and was clearly evident on his face. "I don't know why, but lately I've been having dreams - visions. They're memories Ryou, yours." Seto gazed solemnly at his friend, eyes unblinking.

"M-my memories," Ryou said tremulously, his eyes darkening. "What did you see?"

"Shadows in the darkness, the pain of loss, and last night I saw a death," Seto replied, watching his friend's reaction. "There are things in your past that you want to forget, yet you know you must remember." Wordlessly Ryou nodded and walked to the couch, taking a seat, his dark brown eyes staring off into space, seeing not the present but the past.

"Ryou, what is it?" Yugi asked directing his gaze at his pale friend. Ryou took a deep breath and closed his eyes, which stung with unwanted tears from past pains. Memories of faces seemed to pass through his mind, and with each face came a memory that fought to be remembered.

"I hunt for more than revenge for my parents, more than my name. To me vampires not only took away my family, those monsters have taken everything, everyone, I have ever grown to care for." Seto and Yugi said nothing allowing the teen to speak. "I don't know how I survived the massacre, no one else did, and all I recall is waking up at my Aunt's house and being told that my mother and father were dead. Two things are clear in my mind though, the blood splattered on the walls of my home as I heard screams, and roan red eyes and a warm voice comforting me. The eyes and voice are a constant in my childhood memories, wherever I was so was my companion. He was my family, after the deaths I had seen...he was everything to me." As he spoke Ryou's eyes overflowed with silent tears and his shoulders shook, but his voice remained steady and strong. "He was taken too, he disappeared, I haven't heard or seen him since then."

"Could he have been the one in my vision then?" Seto asked.

"I don't know, no one knew of him, just me. Sometimes I think I just made him up, a figment of a lonely child's desperate imaginings." Ryou looked down at his hands fighting against the painful memories of the loss of his companion. "I don't think I ever really saw him, I remember mostly his voice and eyes, nothing more."

"Maybe it was him," Seto insisted. "You were talking to a man, telling him he didn't try hard enough. You mentioned someone not being beaten." Ryou looked up at Seto his eyes still moist.

"How old did I look to you?" Ryou asked.

"I don't know, not that young, I think maybe a year or two before we met. Ten maybe eleven?"

"It might have been him...but probably not, he disappeared when I was around eight and no one knew about him. I only told one other person about him, other than you two," Ryou said pain flashing through his eyes.

"What happened to that person? The one who knew about your friend," Seto murmured.

"He was a Hunter, and followed the Hunter history - he was a hunter. I learned a lot from him before he disappeared. He was only a few years older than me; he went on a hunt and never came back. His body was never found."

"He might still be alive," said Yugi. "If his body was never found, there's still a chance." Neither Seto nor Ryou replied for fear of the possibility best left forgotten.

"If he was he would have contacted me, I know he would have," murmured Ryou, more to himself than the others.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked the figure looking down at his companion.

"Yes, it's been years, hopefully he'll still remember me." The slightly smaller figure smiled in remembrance of the days when he was still alive, those long forgotten memories that had almost been lost.

"Who could forget you?" The taller figure pulled the other close and breathed in their scent, smell that was uniquely their own. "I'll be watching, ok? He's your cousin, I understand that, but to him you're dead. Be careful." With that the vampire left, leaving the figure in his own looking at the Victorian house.

"Okay, here we go," the figure breathed and walked towards the door, pressing the doorbell. He shifted nervously as he waited for the answer feeling both apprehension and excitement.

The three turned towards the door leading to the hall at the sound of the chimes rang through the room.

"Who can that be?" murmured Yugi looking quizzically at Ryou and Seto. "I'm sure we didn't invite Yami and the others today, did we?"

"No, we didn't and no one usually comes here to begin with," Seto said his eyes narrowing in suspicion. "I'll answer it, be ready." His tone held both a warning and reassurance s he walked out of the room. Seto opened the door and instantly his eyes widened and glazed over, the effects of another vision setting in.

"You're getting better, all you need is a little more practice," commented the blond looking at a younger Ryou with smiling eyes.

"Yeah," replied Ryou, his tone dejected a look of loss still present in his eyes.

"Hey, come on now, you'll find your friend Ryou. I'm sure he's find and he'll visit you soon." A comforting hand was placed on the pale boy's shoulder in an attempt of reassurance at a time of insecurity.

"But what if he doesn't? It's been so long, 'Kura's never been gone this long...what if..." Panic bloomed in the chocolate brown depths and tears slowly made their way down Ryou's pale cheeks.

"Ryou from what you've told me this 'Kura is...not someone who is easily hurt. I don't know how to tell you this, but he may very well be a vampire," the boy said thoughtfully. "Strange though...most vampires aren't exactly caring, not to say that they're all bloodthirsty monsters. No....not all of them are killers," a wistful look passed through the slightly taller boy's face before he looked young Ryou straight in the eyes with a serious expression. "Ryou, I know you're new to this but I'm sure you'll do fine; you're a Hunter, it's in our blood, it's our mark in this world - our legacy. However, you must never forget this: No race is without a trace of goodness. I know we hunt vampires because they kill but not all vampires are evil. Don't become like other hunters Ryou, don't become blinded with hatred that you begin killing without thought, to do so is to become the monster," the youth looked away, eyes dark in thought.

"How can you say that there are good vampires? If there are then how come my parents are dead? And your sister? She's dead too, if there's such a thing as good vampires how come our families are dead?" An angry light entered the brown eyes, tears of sorrow changing to those of rage.

"Ryou I never said that all vampires are good, I said there are those who are, I should know - I've met one." The taller youth smiled at the young Ryou whose wide eyes grew more.

"Y-you have?"

"Yes, I've met one Ryou, and so have you." The smile remained intact as the boy turned and begin to walk away. "Come on cousin, we'll be late for lunch if we don't hurry."

Slowly everything became engulfed by darkness leaving the unfamiliar youth standing surrounded by inky darkness. Without turning his voice was carried to Seto's ears, who watched as the scene shifted from past to present.

"My cousin and I are not the only ones to have met powerful vampires who hide their kindness." The figure, now a man slightly older than Seto, stood in place of the boy and turned and looking towards the silent watcher. "You know this, you just need to believe it." Darkness fully engulfed the scene taking away what little light there was, leaving Seto alone in complete shadows.

Cerulean blue eyes snapped open the glazed look slowly fading, the darkness receding leaving him staring at a pair of the most unusual eyes he'd ever seen.

"Hey you okay there? You just...passed out," said the man, looking at Seto with worried eyes and a hesitant smile.

"I'm fine, just tired...who are you?" Seto sat up reluctantly accepting the offered assistance of the stranger, feeling more drained than usual.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I'm looking for someone, my cousin, Ryou Hunter," said the stranger pulling the brunet up.

"Ryou, he's inside," Seto mumbled bracing a hand against the wall. "Come in." Unsteadily he removed his hand from the wall and made his way towards the living room followed by the other.

"Thanks, what happened back there? You just collapsed," commented the stranger watching the brunet's back intently for any reaction.

"I'm a bit sick, it's nothing to worry about," Seto said pushing the door open and entering, the new comer following cautiously. At Seto's return Yugi and Ryou turned and looked towards the tall teen, seeing the slight signs of another vision Yugi immediately walked over to help but was waved back by his brother.

"I'm fine Yugi," said Seto softly. "Ryou, someone here for you." Ryou raised a fine brow as Seto shifted allowing him a look at the stranger. Seeing the face of the figure Ryou gasped and stumbled back as if seeing a ghost, his face paling, his eyes widening and his heart beating fiercely in his chest.

"No - no," he whispered raggedly, moving further away as the figure hesitantly moved past Seto nearing the white haired teen. "You're can't be. How? Who are you?"

"Ryou it's me, don't you remember me?" the new comer asked holding a slim hand out, one corner of his lips pulling up in a familiar smirk.

"No, my cousin died, he disappeared. He was killed, we searched everywhere for him and we never found him, he's dead." Desperation coloured Ryou's tone, a desperation for protection from old pains clear on his face.

"I wasn't killed Ryou, I just made certain choices that called me away. It's been years but you know it's me, little cousin." A pleading look entered the taller figure's face. Ryou stopped moving back and his face hardened the look of pain fading to be replaced by cold anger, a rage stemming from grief.

"Prove it," he snarled lowly. "I searched for him for years and found nothing, prove you are who claim to be," he said coldly, eyes flat. The stranger with a familiar face gave a smile and turned his back on the white haired hunter presenting him with his back. Grasping the hem of his shirt he pulled it up to reveal his back for a moment before letting the fabric slip down once again. Turning back he smiled once again at the teen.

"Believe me yet, cuz?" he asked opening his arms.

"M-Malik," Ryou whispered, staggering forward into the embrace and slipped his own arms around the man. "I-They said they couldn't find you, I searched and....I thought you were dead - I thought I lost you too." Ryou buried his face against the dark skin at Malik's neck, tightening his hold as if to prove that his cousin would not disappear and was not just an illusion.

"Nope, not dead yet Ryou," Malik murmured into the snow-white hair he remembered so well.

"What happened? Why did you leave?" Ryou asked his face still hidden.

"I can't tell you that, yet, but I can tell you why I returned." Pulling away the blond turned slightly to address the other two in the room. "You're being hunted." Seto's eyes narrowed in suspicion and Yugi unconsciously fisted his hands.

"How did you know?" Ryou asked his tone also holding suspicion.

"I have my ways," Malik said, "I know you three are at the top of almost every Ancient's hit list and that the Shadows are out for your blood."

"Then why come now?" Yugi asked his eyes narrowing. "Most wouldn't show themselves at these times."

"I'm not most, and I'm here to help," replied the blond, his lavender eyes calm. "I know for a fact that the Shadows should not be your main concern because at the moment they are more likely to help you than to kill you." At that everyone's eyes narrowed becoming the cold, hard eyes, not of teens, but of three hunters who have seen the worst in all things vampires and humans alike.

"Care to elaborate?" said Seto, blue eyes blank. Malik turned his back on the three and looked off into space a blank look falling across his features.

"Without light there can be no shadows, without shadows how can one know light? The past you've all lived and forgotten will come back and it's up to you to write your own fates, I'm merely here as a guide." Malik said cryptically, lavender eyes blank as if seeing an unseen revelation. "You know them, you knew them, you just have to see them for who and what they are."

to be continue

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