Janet's POV - Chapter 5

After cleaning the kitchen, I make my way upstairs to check on George. I knew he was pushing himself too hard this morning, even if I wasn't a doctor I would be able to see that. He more than likely used up all the energy he had that was supposed to last him all day. Usually he isn't so stubborn when it comes to letting me help him but I know because Jack was here he wanted to seem completely competent and in control of himself. I don't know why he bothered though, Jack clearly saw right through his charade.

I pass Jack's guest room and am not surprised to see the door closed. He could never sleep with the door open. George's room is at the end of the hall. I open the door as silently as possible and peak inside. I smile when I find him still sleeping soundly. Good, he needs his rest. I watch his chest rise and fall for a few moments just to be sure his breathing is regular and even before I take my leave.

Just out of curiosity, I crack open Jack's door on my way back downstairs. He's still sleeping as well, lying on his side. My eyes roam the room and I noticed he still doesn't like to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and instead likes to leave them all over the floor. I roll my eyes and step into the room quietly. If there is one thing being a doctor for fifteen years has taught me, it's how to move quietly around a room while someone is either sick or sleeping.

I feel my face getting warm when I realize he is sleeping naked when I throw his dirty boxers along with his tee shirt into the dirty clothes. Don't think about it! I pick up his khaki pants, knowing they will wrinkle if I toss them into the laundry too. Folding the pants over my arms, his wallet falls out and onto the floor. The sound seems amplified and I am praying he doesn't wake up because I know what this looks like. It looks like I'm going through his things! Either way he's going to know when he wakes up that I was in here, but at least he won't catch me in the act.

I hurry and pick up the wallet, draping his pants over the back of the chair in the corner of the room. I was am just about to put his wallet on top of the dresser when once again it falls to the floor. I sigh very softly when I see that a few pictures have fallen out of it, as well as some changed and his driver's license. Now I have no choice but to actually open his wallet and place the things back inside. I save the pictures for last. I know I shouldn't look at them, it's an invasion of his property. I glance back to him on the bed and he is still sleeping. I shrug my shoulders and pick them up with the intention to look at them all.

The first one is of Charlie. I smile sadly, remembering that he has kept this picture in his wallet for years. It depicts his son holding a baseball bat and in his team uniform. He had played tee ball, Jack told me. Charlie looks so happy. And just like his father.

The next one is of Cassie and him at the park when she was thirteen. I believe Sam took this picture. He is pointing off into the distance and both their attention is directed at whatever he is explaining to her. I have this same picture in a bigger print at home, still hanging in the kitchen above the stove. I just couldn't bring myself to take it down.

The next picture surprises me. It's a picture of Jack and me at an Air Force function in D.C. We are both in our dress blues. I believe this took place at the end of November, near Christmas time. My arm is around his waist and his is around my shoulders. Even with my heels on, my head only reaches his chest. We both are holding drinks in our hands and smiling for the camera.

Behind that is a portrait of the two of us again. This was one taken by Cassie when she was sixteen at her birthday party. It's of us dancing together in the living room after the party was over. Neither of us were aware the picture was being taken. We are both already in our pajamas and my hair is have an arm around each others waists and the other brought up and our hands are clasped. You can only see Jack's face in the picture and he really looks genuinely happy.

I've reached the last one. It's one of me he took after we had sex one morning. I have a sheet covering myself but my hair is down and in disarray, my skin is flushed, and I don't have any make up on. I'm laughing in the picture. The photograph is just so intimate. Why the hell does he still have these? There is absolutely no reason for him to keep this in his wallet still unless he forgot they were in there.

"Janet?" Jack calls my name groggily. I stuff the pictures back into his wallet quickly and toss it atop the dresser before turning around. I'm silently hoping he didn't see me going through his things. I watch him rub his eyes with his fists and yawn. "How long have I been out?" I watch him, unable to tear my eyes away as he throws back the sheet and comforter covering his naked body. It's not like I have never seen him naked before, but under the circumstances, I feel myself blushing profusely.

Jack, on the other hand, seems very unfazed by it. I swallow hard. "Around two hours," my voice is quitter than I intended it to be. Jesus.

"Is Hammond awake?" He gets out of bed and fishes his boxers out of the hamper. I keep my eyes on his face as he pulls them on. I shake my head, not really able to form words. He moves towards me, only a foot away, which causes me to tilt my head up to look at his face. "Thanks for putting my things away," he grabs my shoulders with his hands and pulls me to him. I tense up, my arms hanging lamely at my sides and he pulls away before I even have time to comprehend what just happened.

I'm pretty sure my mouth is hanging open in a mixture of disbelief, confusion, and weirdly, arousal. After pulling on his tshirt, he takes one look at the expression on my face and laughs, smiling slightly. "See you downstairs."

He leaves the room, whistling, and I'm left in the middle of his bedroom not knowing what the hell is going on.

What just happened?