Narrator's POV

She woke up feeling like she had not moved for years. She opens her eyes to see darkness and some sunlight making its way through the cracks of the room. She remembered how she got there. She was frozen in time, but not because of the curse but because she disobeyed someone. She lifted herself to see that she was inside of a casket that had rips all throughout it. She then remembered John. She jumped out of the casket and ran outside seeing that she was in a graveyard.

"John!" She yelled loud so he could hear. At first she heard nothing and felt terror fill her not knowing where she was. She then felt happiness fill her.

"Izzy!" Isabella turned to see the familiar boy running towards her with his beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes. He picked her up and spun her around and she could only stare into his eyes that were luring her in. She took advantage of this and held onto him so tightly so she would never have to let go.

"John, where are we?" She questioned the boy who was looking at her with a beautiful white smile.

"Lets find out!" He said pulling her out of the courtyard, but once they were almost out of it a cloud of smoke covered the smoke cleared Isabella felt different like something she was missing had just been given to her then she realized that it was magic. She smiled at John and he continued to pull her into the small town where people were running around and hugging one another. John and Isabella made there way through the crowd and Isabella froze seeing some familiar faces.

"Red!" Isabella yelled at the top of her turned and she stared at Isabella in shock and Isabella saw that there were some familiar faces and not so familiar surrounding her.

"Isabella!" Red screamed as Isabella ran over and was attacked with a hung. "You were dead! You were frozen in time!" Red said still in merely nodded.

"Yeah I remember, but whats going on I am confused where are we?" She stated seeing that the place they were was no place like home. Red sighed remembering how Isabella had been frozen before anything had happened.

"Maybe I should explain that another time." Red said knowing that telling her the truth would just break her heart. Isabella smiled knowing that it was something she didn't feel like speaking about in front of so many people.

"Well everyone this is Isabella! She got frozen in time when she was only sixteen." Isabella smiled at everyone.

"John also got frozen." Isabella said while pulling John to her. Everyone wanted to ask questions but Emma stood forward.

"Why where you frozen?" Emma asked the two of them. Isabella only sighed looking at John. He could see the pain in her eyes. He remembered exactly what happened that day.

When he traveled away from his life as a stable boy he was only eleven. He remembered how scared he was and how alone. He then found Isabella. John walks quickly through the forest, for he had to get away. He needed a different life than the one he had he wanted a chance at a new life one that didn't involve being trapped in one place forever. He walked faster and heard footsteps behind him and turned only to run into someone.

"Oh I am so sorry!" The girl stated smiling at him.

"Um its fine! my name is John." He said smiling at the girl with beautiful brown curls framing her face perfectly and big hazel eyes staring at him.

"My name is Isabella but you can call me Izzy!"

John smiled at the memory and looked back to Emma who was still staring at them with question on her face.

"Nothing that we did really, but we were just out of line!" John said quickly knowing that Isabella wouldn't want anyone but a certain woman knowing about what really happened. Before anyone could say a word a man with an umbrella came over.

"Come quick! Dr Whale has formed a mob to go kill Regina!" Jiminy said. Before anyone could say a word Isabella took off running in the direction of the mob. John followed behind and tried to keep up with her but she went fast. When she got there Dr. Whale had Regina pinned to the pillar about to strangle her. She froze completely staring at her Regina and it finally dawned on her that it was actually happening and she froze not knowing what to do or to say.

"Isabella! You are stronger than that you need to work harder!" She yelled at Isabella as she tried throw the knife straight into the tree trunk with only her magic.

"I know Cora I am trying!" she yelled at the older woman. Isabella was only fourteen then. She had met Cora while in the woods searching for food for herself and John. She told Isabella that she was very powerful and that she would be her teacher.

"You are just like your mother!" Cora screamed. Her outburst made Isabella freeze. She never knew who her mother was. She was only a baby when she was found in the forest alone.

"My mother? Cora did you know her?" Isabella stated turning to Cora with tears in her eyes threatening to fall. Cora stared at her with anger that slowly faded knowing what she had just said.

"Look darling lets just focus on the spell!" Cora said making Isabella turn back to the tree. She sighed as the dagger went straight into the tree and not once did she look at the tree.