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Burn it down

| Mt. Justice

| March 23, 21:30 edt

Nightwing slowly got to his shaky feet, the pain from the shock still evident in his facial features. He looked to see Conner still on the ground, he ran as fast as his wobbly legs let him, stumbling as he went. Kneeling down, he began to shake Conner. "Come on Supy, you have to wake up!" he desperately said, he deactivated Conner's collar, and his own as he tried to rouse Conner. He knew that the whole 'I let go of this button you all die' was a hoax, but he didn't doubt that Kaldur would actually blow up the Mountain. After all, Kaldur was a double agent; he needed to keep up an appearance.

He needed to get Conner out of here, he wouldn't leave anyone behind. Running towards the entertainment room he quickly saw Sphere and Wolf; both were looking at Nightwing oddly Nightwing ran over and deactivated Wolf's collar. "Sphere, Wolf, come on hurry!" he didn't know if either could understand him, but he had to risk it. He started going back to where Superboy still lay on the ground. Wolf whimpered and ran over to where Conner lay. Sphere rolled over to Superboy and turned into the Super-cycle, wolf, as if knowing what to do, grabbed a hold of Conner by the shirt and placed him onto Sphere. Wolf also hopped in, whimpering and turning back towards Nightwing.

The wolf's eyes stared at Nightwing, as if begging him to come with them. "Get out of here!" Nightwing says with a wave of his hand. Surprisingly Sphere complies, leaving towards the hanger.

Nightwing sighs with relief; at least Conner, Wolf, and Sphere were out. Now Nightwing was alone. Taking a deep breath he started running towards the rooms. He had to make sure no one was there. For all he knew Barbara, Tim, or someone else could have came for a visit without him knowing.

He went from door to door, he wouldn't leave anyone behind.


Kaldur sat in the captain's chair of his ship. Tommy Terror was off to his left with Icicle JR., to his right Tigress stood next to him and Tuppence Terror sat also at his right. He turned towards her, seeing her as she truly was the blond haired archer of the team. Her grey eyes stared out towards Mt. Justice, her home. Her hand shook a little as it held the real trigger, the one that would actually detonate the bomb.

"Can't believe we didn't end Superboy when we had the chance!" complained Tommy. He really didn't see why they didn't!

"Boss fish still has a soft spot for his old team." JR. clarified. He pointed towards Kaldur and Tigress.

Both looked at each other. Kaldur's eyes narrowed and Artemis knew what he was thinking. Her hand shook harder, gripping the trigger more.

"Do it." It wasn't a question. He knew what he was doing. Kaldur kept looking at Artemis.

She wasn't so sure though, she wasn't as confident. She looked into his eyes and knew he meant it, but she just had to make sure. "You sure?" she didn't want to do this. Taking off her mask she looked at his face, making sure he knew what he was doing. She didn't want this to end in disaster. What if one of them didn't make it out, what if one of the team came for a surprise visit? They'd be killing their team mate.

Kaldur couldn't bear to look at her face any longer. He knew that he would chicken out if he did. He turned away, the same determination still on his face. "Do it." He said once more.

Artemis sighed, getting back into character. She gripped the trigger even harder, her hands under her gloves now turning white. She put it up in front of her so that they could all see. She took a breath in, and then out, and she pressed the button.


Nightwing concluded his search; no one else was in Mt. Justice, they had gotten lucky this time. He ran away from the rooms and towards the hanger, he didn't trust the Zeta Tubes at the moment. He ran into the hanger, and that's when he heard it. The beep, he looked back towards the main room and swore under his breath. The hanger doors were open, so without a second though he jumped out of them.

Fire and debris hit his back; he hit the ground with a thud and a crack. He cried out and turned towards his leg, which was bent in an awkward position. Rock, cement, furniture, anything you could think of was coming out of the building. He tried crawling away but couldn't manage that, his leg wouldn't budge. Glass shards hit his face, cutting his costume and slicing into his skin. He kept trying to get away, more rock slabs went flying.

Nightwing looked up, seeing a rock slab heading right towards him, and everything went black.

| Happy Harbor

| March 23 22:23 edt

Mal was driving his bike towards the Mountain, he didn't know what else to do, he already got turned down by Karen so all he really wanted to do was stay at the Mountain. He reached Happy Harbor still looking glum, until an explosion came to his ears. He stopped instantly on his bike. He looked at the fire, knowing where it was coming from. He lifted up his helmet and placed his hand on his comb.

The first words came out in a blur; all he knew was that he was calling the Watch Tower. Finally he snapped out of it, "I mean there's been an explosion, a big explosion! Request immediate assistance, get here, fast…" with that he drove.

He reached what remained of Happy Harbor within minutes. Quickly he jumped of his bike, threw off his helmet, and started searching the wreckage, he moved rocks hoping to find, or hopefully not to find, someone underneath. He turned his head when he heard Sphere "Sphere?" he called, taking out a devise from his pocket he searched again, she was in the water with Wolf and Conner who were both unconscious. Slowly the Sphere was sinking, without hesitation Mal ran towards the two, throwing off his jacket on the way.

He jumped into the water and quickly swam up to them. "Conner? Superboy, wake up!" he said, splashing water in his face. Instantly he woke up.

"Huh? What?" the clone looked towards Mal with confusion in his eyes.

"Questions later man! Grab Wolf, the S-cycle is sinking!"

"Right, right," Conner said before grabbing wolf and jumping into the water. Right as he did the S-cycle sank, closing up.

"Will Sphere be okay?" Mal asked.

"Uh, yeah, I think so, she folds up to heal."

"Well then let's get out of here!" Mal says as both start swimming back to shore. By the time the reach shore both are out of breath, Mal turns towards Conner, who is gently setting Wolf on the ground, he coughs and gasps. "Was anyone else in the Mt. with you, Wolf, and Sphere?" he asks quickly, he wants to make sure no one got left behind.

Conner thinks for a second, his thoughts are all jumbled, finally he remembers, and his heart almost stops beating. "N-Nightwing…" he whispers quietly.

Mal looks confused, "Man you have to speak up was there anyone else?"

"Nightwing was with us." Conner says, looking up at Mal with worry.

Mal almost stops breathing.


It felt like they'd been searching for hours, days, maybe weeks. Mal had suggested that they check the water, but Conner said that would be an absolute last resort. Conner moved more rocks and wreckage with Mal, both was terrified that they would actually find Nightwing; only, he would be crushed and dead. Neither wanted that. But still they searched.

Conner moved a large piece of slab and almost dropped it back down. He wanted to scream, and punch something. He wanted to kill Kaldur and the Terror Twins and JR. he wanted them all to suffer the way the team had suffered.

Underneath the slab was Nightwing, he was bloody, injured, burned, and so much more. The only thing that kept Conner from crying out in rage and revenge was the slow and unsteady moments of Nightwing's chest as it moved with every breath. Nightwing was alive, but for how long? It was this time that a news crew appeared. Conner moved the slab, and lifted Nightwing out of the wreckage. He grabbed him under the shoulders and back of the knees, caring him brutal style. He called out to Mal, and both left. They weren't going to let anyone see Nightwing's beaten and battered body.

They wouldn't show the citizens that the enemy had one this time around. They wouldn't let anyone know that they lost. It wasn't worth the panic.

He just hoped Nightwing was okay.

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