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Burn it down


| MARCH 24, 4:00 EDT

Time seemed to slow as Jason pulled out the gun from its holder. The gun was pressed against Kaldur's head and the trigger was being pulled back. But Tim was faster, he dove at Jason, knocking him off Kaldur just as the gun was about to go off. The gun fired, hitting the ground right next to Kaldur's head and flew off to some unknown place.

"This is no time for fighting Jason!"

Jason growled and turned on Tim, pointing the gun at him only to halt when he saw who it was. Tim looked shocked for a second but relaxed when Jason dropped the gun to the ground and fell to his knees. The younger boy fell to his knees as well and hugged his older adoptive brother. Jason was not one for crying but at this moment his whole world was crashing down around him, Dick was dead, his brother was dead, and he'd just pointed a gun straight at Tim's head, what kind of person was he?

Jason hugged Tim back, silent sobs making their way out of both brothers' mouths. Kaldur slowly got to his feet and looked at Artemis and Wally. Artemis looked at Kaldur as well but Wally seemed distracted. "We were too late…" the speedster stated sadly. Artemis wrapped her arms around Wally, her eyes filling with tears. Kaldur looked away from the group, his eyes full of shame.

Suddenly the door burst open and Leslie walked out, "What's going on here?!" she asked frustrated, she then looked at the small group, the two crying brothers on the ground and the speedster along with the black-haired girl then to Kaldur. Finally her eyes rested on the backpack still on Wally. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked. Wally looked at her, then the backpack before nodding and taking it off. He handed it to her and she smiled, "You may have just saved Dick's life Wally."

The group looked at her confused; Jason looked at her, tears on his face smearing the blood around his eyes. "But he's dead, I saw him, his heart stopped beating."

"Yes it did, but me and the other doctors got it to start beating again. And with this," she gestured to the backpack. "We might be able to save him."

Jason couldn't help but smile a little and hug Tim closer; the two brothers held each other tight as Leslie ran back into the room.


MARCH 24, 5:00 EDT

An hour after the events had passed Tim and Jason, along with Kaldur, Artemis, and Wally, were all in one of the interrogation rooms. The three later were on one side of a desk while Tim and Jason were on the other side. Wally was explaining Dick's plan on going undercover and faking Artemis' death. He also explained that even though Kaldur did intend to blow up the Mountain he didn't expect Dick to be in the cross fire.

"You realize that all of you're careless actions almost got Nightwing killed today, right?" asked a very angry Jason.

"It was Nightwing's idea-"

"But you didn't stop him! I expected you to take care of him since I was gone Wally! But it's obvious to me that you don't care about him anymore!"

"That brings me to a question, how did you come back!? How long have you been back!? Do you even know how much this tore Nightwing, Robin, and Batman!?"

"Batman and Robin have known for a year now." Jason says darkly, startling the three retired superheroes. "Ra's Al Ghul, a member of the organization you know as the Light brought me back. He figured he 'owed' Batman something sense it was his carelessness that got me killed."

"How long has Nightwing known?"

"He knew the second I hit the streets. Not because I told him, but because he could recognize me anywhere. I stayed away from Nightwing and Robin because I knew they could get hurt. When I first met up with Nightwing again, my carelessness almost made him never walk again, and so I avoided them. But none of this is about what I did Wally, it's about what you did, or rather, what you didn't do."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Leaving the hero community was you're choice, no one could blame you. But you didn't just leave us, you left Nightwing. I've seen you guys fight more in the past five years then I've ever seen our little brother Damian and Robin fight, and trust me, they fight a lot. But the difference is, no matter what Damian and Robin will always care for each other, you gave up on Nightwing."

"I didn't!"

"Tim told me how you acted at the Hall the second you learned that the Mountain exploded! You don't care anymore Wally! Why would you even come and help?!"

Wally looked hurt, but what Jason said was the truth, he had basically given up on Dick, and he felt horrible for it.

"What you all did was wrong, and you all, including Nightwing, will face the conciseness of it, but it's the League's decision on what to do with you. I hope you are all happy with your decision." Jason said before leaning over the table and snapping the necklace off of Artemis' neck. Jason then turned and walked away, Tim following slowly behind, leaving the three in the room alone.

MARCH 24, 9:00 EDT

Hours had passed since Jason's talk with the small group. Dick's surgery had gotten through with not to long ago and the two brothers sat next to each other in Dick's room. The boy had fresh bandages over his chest and the burns along his arms and hands. He had an oxygen mask on and some IV's in his arms. His mask was off, sitting on a table next to Tim's glasses and Jason's helmet.

Jason was smoothing back Tim's hair as the younger brother leaned against Jason's chest, his blue eyes never leaving Dick's body. The room was dark, the lights being off for no reason but the boys not wanting to leave Dick's side.

There was a small knock on the door and Leslie poked her head in. "You two and Dick have some company." She said before opening the door a little more, letting light, along with two figures, into the room. The larger one was identified as Alfred Pennyworth, an aging British gentlemen with grey hair and a mustache, who had helped raise all three boys. He'd begun to think of them as his grandsons and seeing Jason and Tim getting along like this made the old man smile.

Beside the aging man was the small body of four-year old Damian Wayne. Damian had short black hair with his bangs spiked up; he was wearing dark blue pants along with a black shirt and converse. He looked sad and confused, and the moment he saw Dick tears instantly filled his eyes. "What's wrong with Dickie?" Damian asked Alfred.

Jason was the one to answer. "Dickie is a little hurt Dami, he'll be fine, don't worry."

Damian turned to Jason and instantly brightened. "Jay-Jay!" he ran over and launched himself into Jason's arms. Jason easily caught him and Damian held onto Jason tightly. Everything was going to be alright.

MARCH 24, 10:00 EDT

The most shocking visitor for Dick came an hour later. Somehow Bruce had gotten notified and had come back. Weather the mission was over or not was a mystery, but no one was asking questions. Bruce walked into the door and was instantly swarmed by his kids. He shut the door and pulled down his cowl, picking up Damian into his arms and placing his hand on Tim's head. Jason stayed close to Tim but still had his distance from Bruce; after all, their relationship was still bruised.

"Can someone get the number of the bus that hit me?" A hoarse voice said. The family looked towards Dick; the boy was smiling and was sitting up, looking at his family. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the big bad Batfamily all together in the same room." Damian jumped out of Bruce's arms and was instantly at Dick's side. The boy smiled fondly at the boy before picking him up and setting him on his lap. Damian smiled and instantly wrapped his small arms gently around his older brothers injured chest.

"It's good to see you awake Dick." Tim said as he walked over to his older brother. Jason walked over not to long after.

He punched Dick in the arm making the boy wince a little. "Ever scare me like that again and you'll wish you were dead Dickie Bird."

"Master Jason please try to not kill Mast Richard." Alfred said while smiling at the two older boys.

"No promises." Jason said while smiling.

Bruce was the last to walk over. "Glad to see you back in the land of the living." Bruce said to his oldest son.

"Good to be back." Dick replied. Suddenly a small sob was heard around the room. Everyone turned their heads towards the small ebony haired boy lying against Dick's chest. "What is it Dami?"

"When Dinah c-called Alfie, I was scared. I-I knew the only reason she would call is if you or Tim were hurt. I-I wanted to be brave like you but…" the boy looked at the ground ashamed for being scared. Dick lifted Damian's chin.

"Dami, you are the bravest person I know. I could do no better than you did, and neither could Jason or Tim. Heck not even Bruce or Alfred could do as good as you!" this cheered up the small boy and he hugged Dick tighter.

"You'll never leave us, will you Dickie?" asked Damian.

"Dami, I can't promise that. But what I can promise is that I will go through hell and back before I leave any of you."

And that was a promise Dick intended to keep.

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