The Emotions List
1. Birth (319)

Romy hadn't been born. Neither had the twins. Cici hadn't been born to them, and while he desperately wished she had been, he wouldn't have wanted her any other way and he had some of her other family to thank for that. The triplets had been born, but he hadn't gotten to see them be born, they were already there by the time he got downstairs to the basement.

So Pinky bounced on his tippy-toes with excitement, flitted across the room in random spurts, giggles of overwhelmed joy poured from him when Cici told him (no, she asked him) to be with her when his grandbaby was born. A grandbaby all his very own! And Brain's too. Their grandbaby.

All his bouncing had Colby very nervous, the funny yellow scowly mouse drumming his fingers on his arm as he leaned against the wall closest to his wife in the dark little room. Pinky laughed and tried to cheer him up, but that only made him more nervous and snappish. So Pinky sat on the other side of his baby snow mouse, held her hand and told her stories about when she really was a baby until it was time to be quiet.

He didn't get to hold the baby first, that was a mummy's job. Then a daddy's. Then Brain's because Brain was a smarty and had to make sure the baby mousey mouse was a healthy one. But Pinky got to hold him fourth, and that was very important because he could count to four and he liked being as high as he could count. Especially when it came to holding the little squeaky Jack-in-the-Box.

"Happy Birthday," he cooed, nuzzling Jack's soft little head, feeling the warmth in his heart grow even bigger when his chubby hubby wrapped an arm around his waist and watched him hold the baby not as a smarty mouse, but as a grandpa.

2. Enthusiasm (515)

"You win, my dear." Brain's lips quirked up slightly, gazing down at his upside-down husband who still couldn't stop laughing. The rules of the game had been beyond him, as usual when it came to things of Pinky's creation, but what mattered was that his smile was back and those gorgeous blue eyes were dazzling. Sometimes the plans made him forget how dazzling his lover was, but he always had the games to bring his spirits back.

"Hoorah!" Pinky chirped, limbs flailing. He smiled broadly at him, and it was no less beautiful upside-down than it was rightside-up. "What do I win, Brain?"

He reached down and stroked a smooth, warm cheek. "What would you like to win?"

"Umm... poit." Sticking his tongue out, brow furrowed in not oft seen concentration, Pinky hummed thoughtfully and wiggled about as Brain's hand moved lower, scritching under his chin. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, I know, Brain!" He raised his hand eagerly, as if waiting to be called on in class.

Brain flicked his nose. "Yes?"

"A hug." He nodded decisively, it could almost pass for seriously were it not Pinky.

Pink eyes blinked in surprise, he'd been preparing himself for the worst (or best... depending on how one looked at it) and had even mentally checked that their three-in-one oil was where they'd left it last. But only a hug? Pinky gave those freely on an hourly basis. A hug was nothing special. "Are you certain that's all you want?"

The taller mouse nodded, much more excited now, his blue eyes sparkling again. "Oh, yes! Very certain! Narf! And sure too!"

Flicking his nose again, Brain sighed and moved back enough so that Pinky had room to sit up like a normal person. "Alright then, Pinky. A hug you shall receive." His husband really was the most peculiar of creatures. He waited with his arms crossed and eyes closed, but nothing happened. Opening one eye, he observed his eager husband who waited with bated breath, his eyes wider than he thought was possible and his tail quivering in anticipation. Brain scowled, impatiently pushing back the urge to coo at his nitwit of a spouse. "Well?"

"Well what?"

Both eyes opened now and were glaring at him. "You said you wanted a hug."

"I do! But you're not hugging me," Pinky replied, confused by his chubby hubby's confusion.

One of Brain's ears went up while the other flattened. "What?"

"I want a hug from you as my prize. Troz. So that means you have to be the one to hug me," the lanky mouse elaborated, clasping his hands together in his lap. "Not that I don't love hugging you, Brain, it's just that I always hug you, so that wouldn't be a very special prize, now would it?"

Oh. Oh, he needed to give Pinky more credit sometimes. Crossing the space between them, Brain gathered as much of Pinky in his arms as he could managed, burying his face in the soft fur of his neck as his lover squeaked with delight, burrowing and squirming and nuzzling deeper into the embrace.

3. Love (351)

"I love you!" A little Pinky chirped to a little Brain as they worked on a little plan to take over a not so little world. He was his family. Brain brushed him off.

"I love you!" Pinky, now considerably taller than his cagemate, cheered after being gifted with the peel of an orange that still had some of the stringy stuff on it. He was his friend. Brain rolled his eyes.

"I love you," Pinky told Brain as he watched him watch the stars, sad that another one of his brilliant plans had failed. He was his bestest friend, and bestest friends shouldn't be sad. Brain ignored him.

"I love you." Pinky realized, while a bandaged Brain fussed with the gauze he was attempting to wrap around the taller mouse's injuries, injuries that would have been more serious if the plan had continued. Pinky didn't know that Pinky would've been dead, but Pinky didn't particularly care because he loved Brain. Brain didn't hear him, Pinky didn't say it out loud.

"I love you." Pinky hoped he was loved too as he stared at the back of the chubby round chubby head he held so dear to his heart. He was the love of his life. Brain didn't turn around, Pinky didn't sleep that night.

"I still love you," Pinky said to Brain the next day. Because he did, even though it hurt. Brain held his hand.

"I still love you," Pinky assured Brain as they curled up against one another in bed, tears long since dry and hearts healed from silly fights. Brain held him close all night.

"I love you!" Pinky kissed Brain, several times, fast and excited because they were married and he couldn't believe it so he had to keep kissing him because he could believe in kisses. He was his husband. Brain cupped his cheeks and gave him his own kiss, long and deep and wonderful.

"I love you," Brain promised Pinky as the taller mouse slumbered, cheek pillowed on his shoulder and quiet, sleepy breath fanning his fur. He was perfect. Pinky smiled all night.

4. Hate (786)

"I hate you! You're the worst teacher ever! I hate you!"

A little girl fled in tears, leaving behind two very baffled mice. Pinky wrung his tail between his hands, nervously flicking his gaze between his cagemate and the child they were raising. Trying to raise. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel; hate was such a bad word and only bad mice felt it, but she'd been crying as she'd said it and it sounded like she was hurting a whole lot inside. He knew all too well how sometimes mean things came out during big upsets. Brain did it all the time.

"Egad, Brain, you made her sad," Pinky observed, not blaming or pointing fingers. Just observing.

But the megalomaniacal mouse rounded on his taller companion, gesturing angrily. "This is all your influence, Pinky!" he accused, his frustration with the child still mounting. "Your emotional instability is infecting her!"

Blue eyes blinked blankly. "But I didn't-"

"A child with sense wouldn't allow herself to be ruled by her emotions! She'd learn to take criticism with a clear head!" He smacked the sheet of paper he held in his hand full of all the wrong answers. "She's better than this!"

"But Brain-"

"It's as if she isn't even trying, Pinky!"

"She was though," Pinky quickly interjected before Brain could utter another syllable, his hand raised in the air as he stood on his tip-toes as if that would make a difference in whether or not Brain would let him speak. "Poit. She tried all morning, Brain. You saw her."

The break in his rant left his heart racing and his ears flattened. It was true. Cici had spent hours trying to do her homework, rereading her textbook and notes, asking Brain for more help when he was clearly busy-

"You're the worst teacher ever"

He swallowed thickly, rubbing his fist over his heart. "Well, I... may have exaggerated some..."

"And you did say some awfully mean things to her," Pinky added. "She's smart, Brain, but she's still learning. You can't expect her to learn everything all at once. Zort. Why, I'd think her head would just explode if you tried to put all sorts of stuff in it all at once!" With his hands he squished down parts of his head. "Very painful."

Brain stared at his companion for a moment, the elasticity of his skull no surprise, then shifted his gaze to the paper in his hand. He'd scribbled red marks all over it. Sighing, he rubbed his forehead, glaring at the homework as if it was its fault his baby had run off angry and hurt and surely feeling... inadequate. "Egad, Pinky..." he murmured, crumpling the sheet. "I called her inadequate."

"You called her lots of things, Brain." Pinky remembered; he hadn't understood most of the words, but he knew his friend had implied that she was not the smarty they both knew her to be. "And you said it the way you say things when I do something wrong or mess up a plan. Troz. And while I don't mind, I don't think you're supposed to talk to babies that way. Even really smart ones."

No, one shouldn't. Brain rubbed the heel of his palm against his eye, already feeling the signs of a headache behind them. She'd been trying and trying and getting nowhere and it had been the most frustrating thing to watch because she was capable and she deserved to get the right answers and it was all she'd wanted... And suddenly it hadn't been her or her homework, but a painful reminder of how he'd yet to succeed in his own goal. And he'd taken it out on her.

"Why can't you do this?! It's not that hard. Pinky could even do it!"

"I'm sorry..."

"'Sorry' won't get you the right answers. This is completely unacceptable, Cerebral Cortex. How can you possibly get through life if you can't even add properly?"

There were certainly better ways to talk to children. Ways that didn't make them hate you. Brain couldn't swallow past the lump in his throat. Carefully folding the homework assignment, with every intention of properly going through and picking out the specific problem areas so he could better explain them to his daughter, he pocketed it and looked to Pinky.

"I hope you have plenty of get-better kisses in you," he told his friend, latching onto his wrist and comforted himself with the steady beat of his pulse. "Our child is going to need them."

"Aye aye, Brain!" Pinky saluted, then pulled out a stack of Care Bear bandaids from nowhere. "And bandaids!"

"And bandaids," he monotoned, then gave his hand a pat. "Brilliant, Pinky."

5. Triumph (467)

It was odd to feel envious of his own hands. But as he watched several pairs of them rove over his husband's body, he ground his teeth together and clenched the pair of hands that belonged to himself into tight fists while he felt his face flush with rage. He was his, his, his, his, his! No one, not even himself, had a right to touch what was his!

Brain growled and smacked his palm to his forehead, pressing the heel of it deep into his creased brow. While most of the copies of himself were still arguing over who had the right to claim Pinky as a partner, more than ten of them had taken to... more seductive means of persuading his simple-minded husband into assisting them. He couldn't even be humiliated by the lengths his copies went to, how desperately they threw themselves at him, he was far too jealous to even mind how he was essentially debasing himself.

Were it not for the hundreds of hims in his way, shouting and arguing and being far too defiant, he would've stormed over and shown all of them just who Pinky belonged to. But his blood could only boil, rapidly increasing as those other hims pinned his husband down. Two held his arms as they lapped at the soft pink of his ears, another pressed behind him and ran his hands all over his chest. One massaged that secret, sensitive spot on the back of his knee and was mimicked by another on the opposite leg. Then the was the one pressing kisses to his stomach - his treacherous hand was the worst of all - sliding down, down, down...

"Look at me, Pinky."

"Yes, that's good, my dear."

"Relax, let me take care of you."

"You're so beautiful."

"Come, Pinky."

Brain gripped his ears and tugged hard, growling loudly. This was ridiculous! The absolute worst plan ever! He was getting rid of these demons once and for all! Manipulating his husband like that. Of course he wouldn't have the mind to pull away from them, they were him! He probably didn't even know which one was-

"Stop it! No, stop! Brain? Brain!" Pinky squirmed and struggled, trying to get away rather than give in. He managed to crane his neck back, just enough so that their eyes could meet. And Pinky knew him. "Brain, get them off!"

Most of the Brains in the room were quite displeased by the acute rejection. But the one that mattered couldn't help but smirk to himself as he proceeded to delete them all from existence, rubbing his palms together and resolved to reward Pinky for his steadfast faithfulness long into the night. His own two hands needed to erase any marks or touches those fakes dared to leave behind.

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