Written in response to Death Frisbee's challenge: topic/70706/66242126/2/

The only rule was that the drabble cannot contain the letter 'E'.

This is written from Sam's point-of-view, since he is the writer of this piece.

A big hi-ya to all you authors, this is Sam. And today I found out that I can scrawl down a story without using a particular symbol. Crazy, right? But I actually did it, so carry on if this sparks your curiosity.

Flying. It's my amazing gift, to blast around as if I was a cunning cannonball. I just wish all humans, mutants, Martians, and so forth could know how thrilling it is. I'm usually not so uppity about my habits, but think about it: what could top soaring amongst gauzy clouds? Watching colors zip by in a chaotic blur? Or winds whipping through your hair? In my opinion, nothing rivals it...Ah, almost nothing. Punching out Gladiator's lights would surpass it if I wasn't flying during that occasion too. Ha, that was a mighty scrap, but I know I'm drifting, so I'll hold onto that yarn for now.

Without a doubt, I could go on for hours talking (or writing) about how fantastic flying is. So, I'm fixin' to wrap this story up and allow y'all to go back to your things, writin', livin', and whatnot. Thanks a bunch for lookin' at my story.

A/N: I never realized how much I use 'E'. I'll never take it for granted again. :) Unfortunately, I was unable to his ever-so popular phrase, "Ah'm nigh invulnerable when Ah'm blastin'". Oh well, I save that for another time. Also, a big thanks to Kate for her help, and for issuing the challenge.