Winter was my favorite season. I loved the weather. Cold air stinging your lungs, rolling up sleeves and exposing your arms to the outside- it was exhilarating.

You hated winter, and that sort of ticked me off. I mean, it was understandable, what with your inner animal wanting to hibernate, but still.

We dated all through winter. Do you know that? What does it say about our relationship, with you hating the season it took place in?

I bet, when you look back at all this, look back at us, me, you'll remember the cold. The fatigue, waiting to go home and sleep.

I'll remember warmth. Me, buying hot tea to drink and warm my hands, and you, holding your own cup, and pretending to sip.

I'm not sure if that was a sign of your unreliability, but it was well... cute, at the time.

And the scarf I'll remember, of course. The stupid scarf.

We were...Beautifully unconventional. I that's the best way I can describe it, I think. Having a picnic in the park.

Picnic in the park. During winter.

Now, I see it as plain stupid, but then...It was this kind of strange I found exciting.

We walked around, mostly, the bench being too cold to sit on, and the floor being equal parts too cold to sit on. We finally sat on some swings, making me feel creepy, as the seats were thawed by some kid's ass.

I began to eat my coveted apple turnover, and you were picking at some tofu-conconction.

"Alright, Rae. What is this?" You said suddenly, effectively startling me.

"What is what?" I said, wondering if this was a trick of some sort.

"Like, us." You kind of flicked your hand from you to me and back.

"I don't exactly get what you mean." I knew what you meant of course, but I wanted to see you squirm.

"Are we like, a thing?" You saw me raise an eyebrow, and knew you had to explain further. "Ughhh...Rae, are we like...B-boy-fr-friend and g-g-girlfriend?" If I hadn't had better control, I would've kissed you right there. It was more adorable than any cat video Star could ever show me.

"I'd like to think so. "

You smiled and began unwrapping the scarf from your neck.

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice probably shaking.

"Well, we need to have some sort of ceremony. To make it official." You wrapped the scarf around my neck and beamed. "I declare you, Miss Raven, to be my girlfriend."

I smiled and gave you my beanie. (I meant to bring that up, I'd like the beanie back, thanks.)

"I declare Sir Garfield, to be my dearest boyfriend."

The scarf still smells like you. Too creepy? Too creepy.

You can have it back, do whatever, just take it back.

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