"Wait, you didn't know she was a girl?"

"You did!?"

"Of course! Did you SEE those lashes? And come on anyone with a brain could tell they had the same, oh I don't know, entire face!" Finn continued his writing, brushing off his friends 'surprise', which had been something he already knew.

"I know but you always said he was a guy in class!" Harv, who was very distressed since his discovery, was beginning to get even more frustrated.

"Yeah, because she wanted me too. Look, I'm may not be the kindest person ever, but even I know when to respect things like that." Finn, who along with his friends, had also grown up into a somewhat strapping young man. His blond hair was still fluffy, but he had grown to be taller than Harv, along with a bit more muscle from having to help carry around heavier instruments for his Bard classes. He had also realized that he could stand to be a bit nicer to the guy who saved his butt all the time, and actually started being so.

"Why didn't you tell me though?! I mean, I'm your best friend right?" Waving his arms in distress Harv finally got Finn to look up from his song in a bit of annoyance.

"Yeah, you are, but you're also the guy who'd start sobbing because you daily beat the crap out of a girl. A girl two years younger than you, I might add." Which he was totally right, Harv would have felt awful and started apologizing while acting strange all the time in class.

"So?! I almost went crazy because of my cr-... never mind.." Stopping himself from revealing anything important, though not soon enough, Harv sat back down nervously. "So whatcha workin on?"

"Harvey, did you almost say what I think you almost said?" The silence in response made a huge grin break onto Finn's face, rushing to his bed and grabbing his friends arms, he pulled him to his feet jumping happily. "Ahhh! That is so cute! And you thought you loved a man, but she's a girl! It's so adorable!"

"It isn't adorable Finn! I could have been burned at the stake!" pushing his friend away a little, Harv stepped back rubbing his arm awkwardly, his confession going not as planned.

"Pfft, puh-lease Harv! You're my friend, I wouldn't let anyone burn you at the stake!"

"And by that, you mean you'd get your mother to allow it?"

"Obviously. I've thought about these types of things Harv, I have all the solutions." Finn turned smiling, his friend staring at him a bit confused.

"You've thought about me being... Gay?"

"Well no, but I've thought about me being with another man. Why would it be any different with you? Mother may be very... aggressive with you, but she does like you."

"So you're gay?" Was sadly the only comment Harv had, Finn rolled his eyes.

"I don't know Harv, all I know is both the Princess and Darren get more attractive every time I see them." While Harv seemed to be confused and contemplating this, Finn had said it like someone would say the weather. "Anyway, this isn't about my odd attraction to people who injure me, this is about you and Emet!"

Harv snapped back into focus, blushing as he continued to rethink and live the interaction.

"Well... I mean I... I don't know Finn. I like Emet, I think, but she probably hates me now."

"Emet hates everyone and everything other than adventures, treasure, and Rhodri, but she barely likes him."

"So I have no chance?"

"You have as much of a chance with her as anyone. Last I looked she was not the biggest lovey dovey type, but who knows. All I know is that she thinks you're tough, a very good thing in her mind."

"So, I do have a chance?"

"Harv. Buddy. Shut up, and go ask her."With the blunt answer, Harv quickly ran from the room, heading straight for town.


When he finally went home, he had a bruised arm, a black eye, and the goofiest smile that scared his younger brothers.