Chapter 4: The Unrelenting Passion

The crowd was at a standstill. They all were wondering how the match will play out, now that Faust had brought out his ace monster. Faust began to proceed his turn.

"Hehe, I think I'll use one of my overlay units to activate Ilzem's special ability! Once per turn; my dear Ilzem can create a clone of your monster. Then I'll have him battle with it. A perfect suicide!" Ilzem took his unit in his large gloves, smashing it together in its hands; creating another Flamvell Firedog.

"Now, destroy yourself with your own likeness!" the two dogs wrestled, clawed out, bit each other and were then destroyed. "HYEHEHE~ how fun this is. Oh, I can't go again can I? Well then. Your...turn..." his smile was mischievous, and it made Maira nervous.

"We didn't he attack Origin or Grunika?" Riski confusingly asked. "He would've had another monster in play and give Kageru damage."

Tetsu, Gai, and Maira knew the answer and explained. "Well true, he could've. That's what a normal player would do, but-"

Maira added on."It's because of Firedog's ability."

Gai continued. "Frankenstein is very vulnerable too. If Kageru had another monster next turn, he can have three monsters all attack that Frankenstein. And if Firedog destroys it-".

"Kageru will gain another Flamvell to the field! I see..." Riski finally caught on. The group turned back their attention to the match.

"He's obviously planning something? Kageru wouldn't be that reckless to attack...would he?" she looked to the boys and Riski.

"PFFT! Do you even know him!?" Riski said in complete disbelief. "Well,... we'll see..." Maira looked back at the battle field, awkwardly nervous.

"Don't tell me.. Are you..Concerned about Kageru?"

"What!? No! I just... it's an interesting battle.. Very intense moves and-"

"Ssssuuurree~ okay, okay. Whatever." Riski backed down, but even surrendering like she did, she knew poor Maira was worried about Kageru.

"Nice little trick!" Kageru sarcastically complemented. "I draw! I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon! This spell gets rid of your annoying Formulated Equation." A whirlpool-like vortex zoomed at Faust's spell.

"Awesome, now he can bring out his bigger guys without takin damage!" Tetsu grew excited again, feeling positive that Kageru was prepared to make a comeback.

Kageru continued with his play. "Next I'm gonna tune my LV2 NeoFlamvell Origin and LV4 Flamvell Grunika!" Grunika and Origin levitated off the ground, turning their bodies into small constellations. The stars began aligning themselves into one whole entity.


"I Synchro Summon! Flamvell Uruquizas!"
A warrior with a rock-covered body was formed. Its eyes were glowing yellow, and its fists were engulfed in fierce flames. It stood in Kageru's field with a martial artist-like stance

Flamvell Uruquizas
LV6 Fire/Pyro/Synchro
Atk 2100 Def 400

"Because of my field spell, Uruquizas gains a 500 ATK bonus!"

Flamvell Uruquizas
ATK 2100+500= 2600

DEF 400-500= 0

"Next, from my hand, I activate Flamvell Baby's effect; I can discard him from my hand and give a 400 ATK bonus to one of my FIRE monsters. I'm givin it to Uruquizas!" An energetic infant-like flame with small arms and legs appeared and playfully flew around Uruquizas until its body turned into raw fire that Uruquizas then absorbed. Its heat aura grew significantly.

Flamvell Uruquizas
Atk 2600+400= 3000

Faust wondered why Kageru would bother boosting his own monster. Both his monsters were in defense, and Uruquizas was still too weak to destroy Ilzem."Yes just keep wasting your useless cards. That only further supports the fact that this match is going all according to my calculations!" he mocked.

"Heh! I wouldn't consider you safe yet!" Kageru yelled out. "Battle phase! Get him Uruquizas! Beat the snot out of his Frankenfreak with Meteor Fist Rain!"

Monster of Frankenstein
Def 1000

"Calculate this!"

Uruquizas leaped up into the air, barraging Faust's monster with its swift burning fists. It then unleashed a finishing blow with an impact that pierced an opening right through Frankenstein and burnt Faust.

Faust LP 3000 to 1000

"W-what!?" Faust was confused as to why he just took damage. "That wasn't part of my calculations!"

"You seemed surprised." Kageru remarked. "You see, when Uruquizas attacks, he can break through your defense and inflict piercing damage. Also, whenever he does damage, he gains another 300 ATK boost."

Flamvell Uruquizas
ATK 3000+300= 3300

"I'm done! You're up!" Kageru confidently ended his turn.

Faust's Life points were now in danger; still he could easily get rid of Uruquizas in his next turn. He thought that Kageru ran out of options, and had no plan left. All Kageru had, was a card left in his hand. He was confident he would win. Maira however saw how quickly Kageru filled his own grave with a number of Flamvell monsters, all sharing 200 Defense. She knew the card Kageru had preserved in his hand.

Maira smiled as she put her hands behind her head, "Hold on to your seats, cause this stadium's gonna flare up like an active volcano."

"What makes you say that?" asked Riski, curiously. "You'll just have to sit tight for that answer." she looked back to the field, waiting for a moment of triumph.

Faust tightened his grip on his cards in his hand. "Fine then, draw card!" he looked upset with his draw. "DRAT! No matter ... I'll just create a new plan. I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice, you little brat!" he flipped one of his cards over.

"I'll play the spell; Change of Heart! Your precious monster is mine for one turn!" Flamvell Uruquizas reluctantly moved over to the other field, now under Faust's temporary control.

"Now, I'll use Ilzem's ability! He can copy your monster, using one of his units, I'll duplicate your Uruquizas! Heehehee!" he snorted his laugh as Ilzem took Uruquizas and smashed him with one of his units and created another one.

"All according to my calcul-"

"Don't you dare frisking say it!" Kageru yelled as he was fed up with hearing his lame catchphrase.

"-ations!" Faust rebelled anyway.

Everyone in the crowd looked awkwardly at the odd scientist.

"Now for my outstanding and well-thought out finisher!" Faust switch all his monsters except for Ilzem to attack mode. Kageru had nothing but a card in his hand left, and nothing set on his field. It looked like he had lost.

"Kageru No!"

"You can't lose now!"

"Don't let it end here! You barely started!"

Gai, Tetsu, and Riski yelled with worry.

"Now Frankenstein, and my two Uruquizas! Finish him!" Faust motioned for the attack. Even if somehow Kageru survives the first 3 attacks, Faust still has a second battle phase should all attacks connect and Kageru only had a couple of Life Points left.

Kageru LP 4400

Uruquizas ATK 3300

Uruquizas Clone ATK 3800

Monster of Frankenstein ATK 2000

Still Kageru perservered "I activate from my grave, the effect of Infernal Shield! I can banish this card, along with 2 FIRE monsters from my deck, and this turn, any damage I take is reduced by the attack of the monster I banished. I'll banish Heat shield, Flamvell Commando and Neo Flamvell Hedgehog from my deck!" From Kageru's deck came a soldier with flaming hair and a body covered in molten rock, wielding large magmatic cannon and a small flaming hedgehog with sulfur-filled needles that both guarded their master by converting all their life force into a flaming barrier that surrounded him.

Flamvell Commando ATK 2200

Neo Flamvell Hedgehog ATK 500

Damage this turn is reduced by 2700

Kageru braced himself for the impact, as both his and Faust's Uruquizas barraged him along with Frankenstein.

"Urrrgggghhh! Aaah!"

Flamvell Uruquizas ATK 3300-2700=(600damage)

Uruquizas Clone
ATK 3800-2700= (1100 damage)

Monster of Frankenstein ATK 2000-2700= (0 Damage)

Kageru LP 4400-(1700x2 Battlephases)= 1000

Kageru stood up, barely surviving that turn.

"Too close." Tetsu commented with a relieved sigh.

"Yeah, he better end this, that Faust guy, looks like he has something to end this next turn." Gai added.

"Hmph! A small step back, but still all according to my calculations." Faust was somehow patient despite his displeased tone."This goes to show you how pathetic raw power is compared to superior intellect."

Kageru's Uruquizas returned to his field, feeling ashamed to have attacked him. Kageru simply let it slide and Uruquizas retracted its focus at Faust once more.

"It's time." Kageru stood and faced Faust. His eyes with the look of blazing fire.

Faust looked at him perplexingly.

"I think you've made a stupid assumption about me specs." said ageru with a smile. "You think I'm all about raw power? Power ain't anything if ya got no guts or the passion to back it up. My. ….turn! Draw!" Kageru looked at his hand. His eyes focused on the card he saved up. Maira felt that she knew how Kageru would end this duel. Until...

"I summon Flamvell Archer in attack mode!" A flaming haired archer wielding a fiery bow entered the field. It took aim and readied its flaming arrows.

Flamvell Archer
ATK 1000 to 1500
DEF 200 to 0

Maira was somewhat surprised to see a different play by Kageru then what she expected. She wondered what he was up to.

"I activate Flamvell Archer's ability! By tributing a Pyro monster on my field, all of my Flamvell monsters on the field gain 800 ATK!"

Faust was terrified, as not only, did by attacking Kageru with Uruquizas boosted itself by 300 ATK, it was now about to gain another 800 ATK. "I tribute my Archer himself, and give Uruquizas a bonus!"

Archer focused all of its energy and grabbed every single arrow from its quiver. At yelled a war-like cry before bursting into flames. Its soul covering the arrows as it rained the field was absorbed by Uruquizas who gave out a battle cry, as its flames spiraled wildly.

Flamvell Uruquizas ATK
3600 to 4400
Ilzem Def 3000

Faust LP 1000

"Fff-forty four hundred ATK with piercing!?" Faust was caught off guard. He shivered in fear with eyes and mouth wide open as Kageru proceeded with a finishing blow. The duel...had been decided.

"Time to end this! Uruquizas attack with Meteo Dragon Fist!"
Uruquizas leaped and large bodies of fire erupted from its fist, it landed in front of Ilzem, before unleashing a flaming uppercut (Shoryuken Reference!) that tore Ilzem in half and burning it to ashes.


Faust took the massive blow as Uruquizas tore through his Life points as well.

"AAYYYYEEEEEE!" Faust was blown away into the ground.

Faust LP 0

With that, the victor was declared.
"And the winner of this duel iiiiissss Kageru Hinodama!"
The crowd cheered, impressed by Kageru's passionate play and overwhelming power. They soon began to realize who Kageru was.

"Hey, now I know him! He's a Hinodama. He's related to Hinodama Akane!"

"Alright! Way to bring up the legacy!"

"That explains his deck! So cool, his sister was just awesome!"

"Way to go kid! I'm sure your sis is rooting for you from above!"

Gai, Tetsu, and Riski were proud and cheered for him in to congratulate his first victory.

"Way to show em Kageru!"

"Oh yeah! That's how Doriado Academy does it!"

"Great work Kageru! Good for you. Keep it and I'm sure you'll make it!"

Maira was a still bit stunned at Kageru's choice of play. "(He didn't use that card this time. That move he played was a bit risky, it would have been a sure fire win if he played it. Why did he-!?) "

Maira looked and saw as several players, including Daigo who also made it past the first round were paying close attention to the match. She then realized what a safe move it was not to use his trump card, as it would only make things more difficult for him if every other player were prepared.

Maira just nodded her head, "(Well…, it looks like you've definitely grown after all)." she thought as she looked up to the cheering boys and Riski who were all jumping in joy. She slowly rose from her chair, and clapped, with a warm smile on her face. "Way'da go, Hot Shot. Looks like you're not all cuts and bruises for nothing after all. Keep it up!"

Kageru acknowledged her praise and encouragement with a resolute smile and a thumbs-up.

"He specs!" Kageru called over his defeated opponent.

"Y-yes?" Faust wondered.

"Pretty good deck you got there. Ya had me on the ropes for a second. That was pretty fun. Let me know if you wanna duel me again." Kageru smiled upon acknowledging his opponent respectfully.

Faust blushed with embarrassment "Um, uh yes I do suppose it was indeed a well played match. It seems my calculations need some rethinking. Once I've found a suitable solution, I shall reclaim my rightful victory next time." he smiled mischieveously as his glasses flashed.

"Heh! Sounds good!" replied Kageru.

The gang continued to watch as Kageru burst through competition away with ease. He was on fire, and quickly made his way to the last remaining rounds of the Red Nova Qualifiers. The crowd loved him and he got tons of fans soon screaming his name at the top of their lungs when they say him enter the arena for yet another duel. After he won a few in the beginning, people quickly labeled him as the Scarlet Soul duelist, due to his deck being fire themed and seeing how he put so much soul in his dueling; a passion shared by his late sister many years ago.

Gai, Tetsu, and Riski cheered on.

"Almost there buddy!"

"Like I said, You got this!"

"You can do it Kageru!"

Kageru blushed a bit, and held out a smile to the crowd. Everyone in the arena were blown away by his plays; all except for Daigo, who quickly wanted to ruin his moment.

"Yeah... pretty impressive, for a chump!"

Daigo, and his group all snickered provokingly at Kageru to which he responded" Sooooo, you morons are still here after all." The two glared at each other once more. Both competitors looked ready to crush the other without mercy.

The announcer used this moment to set the mood up for the finals. "Well, it looks like these two are about ready to give us an EEXXXPLOSIVE match! Alright folks; hold on to your seats, because this may just be a match to remember!" The crowd cheered in a frenzy, as the two finalists took to their respective sides of the arena. All eyes centered on them. Seconds later, the area was in a frenzy.

"Alright gentlemen! Get your decks and disks at the ready, because its time to heat up this field!"

The two finished shuffling their decks, and activated their duel disks. Both were eager to start, as they impatiently waited for the announcer's call to start.

"Let the final round of the Red Nova Qualifiers begin! Ready...START!"