Sirius Black or most people know as Padfoot was laying lazly on the Gryffindor common room chouch being captive at sight of not something,but someone...

That someone is Remus Lupin, who right now was captive by something also a book.

"Awww Moony and his books.." Sirius couldn't help but smirk at that sight.

Some may think it would be boring to stare a someone for hours, but for Sirius Black it wasn't.

No for him it was his second favorit thing in world compare to actually having phyiscal contact with Remus Lupin,

it even beat out pranking or Qudditch, which is big for the people who know Sirius Black..

"Sirius .. Sirius.. SIRIUS ... "

"Huh" Sirius was taken out of his captivety, looking up to see his best mate James Potter standing over him in his Qudditch Unform..

Damit it sunday, Qudditch practice.. how could I forget" Sirius turned red with enbarssement at that thought

Remember it Sunday, and some how we have manged to get the qudditch pitch for some need practice. If we were planning to win this year Qudditch house cup.. ring any bells Pads?..

Ummm.. yea why don't I go run up stairs and get my gear..." Sirius was half up the stairs when James Called out

" Nah Pad's.. It ok since practice end an about an half an hour ago ..." James Potter smirked when herd Sirius mutter "damit" as made his way down stairs.

Sirius walked himself back to his seat not to dare look at his smuged friend. After a long akward slience James Potter bid his good bye and left.

10 mintues later

A short while after James left Sirius turned his attienton back to Remus Lupin.

Remus Lupin was trying his damn hardest not to laught at his forgetful boyfriend, but after a while of holding it in it began to hurt

so he let out a small laught. So small hopefully Sirius would not hear but this small laught trun in to a big laugh.

" What so funny Moony?" Sirius was confused what was so funny, was it the book Moony was reading Moste Potente Potions(Is a really book:) it didn't look funny so what was he laughing at?

Remus who was laught so hard looked at his poor innocent boyfriend ( Aww how am I going to him this with out hurting his feelings?) After that thought stop laughing, sat up strait and look at Sirius as if was his parent, not his boyfriend.

" Well you see Sirius, something you did while ago about the Qudditch practice kinda was funny ok?" He was talking to sirius as a five year old, then an sixteen year old. Then with that he went back to his book.

Sirus didn't question because he was being held captive by Remus Lupin and his book again.

Well this is my offical one shot that not letter a poem form so hope it ok ? Well I don't have beta so that explain why the grammar, spelling exct..

So i guess that it so bye...

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