A/N – CAUTION: Heavy spoilers for RE: Retribution. You have been warned.

Written because, dammit, they killed Rain AGAIN! Seriously? Grrr. So, naturally, I had to fix that. And, I know, some others have already kinda done this. So what? I wanted to do it too. And it's in my own quirky way...
An Alice/Rain fic. Not related to my SAWPverse pieces.

Standard disclaimers apply. For entertainment purposes only.

Rated M, because, hell it's Resident Evil. I couldn't write a RE fanfic that wasn't M rated. I've got 6k worth of chapters written. This fic will probably be less than 10k words total.

Chapter 1


She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, waiting for the light to turn green. Three men, bloody, clothes torn, chased a screaming mailman through the intersection. The mailman tripped, and the trio were quickly upon him, sinking their teeth into him. The eco-conscious woman in her car sat staring until the light flashed to green and pulled her from her horror-struck daze.

Lorraine closed her eyes and took several intense breaths. Opening her eyes again proved nothing had changed, except that the mailman had stopped struggling and screaming. "No way." She groaned to herself. That kind of crazy only happened in the movies. "No flipping way this is happening!"

A woman slammed into her door and shoved her arm through the partially open window. Moaning and reaching for her face, Lorraine didn't think twice about slamming her foot onto the gas pedal. Tires screeching, she floored the pedal and raced down the street. Her little four cylinder engine squealed in protest at the harsh treatment. The woman swerved around a shambling, bloody figure. She stroked the car's panel, just behind the wheel. "Sorry, baby. Just get momma outta here, and I'll treat you to that tune-up you've been asking for."

The next few minutes were a blur as she dodged the crazy freaks trying to eat each other and the obstacles, like burning cars. Lorraine didn't have a clue where she was going and did not stop for anyone. Until she saw that woman with her arms protectively around a little girl. Honey blonde hair hanging in soft waves, plaid shirt, and hip hugging jeans. The white chick looked like an ordinary housewife. Except, she was a really hot housewife, and Lorraine knew her. She slammed on the brakes, stopping next to her and the kid. "Get in!"

A breath, and the woman stared at her stupidly, terror written across her features. Dried tear tracks showed through the blood and dirt smeared across her pretty face. It was then that it occurred to Lorraine that she didn't actually have a clue who the woman was. No names meshed with her face, and the Latina couldn't dredge from her memories where she knew the blonde from. A glance in the mirror eased her mind. She could figure that kind of stuff out when monsters weren't hungry for their flesh.

"What are you waiting for? Get in!" Lorraine yelled again, eager for the pair to hop inside. Those things were getting way too close.

"Come on, baby." The blonde finally ushered the girl into the back seat before jumping into the front. "Thank you." She rasped out with a sick smile of gratitude.

Driving her foot into the gas again, Lorraine nodded, her eyes on the rearview mirror. So many, so much death.

"What the hell is going on?" The woman demanded of Lorraine.

"I dunno."

"Why are these people doing this?"

Lorraine looked the woman in the eye. She needed the woman to understand, so she could keep herself, and her kid, alive. Why Lorraine felt she needed to protect the blonde was something she didn't understand. She ignored that thought and spoke, carefully enunciating. "Those things aren't people anymore. They..."

A runaway truck slammed into the back of her little car. The airbags deployed, smacking painfully into Lori and the woman. The car's rear literally flew off the pavement, propelling it forward on the nose. Several yards down the street, it flipped over and dropped heavily onto the roof before skidding to a stop. Lorraine blanked out.

When she came to, the woman was dragging her kid from the car. Lorraine blinked hard, trying to figure out why everything looked funny. It clicked that she was upside down, being held up by her seatbelt. At the same time, she saw dozens of feet running by. They were chasing the blonde and her kid. "Oh, shit." She squeaked. Once again, she felt that crazy ache to protect the woman, but fear and survival instinct kept her in the car until the running crazies had passed.

She punched the release to the seatbelt, and dropped heavily to the ceiling. "Ow." Judging it was safe enough, she bolted through the still open passenger door. After a hurried glance around the area and not seeing the blonde or her kid, Lorraine picked a random direction and ran like hell. As she circled around some cannibals, she bemoaned her choice of footwear that morning. Her super cute boots with the pointy heels would have been fine in the office. But out there, running from hungry cannibals across thrashed lawns, well, she'd kill for her pink Converse sneakers sitting by her front door at home.

Somehow, she ended up in a subway tunnel. Last time she checked, Raccoon City didn't have a subway. And what the heck kind of writing was that on the walls? She started to examine a wall when she heard a noise behind her. Time to run and hide again. Yep. That was the theme of the day. Run and hide.

Crouching behind a puke-yellow tile covered pillar, Lorraine felt her heart pounding away in her chest. Her eyes were drawn to the train tracks. Something about being in the subway, with the threat of death hanging in the air felt so darn familiar. Steady, hurried footsteps drew her from hazy thoughts of exhaustion, burning pain, and a red dress. She risked a peek around the pillar and practically collapsed in relief.

It was that little girl and her mom. Or, at least, it might have been her mom. The blonde hair was way different. Instead of long waves, bangs, and that soft honey color, it was darker and cropped short. The ends of her hair brushed her jaw. And what was with the outfit? All black and leather, buckles, boots, and in her hand was a gun, another strapped to her back. Lorraine shrugged, smiled happily, and bounced out of her hiding place. When the blonde's gun was suddenly leveled at her head, she stumbled to a stop.

"Hey, it's me!"

The little girl turned to her mom, signing and speaking in a slurred voice. "She saved us earlier. Don't you remember?"

Lorraine smiled her best smile at the pair. When the woman lowered her gun, Lorraine leapt forward and pulled her into a big hug. "It's so great to see you again!" She bent down and hugged the kid too. That close, she noticed the clunky hearing aid attached to her head. Oh. Deaf. Lori shrugged and with another cheery smile, she stood up. Her eyes ran over the outrageous leather getup again. "But what's with the S&M outfit?"

Her eyes appeared ready to bug out of her skull, yet her voice was calm, controlled. "Never mind. What's your name?"

Wondering if she had something gross on her face, she replied with a strained smile. "Lorraine. Call me Lori. What's your's?"

The woman's eyebrow jumped at 'Lori', but she didn't say anything on it. She gestured at the kid. "This is Becky. I'm Alice." Alice. That named seemed to echo in Lori's ears. "We need to get out of here."

"I won't argue with that." They started walking down the platform. "What's with this place anyway?" Pointing at the strange writing on the walls, she asked, "Is that Russian?"

Alice's eyes abruptly fixed on the writing. "You know how to use this, right?" She asked, thrusting out one of her guns.

Shaking her head negatively, Lori grunted. "I campaigned for gun control."

Eyebrow raising again, Alice shrugged and shoved the gun into her hand.

"No. I don't think you understand. I marched against the NRA."

Alice pressed into her back and wrapped her arms around the suddenly very nervous Latina. "Concentrate," she spoke into her ear. Her hot breath ghosting across her skin sent a shiver down Lorraine's spine. Vague images of a huge mansion, massive bed, silk sheets, and steaming bodies flitted through her memory. Alice's warm hand was guiding her finger around the trigger and pointing. "Just like a camera. You point." Alice inhaled. Lori bit her lip. "And shoot."

BANG! BANG! BANG! The report echoed loudly in her ears, and the recoil sent her back into Alice's solid, strong body. Her first time firing a weapon, hearing its deafening roars, and the strange woman behind her should have had Lori whimpering, crying, something not what she currently felt. And that was safe. Being in Alice's arms was satisfying. The sound and feel of the gun in her hands was like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. Broken in, molded to the foot. Comfortable. Lori's brain itched with confusion.

Alice clapped her on the shoulder. "Congratulations." She stepped back. "You're officially a badass."

Lori didn't miss the ironic tone. She recognized that it should have been freaking hilarious. Turning slightly, she saw the blonde's lips pull into a crooked smile and grinned back. Problem was, Lori couldn't figure out why it was so funny, nor why Alice's smile had butterflies swarming her tummy. Sea green eyes stared into her, and the smile dropped into a serious expression. "Hide here with Becky. I'll be back."

"You said you wouldn't leave!" The little girl, Becky, cried out.

Alice spoke and signed to her... daughter? "I have to go, but I will be back."

Tears spilled from Becky's eyes. "But..."

"Trust me. I will come back, and I will get you out of here." Determination colored her tone. Heck, Lori believed her. The kid seemed to too.

Becky nodded and reached for a hug that Alice returned for a few seconds. She stood and met Lori's gaze again. The Latina spoke before Alice could. "Don't worry. She'll be safe with me."

Something like relief passed over the woman's face.

"Mommy!" Becky held up another sign at the retreating Alice's back. When the woman turned around, her eyes grew wide. "I love you."

A grim smile, and Alice nodded. "I'll be back soon." Then she was running and disappeared up the stairs leading to... wherever. Lori wondered why she didn't return the kid's heartfelt 'I love you'.

The two left behind looked at each other.

Becky spoke, still signing. Lori figured it was an ingrained habit. Becky would probably sign to everyone, even if they were like Lori and didn't have a clue what the hand gestures meant. "I met your sister."

Lori felt her eyebrows jump into her hairline in surprise.

"She's not very nice."

Unsure how to respond to that strange proclamation, given that Lorraine was an only child, she shrugged. Looping an arm around Becky's shoulders, Lori guided them to the same pillar she had been hiding behind earlier. "Let's try hiding over here."