"Primus he's only been online for a 10 months, how much cry can he have!" Sideswipe tiredly whined whacking his helm against a wall.

"I know, when will he ever stop!" Sunstreaker added.

"Oh stop it you two, we were all sparklings once" Ratchet sighed shaking his helm at the twins.

"Yeah every bot except you, I'm pretty sure you were born old and crazy, ha ha OW!" Sideswipe laughed as he got smacked in the helm by Ratchet.

"watch it!" Ratchet snapped at the idiot twin.

"He cries all night!" Sunstreaker continued to complain.

"Twins if you were forced out 5 months early, and survived, I'm sure you'd be screeching all night to" Ratchet growled.

"Yeah, did we give you sleepless nights?" Sideswipe asked.

"No actually you were past that age but some nights yes because you'd pull stupid scrap" Ratchet cursed.

"Ha ha we were awesome" Sunstreaker laughed.

"Ratchet I fed him changed him tried to rock him back to recharge and he just wont shut up!" Elita snapped comming into the med bay with her sparkling.

"Whoa..." Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both went wide opticed, this sparkling was making Elita crazy.

"Alright alright, just calm down don't fear them, they can sense it" Ratchet said taking the sparkling from the femme.

"You just have to be calm don't let the stress get to you, if you're calm thier calm..."

"When are you ever cal..."

"Shut up Sideswipe!" Ratchet quickly snapped shutting the silver twin up.

"Shh it's ok Bumblebee" Ratchet cooed rubbing the tiny sparklings back, lulling Bumblebee into recharge.

"Here you go, you'll probably have to feed him later, try holding to close to your spark that should calm, but get as much rest as you can" Ratchet whispered after a few minutes after Bumblebee fell into recharge Ratchet handed him back to Elita.

"Thank so much" Elita whispered taking her sparkling back and quietly leaving the med bay.

"Ok problem solved twi..." Ratchet turned around to find Sunstreaker and Sideswipe on the ground leaning against eachother against a medical berth.

"Yeah I supose recharge would be a wise choice" Ratchet sighed at his adopted sons and turned the med bay lights off and made his way to his own berth to get his own recharge.

"Where's Optimus been?" Jazz asked Elita who was currently feeding Bumblebee.

"Working hard, mostly in the field with Ironhide" Elita sighed.

"Oh hope he's alright" Jazz said looking at the other side of the room.

"He comes back today and gets to stay for a while, Bumblebee will be happy about that, but I have to leave for a while though" Elita said removing the bottle from her sparklings mouth.

"That's good to hear, not that you have to leave though, that sucks, do you and Optimus ever get the chance to be together with your sparkling?" Mirage asked sitting on the other side of Elita.

"Yes but it's rare we ever do" Elita sighed looking down at her bright opticed son.

"War is cruel..." Jazz shook his helm.

"May I hold him?" Mirage asked with a smile.

"Yes you may" Elita smiled, gently handing Bumblebee to the red spy.

Mirage carefully took the tiny sparkling and cradled him in the crook of his arm.

"Aw you're getting a little bigger" Mirage cooed giving Bumblebee a small tickle.

"Yeah he sure has taken a long time to grow, it's been 10 months and he's just starting to babble, has he crawled yet?" Jazz asked a question no one really wanted to ask Elita or Optimus knowing thier sparkling was going to have problems to begin with anyway.

"No not yet I hope he does soon but he hasn't gone for check up today so I'll ask Ratchet when he might start" Elita took a few cycles to answer Jazz's question.

"Sorry Elita, I didn't mean to upset you" Jazz apologized.

"No it's ok Jazz you wanted to know" Elita smiled.

"Elita bring Bumblebee to the med bay please" Ratchet's gruff old voice came over the intercom.

"Can we come?" Mirage asked giving Bumblebee back.

"Sure why not" Elita shrugged walking down the hallway with Jazz and Mirage.

"Hey Guys!" the twins and Arcee jumped beside Jazz and Mirage, following the three towards the med bay.


"Off to the med bay we go!" The boys sang smiling at Bumblebee who watched and giggled at them dancing around Elita.

Elita warmly smiled at the young mechs as she opened the med bay door to find her sparkmate standing waiting for her with a big smile.

"OPTIMUS!" All five young adults squealed hugging the prime.

"Chirp!" Bumblebee clicked and chirped reaching for his returned father.

"Hello boys, and Arcee" Optimus chuckled hugging them back.

"Hello Elita" Optimus smiled hugging his sparkmate.

"Click click chirp!" Bumblebee happily chirped as Optimus took him from Elita.

"And hello to you to little one, you've gotten bigger" Optimus cooed holding Bumblebee playfully above his helm.

"Glad you are, back Optimus" Elita said as Optimus continued to coo to his son.

"Yes I'm thankful I get to see my family" Optimus signed wrapping a free arm around his sparkmate.

"Yes but it is only for a brief moment as I have to leave now" Elita sighed with sadness.

"Yes...I'm sorry...please be safe" Optimus sighed giving Elita a kiss on her helm.

"I will try" Elita said leaving the med bay.

"Bye Elita come back soon!" The boys and Arcee called after the femme.

"Now I called Bumblebee in for a check up" Ratchet said taking Bumblebee from Optimus.

"Nice Ratchet just steal a sparkling from a prime" Jazz teased the medic.

"Oh shut up I'm doing my job" Ratchet growled as he scaned Bumblebee.

"You're a sparkling thief, that's not a very good job" The twins joined in on teasing.

"Alright everything as healthy as it can be for Bumblebee" Ratchet told the prime.

"Ratchet is he going to crawl or talk at all?" Optimus warily asked.

"Yes just give it a few more months he'll figure it out, do not worry Optimus" Ratchet smiled trying ro comfort the prime as he handed him back his son.

"Ok" Optimus sighed looking down at his happy sparkling.

"Yeah, Doctor miracle knows best" Arcee pointed out, making Ratchet smile.

"Yeah hatchet knows best even though we don't usually listen to his reason" Sideswipe chuckled making Ratchet shake his helm and roll his optics.