Not Quite Bulletproof

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Chloe stood frozen, staring at the woman behind the DJ booth, entranced at the way the brunette seemed to be in her own world, yet right there with the rest of the crowd. Beca played her set effortlessly, bobbing her head with a small smile on her face as she fiddled with the buttons and knobs in front of her. Chloe thought she had never looked more beautiful. It seemed that, despite being guarded with the people closest to her, it was when she was spinning those beats that Beca felt free to show herself, even to an entire room of strangers.

Chloe couldn't exactly remember what else they had talked about that night before Beca left. She thinks it was probably about her plans after graduation. She vaguely remembered telling Beca about her job offer as an assistant account executive at a PR firm in New York. She had gotten an apartment with Aubrey, who would be making the big move with her. The blonde had secured a paid internship with Cosmopolitan. The two had planned this since becoming fast friends their freshman year.

Chloe had been telling everyone her post-graduation plans for a while. As a senior, it was a question she was frequently asked. So it was pretty easy to go through the motions and recite the words like a script while thinking about how much she was going to miss the girl sitting next to her. It scared her a bit – throughout her college years, Aubrey had been her constant, and she had been used to her circle of friends changing every time members of the Bellas graduated and new ones were recruited. She told herself that it was because the Bellas had gone through so much more that year, and that, as one of the co-leaders that year, she had been much more invested than the other three years she was in the acapella group.

But it really didn't matter if they had been talking about their plans. After all, they had lost touch quickly afterwards. Being 3,000 miles apart with demanding jobs and a new circle of friends definitely made it difficult to find the time to talk regularly. The thought made her sad, because she didn't like to think that they were only friends because they had the Bellas in common.

Of course, the reason they lost touch could have been for a different reason. It could have been that, whatever it was they had been talking about, they had somehow ended up sitting much closer than they thought. And that by the time they had realized how close they were, they couldn't pull away from each other.

And despite having been able to keep her cool standing naked in front of an alarmed (then weirded out) Beca, Chloe felt her face heat up and her heart start beating erratically in that moment of realization. She hadn't had much to drink that night, but in that moment she felt herself sober up abruptly. Because right then, she felt Beca looking at her for the first time, just really looking at her. No nakedness or awkwardness to distract, no Aubrey next to her, no Bellas around them.

She wished they had kissed.

That's right, they didn't. They had fallen victim to the age-old clichéd 'interrupted as they were about to kiss' storyline. Yup. Because at that moment, her stupid flavor of the week, Brody or Brock – or was it Brian? – had stumbled outside, drunk as fuck, and smiled dumbly at the two, completely unaware of what he had just ruined.

"That's hot."

And with those two words, the two girls sprang apart, as if really realizing what had almost happened, the redhead running over to call her boyfriend a dumbass and dragging him back inside. And when she had returned barely five minutes later, the brunette had disappeared.

She had texted and called multiple times that night, but Beca never picked up or responded. So she had faked feeling sick and gone back to her room to process what had happened. It hadn't occurred to her until the next day that she didn't know when Beca's flight was. And since the younger girl hadn't told anyone but her about her plans, no one knew either. By the time Chloe had gone to Beca's father's house to check, the brunette had already left for LA.

Beca had sent the Bellas a mass text later that day, apologizing for not being able to say goodbye and that she had landed safely. She had said that she wasn't very good with goodbyes, so instead she was going to say good luck, and that she knew the Bellas would continue to kick ass without her the next year. She didn't promise to visit, because she didn't make promises she couldn't keep.

Cynthia Rose had been the most vocal about being pissed off that Beca had left the way she did. But when she received the Bellas' tuner in the mail, she knew they had an understanding. After all, if it was anything they both understood best, it was ambition. And when the Bellas first heard the name DJ Becapella on the radio, they knew that it was the brunette's way of telling them she had cared more than she let on.

On their graduation day, Aubrey and Chloe each received a bouquet of flowers from Beca.