So… This is my first time writing a Teen Wolf fic, so just bare with me here. I hope it doesn't suck too much. But even if people don't like this first chapter, I'll just continue it until it's finished anyway.

Chapter One

Mark Hale met Jessica their freshman year of high school. She was beautiful and had long dark hair and bright blue eyes. He was immediately smitten. Unfortunately, Mark was a bit awkward back then, and figured Jessica would never be interested in him. So he settled for being her friend. As luck would have it, though, Jessica asked Mark out their senior year—she had said she'd gotten tired of waiting for him to make a move.

They happily dated throughout college, and while Mark finished Law school. Jessica began working as a curator at a nearby Natural History museum—just outside the town of Beacon Hills where they lived. Soon after Mark passed the Bar, they found out Jessica was pregnant. Mark immediately proposed.

The couple quickly planned a small wedding and got married. Several months later, Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who they named Laura.

When Laura was two, she was given a baby brother named Derek.

As time went on, Mark and Jessica could feel themselves drifting away from each other. They were slowly falling out of love. They tried to reignite the spark by going on the honeymoon they never had. They started seeing a marriage counselor. They set aside date nights for every week. None of it worked. There were no longer any romantic feelings between the two. After much discussion, Mark and Jessica decided to divorce. They wanted to end things before it turned bitter, or before one of them cheated. They wanted to still have a good friendship for both themselves and their children.

When Laura was five and Derek was three, the divorce was finalized. Jessica got to keep the house, and Mark moved into an apartment. Every weekend, Derek and Laura would stay with their dad. Mark and Jessica still talked frequently, and both realized the other was much happier after the divorce.

One weekend, soon after Derek turned four, he and his sister were introduced to Melissa—their dad's new girlfriend. Melissa was always very nice to Derek and Laura. She never got jealous when Mark's attention was more focused on the kids. She even befriended Jessica. Laura adored Melissa. Derek, however, already had a mommy. He wasn't going to treat this new lady like a mom. He mostly just tolerated Melissa.

Derek was not amused when he was told Melissa was pregnant.

"Do you hafta have a baby?" Derek asked.

Mark laughed. "Yes. You're going to have a little brother or sister."

"Are you guys gonna get married?" Laura asked.

"No," Mark answered.

Laura pouted. "But I want to be a flower girl."

Melissa smiled at her. "We might get married one day, Laura. Just not yet. We don't want to rush into anything."

"Okay," Laura said. "Just don't wait until I'm too old to be a flower girl."

Soon after the announcement, Mark and Melissa bought a house together. Derek was pleased when he found out he'd have his own room at the house. He didn't want to share a room with Laura, or worse: an annoying baby. He even got to pick out his furniture, the color of the room, the carpet, and his bedding. Derek thought all that was so cool. It made him feel like a big kid. It was horribly mismatched, but the only person who cared was Laura.

Derek was five when his little brother was born. His mom took him and Laura to the hospital to see the baby.

"Say hello to Scott," Melissa said about the bundle in her arms.

"Aw. He's cute," Laura cooed.

Derek crawled onto the bed next to Melissa to get a good look. "He's funny looking." He didn't enjoy everyone laughing at his statement.

Jessica kissed the top of her son's head. "I think someone's jealous that he's not the baby anymore."

"Am not," Derek insisted. He just didn't see what was so special about a tiny thing that couldn't do anything.

As Scott got bigger and learned to walk and talk, it seemed like his sole purpose in life was to annoy Derek. He would follow Derek around. He would whine and cry until Derek would play with him. If Scott were drawing or coloring, he'd have to show Derek his work. Then he'd cry if Derek said they were lame (they almost always were). Laura would smack Derek on the back of the head when he teased Scott. His dad or Melissa would yell at him if he pushed Scott. The world was against him.

Derek was eight when his dad and Melissa announced their engagement.

Laura groaned. "I'm too old to be a flower girl!"

Melissa chuckled. "You can be a junior bridesmaid. Derek can be a junior groomsman, and Scott can be the ring bearer."

"Can Stiles be in the wedding too?" Scott asked.

Derek rolled his eyes. Stiles was Scott's "bestest friend in the whole wide world." Derek had yet to meet Stiles, but Scott never shut up about him. Derek knew lots of facts about Stiles. Stiles' mom was Melissa's best friend, as well as their dad's secretary at his attorney office. Stiles' dad was "a really brave cop." Stiles liked to go on adventures, and always yelled at the mean kids at daycare. The kid sounded more annoying that Scott.

"Sure. Stiles can be in the wedding," Melissa said. "His mom is going to be my Matron of Honor."

The year was filled with wedding planning. Melissa had a big book filled with ideas, which Laura thought was amazing. Derek overheard talk of dresses, flowers, shoes, color schemes, seating charts, meals, cake, music, centerpieces, and a million other boring things. All Derek cared about was that he got to ride in a limo.

One thing that really made Derek mad was when he found out Scott would be staying with them while his dad and Melissa were on their honeymoon. In his house. In his room. Derek asked why Scott didn't stay with any of his grandparents, but apparently they all lived too far away. Then Derek suggested that Scott stay with Stiles. But no. Not good enough. Everyone thought Scott would be more comfortable with his siblings. When he suggested Scott just go with Dad and Melissa, everyone just laughed. Derek found nothing funny about his ideas.

It was at the rehearsal dinner when Derek met Stiles. Derek didn't speak to Stiles during the actual rehearsal. He watched Scott and Stiles walk down the aisle together. Scott stood on Dad's side and Stiles stood on Melissa's. Stiles stood next to a woman that Derek figured was his mom—they looked a lot alike. Stiles fidgeted a lot and tried to speak a few times, but his mom stopped him. Then Stiles just started staring at Derek. When Stiles saw that Derek noticed him staring, he smiled really big at Derek. Derek came to the conclusion that Stiles was a weird kid. It figured he was friends with Scott.

They went to a fancy restaurant for the dinner. Derek sat with his mom as everyone else socialized.

"Your father always wanted a big wedding Mom said. "I'm glad he's finally getting it."

"Why didn't you have a big wedding with Dad?" Derek asked.

"I didn't want a big wedding."

"You're not mad at Dad for getting married again?"

"Of course not," Mom said with a smile. "Your dad has always been one of my best friends. I'm happy he's happy."

"A lot of kids' parents hate each other after a divorce."

"Well, we've never been like other people."

Derek smiled at that. He liked that they weren't like everyone else.

Derek felt someone poke his arm. He turned and saw Stiles smiling at him. "What?"

"You have pretty eyes," Stiles said.

Derek did not know how to respond to that. "Um… Thanks?"

That made Stiles smile bigger, and Derek heard his mom giggle.

Stiles turned his head and called Scott over. Loudly. When Scott was by his side, Stiles said, "Your brother doesn't look like a butt-face."

Derek glared at Scott. "What?"

Scott shook his head. "I said he acts like a butt-face."

"I do not!" Derek argued.

"Yes you do!" Scott cried back.

Stiles gave Derek's knee a pat. "I don't think you're a butt-face."

Scott rolled his eyes. "You don't know him."

The woman who looked like Stiles came up to them. "It's time to go, sweetie."

"Okay, Mommy." Stiles lifted up his arms. His mom sighed but picked him up anyway. Stiles rested his head on his mom's shoulder and waved good-bye to Derek.

During the wedding, Stiles did that weird staring thing at Derek again. Stiles ended up sitting next to Derek at the reception. Stiles made comments about the wedding, and said Melissa's dress was beautiful. The kid never shut up.

"Is your last name Hale like Scott?" Stiles asked as they ate.


"My last name is Stilinski."

Derek gave him a confused look. "Your name is Stiles Stilinski?"

Stiles shook his head. "I have trouble saying my first name. One day I told everyone to call me Stiles. It's cool, right?"

"Sure." Though Derek didn't really think four year old were cool. Especially ones that never shut up. At least Stiles wasn't as boring as Scott.

When Derek was ten, the worst thing in the word happened. He was in class taking a math test when the principal called her to his office. When he got there, he was surprised to see Laura and his dad there.

After Derek sat, his dad broke the news. His mom had been in a car accident. A bad one. Caused by a drunk driver. She was at the hospital, and the doctors were trying hard to save her.

Derek didn't remember getting his things, or the drive to the hospital.

Melissa—who was a nurse at the hospital—came to talk to them. Derek heard "brain damage" and "machines are keeping her alive." And Melissa reminded Dad that it was his choice whether or not to keep Mom alive.

"Won't she ever wake up?" Laura asked through the tears.

Melissa looked sad. "It's very unlikely."

Derek, Laura, and their dad spent the day at the hospital talking about it. Derek didn't know what to do. He just wanted his mom to be okay. But when Derek first saw her laying in the hospital bed, with a bunch of tubes and wires attached to her, he knew that would probably never happen. A machine was keeping her breathing. If his mom were to be alive, Derek wanted her walking and talking.

They decided to wait a week to see if her condition improved at all. It didn't. So they pulled the plug, and Mom passed on.

Laura cried a lot. Especially during the funeral. Derek refused to cry in front of everyone. So while everyone went to his dad's house after—now Derek and Laura's house too—he went and hid in his room. He wanted to be sad in peace, and wanted to get away from all the people saying they were sorry for his loss.

He heard his bedroom door open and saw Stiles walk in. "Go away," Derek said to him.

"My dad doesn't like to cry in front of people either." Stiles crawled onto Derek's bed. "Do you want a hug?"


Stiles didn't listen. He wrapped his arms around Derek's middle and held him tight. It was the first time Derek actually felt genuinely comforted—by a five year old. Derek hugged Stiles back and let himself sob.