I, Maximum Martinez, DO NOT WANT TO MOVE!

I packed the last of my things into a brown cardboard box. My room looked bear without the photos up on my wall. You used to not be able to see any of the walls behind it but now all you can see is a plain white wall. One of the benefits of moving is that my mum said that I could buy a can of paint and make my new room my own. I sighed and stomped my way down the small staircase only to be met by my younger sister.

"Max, come on, please smile, mom feels bad enough for making us moving," pleaded Ella. I shot her my don't-bother-me-at-the-moment-I'm-actually-really-annoyed-I'm-just-trying-to-contain-it glare. I stomped out the front door, loaded the last box into the boot of our car and jumped into the front seat grumpily. It was going to be a long damn drive.

The sun beat down heavily on the top of our car. It was too hot an all I wanted to do was stretch my legs. I will say this once again: I. Do. Not. Want. To. Go. Argh! Why didn't my mum listen to me? Did she ask me if I wanted to pack up and move? No. Did she ask me if I wanted to leave all my friends behind and go to a new and strange high school, halfway through my freshman year? I think not. Did she even bother to ask me how I felt about it? No way. Now here we were me, my twelve year old sister and my mum sitting in the same car together! We were on our way to our new home in where apparently my mum would earn more money from her new job at her own Vet Clinic.

"Where is this place exactly?" I asked, staring out the window at the dead grass killed by the evil UV rays.

"Not far," Mum replied.

"Sure, whatever," I replied. I sighed loudly and I saw Mum's eyes flick to me.

"Max, honey, I know you don't like this but I think this will be a good experience for you," Mum told me.

"Max, I'm going to miss my friends but I'm looking forward to this," Ella said softly. I looked at her. I loved my little sister. I was never annoyed with her or angry at her like some people were with their siblings. I smiled at her warmly and she grinned back. "See, your smile is great. You know, I bet that on your first days guys are going to be panting after you. You're so pretty, I am very, very jealous."

Despite my sour mood, I giggled. Ella always knew how to make me feel better. I didn't think I looked very pretty. I didn't look much like my mother and sister who were very much alike. Both had dark hair, tanned skin, brown eyes and Hispanic looks but I took more after my dad. I had brown-blonde hair which, every day was becoming more and more brown but I had my mother's brown eyes. I liked my eyes. They were sort of pretty.

"Okay Max, that's a better attitude," Mum laughed. "Now I have everything unpacked already apart from those few last boxes so your rooms are set up. I hope you like what I've done."

"You know us well Mum, I'm sure they're great," I said. I got a bigger room here so I was glad. Mum had come down earlier with all our things and had everything unpacked ready for us. Then she came and picked us up from our goodbye parties and we started the trip down here.

An hour later we drove into the town where we'd be going to school. I saw so many people on the streets. I saw tonnes of kids. There were teenagers just hanging out everywhere. I even saw some guys who were kind of cute.

"Wow… there are so many people," Ella murmured nervously. I nodded in agreement, starting to miss all my friends already. I used to have a boyfriend as well. He was so cute. But we had to break up because I was leaving. I would really miss Sam.

We drove out of the town and neared a forest. On the edge of the forest was a large, white looking house with a wraparound porch. I had to admit, this was great. The house was MASSIVE. We were near the forest. I love trees and animals. Especially Birds.

"Welcome home girls," Mum said. She pulled up and we all climbed out of the car. I was still staring at the house when the other two started walking towards it.

"Girls! Come look at the inside of the house!" yelled my mom from the porch. Mom was still making rapid hand gestures, so everyone ran up the stairs before she suffered any brain damage from excitement.

I had to admit- the house was pretty. It was one of those ritzy houses that you could only dream about, but was close to the suburbs, so it wasn't too far away from school, which was okay I guess. The house had class décor that still managed to be comfortable, with lots of dark blues, light browns, and deep maroons scattered all around the house. Mom was standing on the stairs and still having a spaz attack.

"Mom. We. Are. Coming. Settle. Down" Ella called up, at the exact moment I was about to. I laughed and raced Ella up the stairs.

Wow. That's all I have to say. Have you ever seen those pictures of the Buckingham Palace where they have a bunch of doors going down the hallway? Well, imagine that and downsize it about a hundred times, and you'd get my house. Not that it was small, where I had to share with Ella and mom had her own room, it was a palace within itself. The Buckingham Palace was just so cool to look at; I think I'd like to go there someday but somehow I don't think I will need to now…

"Now I know you only got here but-" Mum started before we went to find our rooms. I raised an eyebrow.

"We have to go to school tomorrow, don't we?" I asked. Mum nodded.

"Sorry girls but I have to work and what better to do on your first Monday here then start school?"

"A lot of things," I replied harshly. Mum sighed.

"Well go and explore," she told us. Ella rolled her eyes at me.

I wandered down the hall. I stopped at the door that had 'Max's Room' on it. I winked at Ella and opened the door and stepped in. The room was perfect, decorated with blues, reds, blacks and other awesome colours. I dumped my bag on my Queen sized bed and sat down. It was spacious, with a large window that faced the woods, and the wall was, on closer inspection, a massive closet. I even had my very own bathroom. It looks like there were actually some good things about the move.

"Hey Max, mom made you some cookies," she handed me the plate of steaming chocolate chip cookies. I inhaled them. Ella just shook her head and we wandered downstairs together.

"Mom, where are we going to school?" I asked realising I didn't actually know the answer to it.

I listened to her tell us about how the school had high test scores, only about 400 people attended, so the teacher gave one-on-one help, but they didn't have many electives in the art department. I almost fainted when she heard they didn't have a vocal dimension or choir and I was mad that they didn't have a regular guitar class. Instead, they had a combined class in the musical arts, drama, and painting. I insisted I take that class, although I was shocked that there were still openings, but mom said that parenting and gym were the classes everyone fought for. Weird!