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Chapter 4

"Kimiko I am very disappointed in you." The principle said.

"But Mr. Fung," I tried.

"No buts missy you know the rules no fighting."

"But it wasn't my fault Wuya started it. We were just playing a simple game of dodge ball and I accidentally threw the ball a little too hard and hit her nose with it. She overreacted and attacked me. So as you can see I didn't do anything wrong."

"Well sense there is no clear story here you both get one week's detention."

"But sir it's not my fault," said Wuya. "She's the one who purposely threw that ball at my nose, she almost broke it."

"I'm sorry Wuya but because we don't know who is telling the truth you both get detention. I don't want to see you two in here again do I make myself clear."

I nod my head and Wuya just glares at me. When we leave the office are a good distance away from it she shoves me against the wall.

"You just made a huge enemy. One you don't want." She shoved me again and then walks away.

"Well excuse me." I mimic her voice and then heard a dark snicker.

"You know if she heard you say that you would be in the hospital. She may seem like a pretty face but there is a reason why some people call her a witch." Chase said behind me.

I turned around and finally got a good look at him, without his friends surrounding him. He was tall that was for sure and had pitch black hair and eyes to match, he wore all black but it seemed to fit him. I was about to say something when I heard the bell ring and realized how long we were in the office for, because the bell signaled the end of the day.

"Well I guess we should head to detention. You don't want to be late." He winked at me and then walked away.

As I sat there and watched Chase flirting with Kimiko I got more and more annoyed.

'What does he want with her anyways? He's Mr. Popular and she is a tomboy. What could Chase want from some one like that?'

"Hey Rai there you are I was looking for you. Guess we both have detention."

"What did you do to get detention?"

"I hit Wuya in the face with a dodge ball and then she attacked me so I defended myself. The dodge ball thing was a complete accident, but the principle can't be sure so he gave us both detentions. Not very fair if you ask me it was just an accident she's the one who attacked me. But oh well, no reason to argue I don't need any more days of detention."

As we enter the detention room I take notice of who's in it. I noticed Wuya wasn't there but a couple of her friends where. I also noticed Chase was there and that he was staring at me and Rai.

"Please take a seat you two, and start whatever work you brought with you."

I sat down and pulled out my drawing pad and pencil and started working more on my part of the house for art.

"We prefer you do homework and not doddle." The teacher said.

"This is homework, it's for Art."

After everyone who was supposed to come in and the teacher checked we all had something to do the teacher left. As soon as the teacher was completely gone students started talking. I looked over at Rai for an explanation.

"The teacher doesn't want to be here anymore then we do so he checks that everyone has something to do then leaves until 5 minutes before time is up making sure no one left."

"Hey Wuya look at Chase, It seems Mr. to Cool for School might have a little crush on the new girl."

"Oh so it may seem. Girls I have an idea, because our friend Chase has a little crush on her we need to make her crush worthy, I mean look at her she looks like a boy. So the plan is tomorrow we find her before school starts shove her into an empty class room and give her a full fledge makeover."

"Wuya you're so smart. Except what if she tries to fight us? I'm not about to get hurt."

"Don't worry girls if it comes to that I'll deal with her."

"So what's the deal with you and Chase I mean I can tell you do not like each other but why?" I asked.

"Well it was the beginning of the school year and Chase and I had been pretty good friends in middle school. On the first day a new kid arrived and his name is Roy. Now Roy instantly became close friends with the cool kids so he ended up with them. He noticed that Wuya seemed to have a crush on Chase so he and his friends gave Chase a complete dude makeover making him who he is today. But the weird thing is, I don't know how that changed the way he thought I mean even though he looks like one of them I thought he would still act like one of us, but he doesn't."

"Wow that's so strange well don't worry I'll never let that happen to me. I'd rather die than dress like those girls."

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