Depression, guilt, tragedy and despair were all I felt. My body was cold, warn and tired. Trying to move was starting to become a difficult task. This was my third day without food or nourishment and I was trapped within walls of stone and metal and the air had a stale smell to it, the smell of blood. Obviously I wasn't the first person to endure in this experience my captives called entertainment. I ran a hand through my hair, well tried to for it was brittle. It was like trying to run your hands through straw with sharp angels and wicked twists that lead to tangles that were almost impossible to remove.

A man appeared at the gate to my prison and shoved a metal tray under the rusted metal bars that kept me confined. The meal on the tray, which is if you could even call it a meal, was a strange greyish colour and if you looked close you could swear it was moving. "Do you have anything more appetizing" I looked towards the man who was currently in a state of shock obviously not expecting me to voice my opinion on the unfulfilling meal placed in front of me "NO! Now shut up and stop your yabba" the man growled. It was kind of funny what humans will do to prove themselves to their master "I would watch yourself human, I am not one to anger" I said my voice strong but calm. He turned and laughed at me. The pathetic morsel laughed at me, Me!.

Without even knowing it I busted the chians that kept me here and grabbed the pathetic human by the neck and twisted, breaking his neck in 5 different places. I smiled down at my work feeling proud to let my anger do the work for me. I looked at the poor man then turned and left.

I kept walking in the dark, but being a vampire my vision was perfect. I kept walking till I passed a sign: Welcome to Morganville, Morganville what a strange but unusual name. I walked a bit further till I found a small town. The houses all looked the same an old Victorian design. I kept staring at the house when I felt a presence, the presence of another vampire. I turned and crouched growling at the intruder, the intruder of my personal space. A man walked out also growling at me to which didn't settle down with me. "You, who are you" I laughed at him "Why should I tell you" I yelled at him. He seemed quite shocked at how I spoke to him.

"Because you don't want a bad time here babe" Babe I'm not his babe. Before I realised what I was doing the man was in the air with my hand around his throat. "You will submit to me dear fellow man or you can watch as I rip out your organs and harvest them for someone who really needs them" I chuckled loudly making shore my voice sounded dark and sinister. He tried to squirm but my grip was too strong "Why should I, Amelie would kill me, I only serve her: I smiled at his loyalty, it was touching. I pulled him towards me just in time to see the fear sink in then bit him. I let him go after a while till he slid to the ground.

"What's your name" I sneered snowing my fangs. "I-I'm Michael, Michael Glass" he whimpered. I smiled at his fear, oh how I missed the smell of it. "Who are you" he asked, by the sound of his voice it took a lot of what little courage he had left to say it. I smiled at him the boy was sweet with his blond hair and sea blue eyes.

"Me, child they call me Zara and I'm the original, the original vampire"