Claire's POV

A vampire was looking for me. My first thoughts were what they were going to do with me when they find me. Oliver, my father growled at Myrnin like he had caused the problem. But as usual Myrnin was not fazed by Oliver, not in the slightest. He stood tall and prowled like nothing could take him down. It was the first time I had referred to Myrnin as a man instead of a childish boy I was so used to seeing. I stood there while they all started to dictate each other, finding flaws in the others plan. I watched on till a funny feeling came to my head making it ache and thump against my temple. I started to rub but it only made it worst. Then the strangest thing happened. I entered Myrnin's mind.

I appeared in front of an old Victorian house that had been vandalised. The front gate was broken and the grass was long and dead. I walked up the small steps till I got to the front door. The door was slightly jammed but with a little force it opened revealing a narrow hallway, which held lots of twists and turns. I walked down noticing photographs on the walls, but unlike normal photos these ones moved. Showing a short play but it kept repeating itself over and over. I stopped at one of the photos seeing a small boy with his mother. The boy looked happy until the photo started playing. The mother slowly turned to the boy showing a belt telling the little boy it was time for his punishment. The boy nodded taking the beating from his mother. But what made it really sad was that the mother seemed pleased in the boys pain, smiling every time the boy cried out. At that moment I realised these weren't pictures but memories from Myrnin's past. This was him as a little boy before he got sick or was turned into a vampire.

I turned away from the horrid memory, feeling disgusted for watching my friend in pain. I kept walking till the hallway came to a black door. On the door was a word: Guilt. I took a deep breath before opening the door to see a room with blood splattered on the walls. But what really got my attention were the memories on the walls. These were all the things Myrnin felt guilty about. I was walking towards the door having seen enough. I stepped out of the room and closed the door behind with a soft click.

I continued my walk going through every door I could find, getting to know Myrnin more and more. I went through doors that said: My first ten years to a door that said: My first years at Morganville. I walked and walked feeling my legs starting to drag behind me. I thought I was almost done until I spotted a staircase in the distance. I walked over to it then started to climb the stair case. It felt like forever until I made the top, seeing a door laced with gold. I walked closer to it seeing something was written upon the door. I stood in front of the golden door seeing the words: My love written on it.

I took a deep breath opening the door to seeā€¦