The Amazing Spider-Man: Team Up

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Summary: Set after the events of The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker's life continues as tries to balance his life between the masked vigilante Spider-Man and his own. Being contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D to join the Avengers, Peter is unwilling to compromise his identity and endanger the people he loves. However as new situations arise, he has to team up with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to defeat new antagonists and to learn about his hidden past.

Chapter 1

The Untold Story Continues

"Don't make promises that you can't keep Mr. Parker."

"Yeah but those are the best kind..."

Peter Parker never wanted to be a superhero. He never wanted to feel the guilt of his failures and watching somebody else to pay the price. However hard he tried to convince himself that he was not to blame for Captain Stacy's death, the more he realized that he only was to blame. He created the Lizard, he failed to defeat him alone, and the result was George Stacy paying the price.

As he perched on a masthead on the top of a building pondering over his guilt and whether his choice to break a promise he made to a dying man was right, he heard police sirens in the distance and sighed. He had the power, so he had to take up responsibility. He never understood why people thought being a superhero was lucky, the truth being far from it.

At the present moment it looked like there was a robbery in a bank and the robbers were trying to evade the police. There was a car chase going on which he could tell easily by the sight of a car wildly dashing through the streets of New York, police cars hot on its tail; but the NYPD were without any luck so far."This game of cops and robbers needs a spider." Peter dropped from the building he was sitting on and on getting within his maximum range of web shooters he fired a web line and swiftly swung away towards the wailing sirens.

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

As Director Nick Fury paced in his office, he was notified by Agent Hill that the World Council wanted to talk to him. He grimaced, wondering why it took them so long to contact him. He had anticipated them breathing down his neck many times this week. But here they were, contacting him 5 days after the accident that had almost turned all citizens of New York into reptiles; one would think they didn't give a damn what happened to a few people. All they cared for was that the catastrophe had 'not happened'. But Nick Fury knew better than to show his revulsion and be replaced only to leave the Earth in 'incapable' hands.

"Director, we've been thinking about this peculiar incident a lot …"

"Of course you have", replied Fury with a smirk. "May I know what led you to contact me now?"

"Oh yes we're coming to that. You see, this is about that costumed vigilante Spider-Man.

"Ah…I was just thinking how he did a great service to us."

"Director, you know that he is under suspicion for the previous NYPD captain George Stacy's death. Apart from the fact that we don't know who he is, or what can he exactly do, he took on 17 police officers alone…that too after being tasered! He is a huge potential threat."

"Yes, and I believe you want me to take him down for saving the city."

"No, you exactly know what we want you to do. Find him. Check whether he is a threat to us. If he is, you know what to do."

Fury made his way to his office and called on Agent Hill. He remembered the day the incident happened. Everyone was too surprised to do anything. It happened so quickly that he didn't have time to call on the Avengers. As he had desperately tried to reach Stark he watched on news as Spider-Man made his way, or rather swung his way to OsCorp. He later learnt that the man had been shot as well, which led him to wonder about the powers of Spider-Man. Was he a mutant?

Or was he someone with another accidental case history?

"Yes, sir?" Maria Hill asked as she watched Fury paced in his office, clearly something bothering him.

"Agent Hill, bring me all relevant information on Spider-Man."

Location: New York

Spider-Man watched as a car literally dashed across the streets of New York, with 4 NYPD cars in hot pursuit. He snagged a web line on one of the NYPD cars and zipped himself across the air onto the roof of the police car. From there he was able to take a good look on the situation. The thugs in the cars were repeatedly firing wild shots whenever they could. One of them actually hit the tire of the car in his front as it drifted out of control and hit a lamppost."Well…" Peter thought, "Time to crash their party."

He aimed his web shooters at the robbers' car and zip lined himself to its roof.

The robbers inside heard a loud thud on the roof.

"What are you waiting for? Check what is on the roof", one of them said

Spider-Man heard him and inwardly laughed as he tried to imagine what the robbers could have thought was on the roof. One arm carrying a gun came out of the passenger side window. He quickly snatched the gun out of the hand and pulled it until he heard a painful gasp from his victim. He let it go and jumped, only to drop on the windshield of the car. The terror on the robbers' faces was evident.

"Hey guys, although it's not Halloween, how about this for a trick?

Now you see me, now you don't." He pushed on his web shooters hard to cover the windshield with his web.

"Now what about my treat…SPIDER SENSE"

He only got up his head in time to see a masked thug get half out of the window to aim a shotgun at him and fire. As the shower of bullets neared him, time slowed down as he knew it and using his unbelievable reflexes bent his torso as the shells crossed over his body. With no one to drive the car, it sprinted out of control and he quickly shot another web line and snatched the gun out of the hands of the man. The man was totally disoriented as he tried to throw a punch at him but missed by a mile and he pulled him out of the car and threw him in a dumpster. Inside the car another thug tried to make his way towards the driver's seat and control the car, keeping his gun ready for Spider-Man. Eventually, his masked head appeared and he tried to grasp the steering wheel.

The car turned as Spider-Man and the robber fought for control but suddenly Peter's spider sense kicked into overdrive as the robber pulled the gun out and shot him at point blank range. He didn't know how fast his reflexes were but surely not enough fast for this. But surprisingly as he dodged the bullet he found out that he was safe on the roof even before the bullet got out of the car.

On a nudge from his spider sense he saw that a wall was approaching fast towards the car. Quickly he jumped from the car's roof high into the air and turned slowly in air to snag a web line to the car and using his superhuman strength he pulled it in the air, only before falling parallel to it as the car rose in the air and making a giant web all around the car to hold it.

Standing below the webbed car, he admired his handiwork. It was something he had not done before.

"I was able to dodge a point blank shot to the head, and a few days ago I couldn't dodge an easy shot fired only at my leg," he thought, "Man how does this thing work…perhaps I was in too much stress at that time to dodge ,... that makes sense." He jumped into the air and swung away as he heard police cars approaching, but not before leaving a note, 'From your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man'.

It was 3:30 A.M as Peter finally entered his house from his bedroom window. He fell on his bed, wrestling with his inner conscience again as he saw 3 missed calls from got up, changed his clothes and then again dropped on his bed & closed his eyes. His fatigue quickly gave way to sleep even before he realized it.

The next morning was pleasant. His aunt didn't ask any questions about when did he return, but she hadn't asked many after the Connors incident. Sometimes Peter wondered if she knew everything. He still remembered the look she gave him when he returned home after the incident and gave her the eggs.

It was just another normal day at Midtown High School, but due to lack of sleep Peter was unable to pay much attention to the teachers. Flash had continued to maintain a neutral attitude towards him so he didn't care about proving himself better than him. But still on the inside he felt a little jealous that most of his qualities were now of Spider-Man, not Peter Parker.

Later when he met Gwen after the classes all his drowsiness suddenly disappeared. He had tried to avoid her gaze all the week as he still was not sure whether he should continue his relationship with her. But he was unable to keep himself away from her anyway. This emotional turmoil was driving him mad. One part of him wanted to be with Gwen, to hold her, to tell her how much he loved her. But the other part argued, and with success; how could he not respect the dying wish of a man, that he knew well was right. He was suddenly jerked back to reality as he watched Gwen eyeing him, the question clearly visible in her brown eyes. Realizing that the silence between them was becoming awkward, he stammered," So wassup Gwen?"

"Nothing much, you tell."

"Uh, you know...random crime fighting, car chases, that sort of thing."

He realized that he was proving himself an idiot but Gwen casually brushed it aside.

"So, about that...thing", she said hesitantly, as if she was afraid he would again tell her to forget about it.

Peter tried to avoid her penetrating gaze as he looked down and replied," I'm still not sure about all of this Gwen."

He heard her sighing and shifted his gaze upwards to see her giving him a disappointed look.

"Peter, after all this I thought, you would understand-"

"I understand Gwen, but I'm not ready yet. Give me some time. You know I will be always there for you, but just, just let's not...not now..."he was unable to end his predicament but was surprised when Gwen's eyes softened.

"It's ok Peter, I understand too. You have gone through a lot in the past few days, you need your time."

Peter was surprised to see a smile suddenly form on Gwen's lips.

"And I'm ready to give you as much time you want Peter. I am going nowhere."

Peter felt miserable. He didn't want her to keep hoping.

"Sorry Gwen. But you could get hurt."

Again, the silence that settled between them was unnerving.

"So, how's it going at OsCorp?" Peter asked, determined to change the topic.

"Okay, I guess. There has been a lot of repair work, and Dr Ratha is trying to get Connor's research back on line as soon as possible."

"What? Is he mad? Does he want another giant green-"

"Not cross-species genetics, Peter. It's something different but related to it. It's basically on a serum used to enhance human soldiers' abilities. Sort of like Captain America."

"Hmm. But if it was possible it could have been done during WWII. There can be only one Captain America."

"Yes, but they are trying to recreate the serum. From what I hear, many people have tried to do it but only managed to fail."

Then lowering her voice, Gwen said," I have also heard that Mr. Osborn is seriously ill, apparently on his death bed."

"That would explain the sudden rush. But don't they know that they are playing with fire, trying to recreate something that is apparently lost. Why not do something original?"

"Yeah, like creating radioactive spiders which eventually create the cutest hero."

Peter blushed at that, and did not comment.

"Okay then Peter, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye"

"Bye", Peter stood as he watched her go, again arguing with his mind whether he should have gone with his heart. "Well, at least that conversation went better than expected", mused Peter.

Location: S.H.I.E.L.D Central, New York

Nick Fury flicked through all the files related to Spider-Man, only to be disappointed. All the information on Spider-Man was shrouded in uncertainty. The only thing known about him was that he emerged suddenly and took down several criminals before the showdown with Lizard on top of OsCorp tower. The only connection he could place was the assistance of crane operators to Spider-Man to prevent him from further injuring himself after being shot. That also he came to know, was because Spider-Man had saved the son of one of them. When data got him nowhere, he decided to confront this enigma he was unable to solve and find out for himself.

"Agent Hill, call on Agent Romanoff. I want to take no chances with a guy who can kick twelve trained asses even after being tasered and handcuffed.

Also trace his swinging patterns and his appearances, maybe that will give us a clue."

Location: New York

Due to the whole stressing Lizard incident Spider-Man had almost forgot the thrill of web swinging. It was now that there was no crisis at hand so he was able to enjoy it again. He found that it cleared his mind, calming him and allowing him to focus his thoughts. With the end of the term approaching he also had to look forward to his future. He still had to decide a college, but he got a feeling he would be attending the Empire State University. He thought about Gwen, who had so many scholarships thrown at her due to her brilliance. He was no different but he had ruined his chance by choosing Spider-Man and letting his grades fall slightly, but that made all the difference when you are looking at the competition.

His spider sense nudged him towards an alley where he heard the scream of a woman. Web zipping quickly he dropped into the alley just in time to see three burly and stupid looking men who had a woman cornered. Two rapid web lines and two men were on the ground heavily webbed while the third one, apparently the boss ran at Spider-Man. Amused by his efforts, he sidestepped and tripped him. "I ain't afraid of you punk", he growled and getting up pulled out a knife.

"How many times I have to see this..."he groaned. "You guys seriously think you could overpower me with a knife? Now drop it before I kick it out of your hands."

The man snarled and slashed, but Spider-Man oversaw all his attacks, dodged and finally deciding to end the game, knocked the man out with a strong roundhouse kick to his stomach. He turned to see whether the woman was all right.

"Thanks, for saving me."

"Hey, that's my duty as your friendly neighborhood, because my neighbors are not so friendly. Call the police and get these animals into their cages."

She smiled and waved as he leapt up a building and swung away, not aware that he was being watched.

Natasha Romanoff stood on top of a building, impressed by the agility of Spider-Man. Tracing his regular swinging routes S.H.I.E.L.D had concluded that most of his sightings were in Queens. But she was lucky she had gotten him at a crime scene. Tapping into her earpiece she said," The only way to attract this guy is crime. We must act a fake crime somewhere in this area and I'm sure he'll show up."

Night fell on New York as Spider-Man decided to head back to his home, mostly because he had faced no crimes after his alley rescue; and because he was tired and just wanted to sleep. But as he ducked into an alley to get his clothes he heard a muffled scream. He snorted." Of course these guys will never allow me to sleep peacefully. Why did I even think of a break?"

When he reached there he saw a red haired girl surrounded by masked men. Not again, he thought as he jumped into their midst." Not on my watch, guys…."SPIDER SENSE

Spider-Man was surprised as suddenly all the men attacked him together. But with his spider sense to warn him, he was aware of every single attack before it came. He dodged, countered, and webbed them but they seemed trained. He was surprised at how they looked ready, as if waiting for him in the first place. But when he thought all were taken care of, more filled the alley. Was this some kind of trap?

Still he was far more agile than they considered him to be. Time to take this to the next level, he thought as he increased the pace of his blows. They seemed indifferent to this and pulled out their guns, their plan not going well. But he dodged every single bullet fired by them and caused his attackers to stop firing in surprise. "What happened dude, not happy to see me perfectly fit and fine?"

They fell back quickly and disappeared into the alley, but Peter felt that was because the plan had changed. He turned back to see the girl, no…woman, she looked dangerous, smile at him. "Well done Spider-Man. You have passed the test."

"Is this some kind of joke? Any hidden cameras or something?"

"No Spider-Man. We wanted to test you to check whether your intentions are really pure. We have come on the behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D."

"What shield? Bronze or steel?"

"Don't take it lightly Spider-Man. S.H.I.E.L.D stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. We work at the highest level of administration, working for peace between countries and providing protection to the Earth."

"So you are from the government?"

"This is much bigger than the government, kid. You came to our attention after the Lizard incident. You see, S.H.I.E.L.D recruits world's best trained personnel and you might be a good recruit."

Peter could see through that neutral mask of calmness easily. He had seen enough of those faces in his life. He knew very well that they weren't here to test him, only to capture him, but his skills had forced a change in the plan.

"Who are you?"

"Natasha can call me the Black Widow."

"Wait…you were also in that alien invasion thing."

"Yes, you're right. So, will you come with us to the S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters?"

"You see, Ms Romanoff, I like to work alone. Since, the government is involved...or whatever level you function on, my personal information is clearly required. I have an arrest warrant on my name, you should know that." He forced a laugh.

"And besides, I don't want to reveal my identity to any of you people. You may think I am a kid, but I'm not. I understand this very well. Did you think you could attack me first and then suddenly claim it was a test and pull it off? No. The moment you attacked me you should have prepared yourself for a refusal."

"Then you leave me no choice Spider-Man. You have to come with me."

Spider-Man barely dodged the flying kick that the Black Widow had unexpectedly thrown at him. After that, he tried to hold himself back as he didn't want to hurt her. But she was very quick, not even giving him time to breathe. Their movements turned blurry as Peter tried to end this unwanted encounter and escape. Going soft on her was a bad option; he either had to use his strength or else try to incapacitate her. Then he jumped high in the air, turned in the air and fired a web line that pulled her feet. Now that he had her on the ground, he finished by webbing her to ground.

"Tell your boss I'm not interested." SPIDER SENSE

He looked up and jumped back only to see an arrow whiz past him but before he recovered another arrow came and hit him in the shoulder. He gasped in pain as he removed the arrow and leapt up the wall to face his attacker but before he could crawl upward his head had started to feel light and his vision grew hazy. "Must...move...shake it off Peter". He knew his body's fast metabolism would remove whatever drug it was from his system rapidly but he had to avoid capture. A minute or two was all he needed to get away from these recruiters-cum-kidnappers . But all his efforts to move were futile as his limbs felt like dead weight. Finally he slid to the ground muttering about how using such a strong sedative was illegal. Slowly the darkness closed in, and the last he heard was a thud and the voice of man saying,"Knew you would need my help, Nat." Then a chuckle from the man, and he lost consciousness.

End of Chapter 1

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