"Did you hear?" said a girl

"Yeah!" exclaimed her friend

"Big party tonight after the seniors graduation!"

"Big party at Jimmy's house!"

Everyone was talking about this big end of the year party taking place at Jimmy Brookes house, even Emma walked down the hallway with her best friend talking about it.

Manny insisted, "I heard the whole school is invited." She told her as Liberty and Jt joined them, holding hands with another.

It was so wierd getting use to them dating! But, it was cute.

"Even the wierd little freshmen?" Jt asked curiously.

Manny snickered but nodded, "Even the wierd little freshmen." She taunted Jt, "And that wierd little Jt Yorke too."

JT frowned deeply, "I'm actually not going. The lady has other plans." He nodded towards Liberty.

They stopped at Emma's locker, "I don't think we need to celebrate the end of the year with drunken fools wasting my time." Liberty confirmed with a careless shrug.

Emma nodded while putting her combination in, "Seems understandable." She agreed.

Manny crossed her arms, "Emma you're coming with me weather or not you want to-"

"Hey Emma." Chris Sharpe came over and cut Manny off, grinning like a fool at Emma.

Jt and Liberty shared a knowing smirk and walked off, waving goodbye.

Emma just awkwardly shifted and bared a smile, "Oh..Hey Chris." She greeted her ex.

"You look good today. Have a good summer." He insisted, about to walk away.

"Thanks." Emma called after him but he paused, then slowly turned back around, Manny raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, you going to that party?" he had to ask.

Emma looked to Manny who gave her a death stare and sighed, "Yeah."

"Dope! I'll see you there then." He said with a greatful nod and finally left.

"Dope?" repeated Manny after he left and giggled, Emma tried to hold hers in but couldn't, she laughed closing her locker and began walking down the rest of the hall until bumping into someone.

"Watch where you're going." Ellie snapped at Emma, even thought it was Sean bumping into the blonde.


Emma sighed, never up for Ellie Nash's attitude, "He walked into me." She simply explain.

Alex smirked behind her red headed friend who glared at her boyfriends ex blondie. Jay stood behind Alex and watched amused by how much these girls hated Emma.

"Not purposely." Ellie confirmed while slipping her hand into Sean's who even gave Emma a 'I'm really sorry about this'

Sean wasn't even afraid to say it out loud.

"Sorry." He muttered to Emma, dragging Ellie forward, "Come on, El." He teased his girlfriend, trying to calm her down.

Like he said before, Emma and his break up sucked, he missed talking to her, even being 'friends' with her.

Jay and Alex didn't follow after their friends though, Jay had to get his shot in on Emma too, wearing his charming bad boy smirk.

Emma saw it when they connected eyes and sighed, knowing it was coming as he walked around her almost as if on a hunt and she was his prey

Jay teased, "What are you going to do all summer without your books and extra activities Greenpeace?" as he spoke, Alex was behind him, putting her arms around his waist in almost a seducing way, while he looked down at Emma and the blonde glared up at him through her long eyelashes.

Emma taunted back, "Join clubs, summer school.. you know, the usual." She gave Jay a bored look, like he wasn't getting under her skin, not one bit.

Nope.. she was not bothered..at all.. god she hated this gang, so rude.

"Hmph." Jay grinned as Alex peeked her head out from behind him.

"Freak." Alex said to Emma, pulling Jay along by his hand as he winked at Emma and Manny goodbye.

Even Manny scoffed for Emma, she swore, if this 'crew' didn't know Emma and Sean dated, they'd probably just leave Emma alone.

"Sticks." Manny then smiled wide with her dimples shining through when Spinner came walking over.

He grinned just as big back, "Manuala..." he greets, glancing at Emma who gave the two a 'you make me sick but you guys are cute' look, "Pick you two up at 9?" he asked curiously, putting his hands on Manny's hips.

"If you beg." Manny teased, kissing his cheek as he blushed with grinning. He nodded and then left, waving goodbye to Emma too on the way.

Emma watched Manny watch him go until out of sight with a foolish look on her face, "Can't believe you're still dating him." Emma joked.

"Almost a whole year, wierd right?" Manny giggled, leaving the school with her.

FINALLY! School was out!

Craig Mannings met with Jimmy and Marco outside Degrassi, on the steps. He laughed going over to them, "Dude do you know how many people are going nuts about your party tonight?"

"Yeah man, it's going to be rad." Jimmy insisted with his jokerish grin.

"I got streamers." Marco declared, pointing to the bag on his back.

Jimmy smiled shaking his head almost embarrassed, "Come on Marco, we are almost college men now, we don't do streamers, we do illegal drinking..and ladies, tons of ladies." He confirms.

Craig gave a wierd look, "Does Hazel know about these ladies?" he joked.

"I dumped her today." Jimmy confirmed and both Craig and Marco stared in shock.

"You what?!" yelled Marco, not getting why.

"And Dude." Jimmy said turning to Craig, "You gotta dump Ash."

"I do?" Craig asked, thinking about how well him and Ashley have been doing since getting back together a month ago.

Jimmy nodded, "Take it from a man who had." Jimmy said with a wink, Marco rolled his eyes but cracked out a smile.

"Why?" Marco had to ask.

"Because WE ARE GOING TO COLLEGE!" Jimmy bellowed on the steps of Degrassi and the guys laughed with him and he explained, "Craig, we need to be single, if you want to go through that very well known freaky college dorm expierence!"

Craig looked like realization hit him, "You're right." He insisted and the guys nodded together, Marco rolled his eyes but still laughed.

Jimmy pointed warningly at Craig "Tonight man."

"Tonight!" Craig yelled, excited, they high fived.