Before Jay knew it, Manny was sitting with them, he curiously kept wondering where Emma was and looked around a lot.

"Hit me." Manny begged Sean, while in Spinners arms while she handed her shot glass out to Sean.

He poured his Jack Daniels into it and looked around, "Where's Emma?"

"Texting her now." Manny insisted, playing with her phone after she took her shot. She then squeeled happily, "She found him."

The two guys and even Jay gave another looks as Spinner asked curiously, "Found who?"

Jay stood up straighter, yeah.. who was Emma looking for? Ah, here comes the jealous, calm down again Hogart, she's just a girl.

"Some guy wrote Emma a love letter." Manny explained, eyes still on her phone and texting, "We found it, it was someone mysterious, but she found him."

"What letter?" Jay asked quickly, almost madly and his face cringed up, HIS LETTER?!

Manny rolled her eyes, "Must I explain EVERYTHING to you dumb guys?" she took a deep breath, "Some letter that was meant for Emma telling her he loved her, saying she was smart, and all these other things, beyond beautiful yada yada yada."

Jay's eyes widen watching Manny looking back at her phone and gave a wierd look, "Oh."

"Oh what?" Sean asked quickly, wondering what Emma was texting Manny, Jay went back to binge drinking his vodka, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

She found it.

And wait WHAT?! She FOUND who WROTE it? Who the FUCK was saying his letter was theirs?

Spinner carelessly started kissing Manny's neck til she pushed him off and was still confused.

"It was Jimmy Brookes?" she said a bit in shock but shrugged, "Love IS crazy." She informed.

Sean snickered bitterly, "Emma and Jimmy is CRAZY." He confirmed. Jay was too in shock to say a thing.

His heart started to pound he swore everyone else could hear it and tried not to look so obvious.

"Jealous are we?" Manny asked, hands on her hips as the couple actually came back down the stairs, they all looked..sept Jay, who moved onto a tequila bottle.

Drink the pain away, Hogart!

"He couldn't of written something so.." Spinner looked for the word as he watched Jimmy holding Emma's hand proudly, "Romantic." He said with a slight smirk, "He's not capable."

"No." Sean said with a deathly glare, "He isn't."

Manny gave Sean a closer look, "Sean did you...did you write the letter?" she asked and Jay couldn't help but let out a huge grin, silently laughing before taking another shot.

Jesus, he was shocked he wasn't on the floor yet!

Jay finally lifted his eyes, watching Jimmy lead Emma over to them and Sean went over, shoving Jimmy away from Emma. Jay couldn't of been more happy for that, sadly watching Emma, couldn't she see it wasn't Jimmy?

"Woah! What's your problem?" Jimmy snapped at Sean.

Jay rubbed his eyes tiredly and when he opened them she was finally looking at him, looking doe eyed and worried.

"Jay do something!" she yelled at him, what? She depended on HIM!? Interested.

And.. Do something? Jay repeated that in his head. THAT was HILARIOUS.. the fact he DIDN'T do something is why he was in this mess.

He snickered at that "Do..something?" he mocked her, connecting his eyes with her and giving her a bitter look. She looked so confused and then worked worriedly at him, he snickered, he did NOT need her pity, her-her beautiful..worried eyes..sinking into him..deeply..

Sean snapped back at Jimmy, "I know you, and you do NOT deserve Emma." He sneered. Jay, without being recognized, raised his shot glass as if to say 'cheers!' to that.

"Sean!" Emma snapped.

Sean gave her an insane look and tried to calm down, "I-I'm not jealous.. I'm just worried." He gave her a desperate look, "He isn't what you want, he can't handle you. I couldn't even handle you." he slightly joked then pointed at Jimmy, "This joke could not even write a real letter in English class."

Jay rolled his eyes, Sean could figure it out and Emma couldn't? Come on.

Jimmy came out of nowhere and sucker punched Sean, Sean fell back onto his ass and blinked, wiping his bloody mouth, he went to crawl up to lung at Jimmy but before he could anything, Jay found himself storming over to Jimmy, threw his fist back and across the guys face. Jimmy was punched down even harder, landing on his stomach with a loud thud and groaning painfully

Jay bent a bit down to Jimmy who laid on the ground, clenching his sore jaw and rubbing it with his hand as he sacredly looked up at Jay.

"Tell her exactly everything you put in that letter of yours, Jimmy!" he taunted loudly at him.

He didn't care anymore if anyone knew, he was mad someone like JIMMY got Emma with his words to her, his feelings, his letter!

Jay bit his tounge and tried to calm down, knowing she was behind him but shook his head frantically, it had come to the boiling point, "Tell her how she's ambitions, and has brains, unlike any other girl in this forsaken fucking city." Jay at Jimmy who looked away, embarrassed, and clearly getting the hint that letter from Emma was from Jay.

Now everyone knew, Jay could tell by the silence, and he was too afraid to turn back to Emma.

He narrowed his eyes to the left, knowing she stood to his left behind him, "Tell her how her eyes are brown but there it this beautiful splatter of green in them, almost like paint.." Jay said sady but drunkenly slurred off the paint part then huffed, shaking his head.

This was humiliating, he decided to dash out, not even looking for her. He slammed the front door open and got into his car, roaring the engine before speeding out. His sorrowed eyes looked back in the rear view mirror, seeing Emma, Sean and Manny out on the driveway, watching him speed away.

He sat on the Degrassi school steps for a few hours.. just thinking. He didn't know why he brought himself here, maybe because this was where he first saw her, handing out her stupid little 'save the dolpins' flyers.

He smiled softly.. but he loved that about her, so caring, no caring for the careless people though, who taunted her for wanting to help.. which if you put it together, was sort of cruel of people. Jay always knew she was different..

He shut his eyes, rubbing them tiredly, it's been a long day, and it wasn't about to stop. He had to grow up, become the man he believed Emma needed, someone who would fight for her.

He got up and headed toward her house.

He paused just before he knocked, but took a deep breath and did so, after a few moments, and the lights in the house going on, the door knocked with a bit of a annoyed woman until she looked him over.

He swore she just checked him out..

"Hi." He said after clearing his throat, "I'm real sorry it's late." He cringed, "Can I speak to Emma?"

The woman must of been her mom, aged well, seemed nice, she did nod but she seemed quite, not even uttering a word until she yelled for Emma.

She left the door open and disapperred, he heard some mumbling and then Emma slowly came out.

He tried to hide his smirk, she wore her cute little pjs with bunny slippers, ofcourse, and her long hair pulled into a high pony tail.. still though, looked sexy.

"Hey." He finally spoke, his heart stopping and waiting for her reply.

"Hey." She said quietly, her soft voice singing in his ears, making him feel a little better. She didn't.. look mad.

"So you.." Emma drifted off... was probably disgusted of what she had found out. He loved her.

"You weren't suppose to find that note." He quickly tried to explain, but it came out a little mean, he swallowed hard seeing her look actually a bit hurt by that.

Did..did she care?

She sadly replied, "I'm sorry." He breathed in sharply and took off his hat, running his hand through his hair.

Jay didn't know where to start, and he glared down at the ground cursing himself, he always sounded much better on paper, could never form the right words around her, til it hit him..and he captured her eyes into his.

"I threw it out for a reason." He confirmed and still stared into her eyes that seemed to water up, Jay softened.. she did care.

Jay explained some more, "I threw it out because I wanted.." he looked sad for a moment until he manned up, "I wanted to be that man I talked about in that letter, the one who was brave enough to tell you how I feel about you, personally." He took a deep shakey breath, his heart thumping like mad.

It was crazy a girl like Emma, a year younger, so oblivious to a hard life someone like Jay had, so preppy.. could turn him into muck.

Emma bit her lower lip.

"And.." Jay looked away from her looking troubled and finally spoke up again, "And I didn't want to be with Alex when I told you." he said her name in disgust.

How could he begin to tell Emma he wasn't even a little ounce in love with Alex? Even though had been dating her.. how did that look?

God he must of looked like an asshole.

Emma raised an eyebrow thought and Jay's heart raced when Emma tried to hide her smile.

"So you think I'm pretty?" Emma teased, stepping a bit closer. Jay stopped breathed, then he raised an impressed eyebrow.

Was she..flirting with him?

"Don't get cute." He warned, if she flirting, but not going to be with him.. this flirting was unfair.

"You think I'm smart." Emma playfully reminded tilting her head up at him because she was so close he could feel her breath on his lips and he tried to remember how to breath and not grab her.

He couldn't hide his smirk though, "Kinda." He teased her back just as playfully, getting lost in those pretty brown eyes, sprinkled with green.

She raised challenging eyebrows at him, "You want to take back everything you've ever teased me about?" she taunts.

His smirk turned to a devilish grin, "Teasing you was the funnest part." He put his index finger under her chin and his thumb on it. Her skin was so warm, smooth..he wanted to kiss her so badly.

He ached for it and she torchered him, not letting him kiss her, she taunted again, "But.. you want to say sorry? For how we were to another?" she got serious, and Jay knew what she wanted.

His honesty, his everything, like he promised.

Jay looked helpless, melting at her sight and words.

"I'm sorry." He meant it, and his voice gave her chills as his other hand moved to her waist, bringing her closer.

Emma leaned up and he moved his head down, crashing his lips to hers, kissing her deeply and slowly but with passion, both their hearts exploded and longed for another, deepening the kiss and want, Jay lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her bunny slippers showing off. They pulled away breathless, eyes still closed for him to kiss her once more tenderly and slowly, letting her eyes open slowly and stare incrediously at him, amazed.

He never wanted to forget that look she gave him.

" me too?" he guessed, looking up at her with hope and desire.

Emma rolled her eyes with a bright smile, "No. I kiss anyone who writes me a letter." She teased.

Jay frowned, he should explain to her sometime soon just how jealous he got, and right now, he'd give her a taste. She yelped when he almost dropped her, but he was careful, she landed on her feet with his hands still on her waist firmly.

"About that.." he confirms, going back to bad boy attitude, "No more Brookes, no more stupid DJ, no more Casanova-"

"Hey! No more Alex!" Emma snapped back at him, getting into their usual banter, "Least I'm not dating any of them!"

"could of fooled me how you macked on Jimmy tonight, eating his words up that weren't even his words!" Jay yelled at her jealously.

"Well if you weren't such a coward!" she yelled back madly.

Jay moved in and shut Emma up with a kiss, wrapped his arms around her back tightly.

They both smiled against anothers lips.

"you drive me crazy." Jay told Emma in a husky whisper and she blushed, and smiled and he grinned slightly back watching her lovingly.

She took a deep breath before she confessed, "Jay... I.. love you too." She finally came out with it and his mouth hung a bit before kissing her deeply again, smiling against the kiss with her.


He got his girl.

(Be my girl-Jet)

So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me
because you look so fine
and i really wanna make you mine.

I say you look so fine
that I really wanna make you mine.

Oh, 4,5,6 c'mon and get your kicks
now you dont need that money
when you look like that, do ya honey.