By XTsukimiOdangoX

Chapter 5


            Mamoru choked lightly as he was slapped over the head, hard.

            "Hey!" He cried out, glaring at his offender.

            "Don't 'hey' me, you baka!" officer Tsukino Usagi spat. "What the hell is your problem?!"

            "You said 'fiancée'"!! I was shocked!!" Mamoru returned defensively.

            "Well, you didn't have to state that you were shocked!" The blonde glared, walking in front of him, back to the station. "You could have gone with it, but noooooooo! You had to screw both of us over, so now I don't think Rei-chan believes me!"

            Mamoru mumbled a small apology. "Demo…" He sighed, all hints of whining gone. "I'm kind of… scared…"

            Usagi stopped walking. She slumped her shoulders in mild defeat. "Look, it's just dinner… She's not going to attack you in the middle of a restaurant, especially since it's a double date." She turned to look at Mamoru. He was looking down at the ground nervously, kicking at some loose pebbles. "Besides," the blonde began again, trying to lighten the mood, "you've got me!" She grinned. Mamoru made eye contact with her unsurely. "Aaaaaaaand…." she added childishly, pointing to the gun resting comfortably in her shoulder holster, carefully hidden by her jacket, "you've got Yuki*!!"

            Mamoru couldn't help but grin.


* Yuki – Usagi's short form for "yukijorou" which means snow fairy. This is her nickname for her gun.


            "Mamoru!!!" Usagi yelled for the millionth time that evening. She slammed her hands upon her hips that had her midnight-blue dress hanging on them. "I've been ready for forty minutes!! Would you hurry up?!!" It was the one time she was dressed and her partner wasn't.

            "I'm not coming…" came Mamoru's muffled reply from his bedroom.

            Sometime after Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru had returned to the office they headed over to Mamoru's home to get ready for dinner. He had insisted on buying her a new dress on the way there. The dark blue dress hung wonderfully on her every curve. The halter-strap was bothering her neck a little, but she would deal. At least Mamoru had good taste, and not in a perverted way. The neck scooped down in a V, but not low enough so Usagi would have to slap him. The dress had a slit going all the way up on both sides. It was slightly plain, but magnificent as well.

            Usagi soon learned that Mamoru buying her the dress was no dent in his wallet. The second she entered his home all doubt flittered from her mind. It wasn't exactly a big house, but it was stylish. The living room was wonderfully decorated in blacks and velvet blues. There was a large, flat screen TV, DVD players, stereos, everything of the newest technology; there were even video-game systems! The kitchen was black and silver with a counter adorned with bar stools for quick eating or just a drink. The dinning room was again black with touches of gold curtains over the windows, or gold center pieces on the table, even the dishware was gold. Then, after surveying the rooms in awe Usagi was ushered into the bathroom to get ready. It had the same pattern as the kitchen. As the officer shimmied her way into her dress she silently wondered what Mamoru's bedroom looked like…

            Usagi threw open Mamoru's bedroom door in a rage. Her fury-filled eyes quickly swept over the room, noting it's black and blood red motif. The foot of his bed was facing the door. It had a thick black quilt with the deep red sheets underneath, and a black mattress cover. The pillows were also red. The carpet was dark red as well, along with all the moldings. The walls themselves were black as with much of the furniture that had tints of the fiery crimson in them. Something about the color choice gave Usagi an uneasy feeing…

            Usagi quickly swallowed down her queasiness. She glared at the figure that was sitting on the bed adorned in a black pants and a dress shirt that matched the color of Usagi's dress accompanied by a black tie. The blonde desperately tried to not think of how gorgeous he looked. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Mamoru stared at her nervously.

            "What do you mean you're not coming…?" Usagi hissed in a low voice, slightly cracking in anger.

            Mamoru smiled warily. "You… uh… You look beautiful by the way…"

            "Mamoru…" Usagi warned. "Get your ass," she cried, pointing to the house's exit, "out that door right now or I swear I will not be your bodyguard anymore!!"

            The raven haired man sighed sadly. He stared at his plush carpet for moment, mesmerized by his reflection in his obscenely shiny shoes. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remain calm. After a moment he nodded.

            "Mmm… Iku…*"


*Iku – Let's go


            Usagi nodded her head curtly at the taxi driver as he drove away, leaving she and Mamoru in front of the designated restaurant. She heard her company take a shaky breath. She unconsciously moved closer to him, not only to help calm him, but to help warm her sleeveless arms from the wind.

            Mamoru's eyes were fixated on the entrance to the restaurant. He jumped slightly as he felt warmth on his upper arm. He looked to his left quickly to see Usagi leaning against him, eyes swimming with restrained worry. He made eye contact with her in slight surprise. This girl was constantly switching emotions… It made it so hard for him to read her next move…

            "Hey, don't be scared, all right?" Usagi smiled unsurely. She pulled softly on his arm and began to walk to the doors. Mamoru stayed where he was, to her dismay. The blonde turned to him, a few feet ahead. "Come on!" she cried, trying to keep her frustration in check. "You're safe, don't worry!"

            Mamoru swallowed hard. He took a few shaky steps and was next to Usagi again. His eyes swung to the door once more, unwavering, unblinking.

            Usagi leaned up as close to his ear as she could get; even with heels on he was still five inches taller than she. "I've got my gun in my purse," she whispered, hitting him lightly in the thigh with her bag. Mamoru didn't flinch. "Would you relax…? Please…?" There was still no response, just that firm stare. It almost seemed like he wasn't even looking at the doors anymore, just… beyond them to somewhere Usagi couldn't reach… or even fathom…

            Mamoru's sigh broke through Usagi's thoughts, causing her to stiffen. She realized that the doormen were looking at the two suspiciously.

            "Mamoru…?" Usagi whispered again.

            "Excuse me," one of the doormen began, "but are you going to go inside?" He held open the door for them impatiently.

            The blonde looked at her partner hesitantly. Mamoru nodded. "Hai…"

            Usagi felt Mamoru's hand on the small of her back, pushing her forward. She stepped inside, Mamoru close behind.


Author's Notes: Holy crap I actually updated! Long? No. But an update? Yes. Between this and Heaven's Flames something must be wrong with me! O_O;; Now I just need to update Just Like a Dream… ;_; But I dunno if I want to… Eheheheh… ^_^;;