By: Toni the Mink

Sonic and related indica (c) SEGA

Chopper the Chipmunk (c) Me (please don't let one fancharacter scare you off... he isn't the main focus of the story)


This takes place after my fanmade Sonic Universe arc, the Metarex Saga. If you would like an idea of what exactly is going on, be sure to check that out first, as well as my fanmade game "Tails Adventure 2". You can find both at my deviantart page, toni-the-mink

Cocoa Island was huge. It had many different areas from beaches, to the forests, to even an ice cap and a volcano.

Despite all of those, there weren't many habitants on the island. It was a wonder why anybody would want to take it over and make anyone who lived there their slave. There were once small bands of families at one point, but ever since that self-proclaimed "student of Dr. Eggman" attempted to seize the island for his own selfish wants, the majority of habitants packed up their things and went to find a new home elsewhere, perhaps in fear.

But this was well over a year ago. So how in the world would a five-year old manage to raise himself for that long? And for how long? More importantly, why?

These were questions and statements that Sonic and Amadeus tossed back and forth as they scoured the island in search of any of Chopper's relatives. It was possible that after Cocoa Island's first besiegement, Chopper was accidentally left behind when nearly all the residents of the island left. Yet when Tails first met Chopper, he was by himself. After Tails left, he had simply assumed Chopper went back to his folks. How was he supposed to know Chopper didn't have anybody?

Who would leave a young child by himself to begin with? When asked, Chopper could not recall anyone who had taken care of him, only a few vague memories of being passed from stranger to stranger before eventually learning to fend for himself.

The sooner they'd find any sort of caretaker, the sooner they'd find answers. That's all Sonic could think of.

"Helloooo!" Tails called out in the Green Leaf Forest, "Anyone around?"

"Moooom! Daaaaad!" followed the younger voice of the chipmunk Chopper, who looked over to his surrogate big brother. "Any luck?"

"Sorry, Chopper, no one here."

Chopper sighed. "Now do you believe me?"

"It seemed a tad farfetched that a little kid could be on his own for so long," Tails responded, "But you understand we had to check it out ourselves, right?"

"I guesso…" said Chopper, "I wouldn't make up that my mom and dad left me all alone. I don't like being by myself."

"Don't worry, we'll find something," Tails assured as he whirled his namesakes and took to the sky for a better look. "I'll get a bird's eye view and see if I can spot something."

"Kay! I'll go this way!" Chopper replied as he raced off a distance.

"Don't go too far, okay?"

"All right!" Chopper hopped along in a random direction, peering behind an occasional tree. He was quite the explorer. "Mom? Dad? Anybody?"

The trees above him started spreading out as Chopper walked out into the open. The young chipmunk got a good look around himself, trying to remember this area. It had been some time since he left Cocoa Island to live with Tails and his family in New Mobotropolis. His tiny little memory didn't reach that far. But one thing that stood out was his last adventure, when Cosmo came to Mobius.


That's why this area looked familiar! He was walking around this plain when a space pod crashed behind him. In fact, it was just over that hill…

For old times' sake, Chopper decided to run over. Tails and his walrus friend, Rotor was it? Yeah, anyway, Tails and Rotor came back to take away Cosmo's escape pod and study it. So nothing would be there anyway.

Still, it would be nice if at the end of that hill, he would end up seeing…


Right there, where Cosmo's ship once was, stood a steel-plated, larger rocket ship. "I don't believe this! She's back! SHE'S BACK!"

Chopper took off down the hill, making a bee line right for the ship. "COSMO!" He made it to the side, and banged against the door. "Cosmo, it's me! Chopper! You're back! You're really back! Come out! I wanna see you again! I missed you so-"

The door slid open, and it was something other than a Seederian.

Tails' ears perked as he heard the suddenly shriek of his little buddy ring out across the area. "Chopper?!" He immediately dropped to the ground and raced to the source. Just as he made it to the open plain, he was suddenly tackled by the young chipmunk.

"Taaaails! Help me!" Chopper cried, clinging closely to the fox's chestfur, nearly yanking it out.

Tails twitched at the slight pain, and carefully plucked him off. "Chopper, what is it? What's wrong?"

"Aliens!" Chopper screeched.


"Yeah! And not the nice kind, like Cosmo was! They were scary looking!"

At that time, Sonic and Amadeus, who had heard the scream themselves, had rushed over to check on the boys. "Everything okay?" asked Sonic.

"Yeah, sorry about that," said Tails as he lifted himself and Chopper back up to their feet, "Chopper just thought he saw aliens."

"I DID see aliens!" Chopper snarled, pointing over the hill, "Go look!"

"You sure, Chopper?"

"I'll take a look," said Sonic, "In this crazy world, anything can happen." With that, the hedgehog jogged over the hill.

Amadeus took a knee to be eye level with Chopper. "What did these aliens look like?"

"BIG!" Chopper explained, raising his arms as high as they could go, "An' they had FOUR arms! AND HUUUUGE yellow eyes!"

Tails put a finger to his chin. THOSE aliens did sound familiar…

"Hey Chopper!" Sonic called from over the hill, waving to the others, "Just what is it with you and finding aliens on this island, huh?"

Curious, the three made their way up the hill and joined the hedgehog's side, only to see down and notice the band of green, four-armed, yellow-eyed aliens exiting the enormous space ship and observe their surroundings.

"Told ya!" said Chopper, "Maybe next time, you'll listen!"

The group made their way down and to the ship. "Welcome to our neck of the woods!" Sonic greeted.

The suspicious green aliens peered cautiously over to the blue hedgehog. Of what looked to be a group of twenty, only one brightened up and made her way through the crowd and to Sonic. "Mister Sonic!" she chimed, taking hold of the hedgehog's hand. "So wonderful to see you in good health!"

"Thanks!" Sonic grinned, "Good to see you too… er, uh…"

"I'm Ceneca-"

"No no, don't tell me," Sonic struggled to remember the name, "I know it's a number… It's over 9000…"

"Nine thousand oh nine."

"I would've gotten it eventually!"

"You know 'em, Sonic?" asked Chopper, tilting his head.

Amadeus gently patted the top of it. "Yes, son," he smiled, "These creatures are the reason we are all no longer robots. They're known as the Bem."

"Yeah, Chopper," added Tails, "They're friendlys. Just like Cosmo."


From the doorway, more aliens came out. Unlike the Bem, however, they weren't green and all that tall (save for one hefty one dressed in purple), and took on more of a plant-like appearance. "We're sorry. We thought we heard-"


Chopper jumped forward once more, pushing past the Bems until he reached the one alien he eyed, wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Cosmo! I was right! You ARE back!" He pulled back a bit, "Only… you look a little different. You got daisies instead of roses, and you're all dressed in yellow instead o' green…"

"Chopper!" Tails apologized as he nudged his way through the pack of aliens and approached his chipmunk companion. "Chopper, that's not Cosmo." He looked up at the alien girl. "Though… she does look like her. They all do, actually."

Chopper looked back up at the alien, blinking a few times before it finally hit him. "Ohhhh!" he said, "You're NOT Cosmo." He let go and backed away. "Sorry…"

The alien, rather, looked surprised, and bent down to Chopper's eye level. "You knew our Cosmo?!"

This time it was Tails' turn to be surprised. "YOUR Cosmo? You knew her?!"

Sonic looked over to Ceneca-9009, gave a sheepish smile, and stretched his arms. "Looks like everyone's got questions here. Whatd'ya say we all retreat back to New Mobotropolis. Bet our questions'll get answered there.