Dreams trilogy, part 2 chapter one.

It's the second installment of my dreams trilogy! Read that one before this!
full summary in the first one.

It's happening!

Ellen saw the time. 3.30. Sigh. Might as well catch some hours of sleep. Sleep. Was she ever going to get a night of peaceful, undisturbed sleep without a nightmare or worse, a night terror? Her mind gave her an answer: no you're not, so you might as well just face the music, oops sorry, nightmare!

She looked at the clock again - 3.33. Great. She had wasted her 3 minutes of sleep on analyzing her nightmares. Aaaand tomorrow was that horrible history test which Mr. Tanner had been threatening them about all week.

Ellen fell into an uneasy, unrestful sleep. She finally awoke at 6.00 am, thinking that she would study her notes again. She took a quick trip to her mirror and sighed. The girl who stared back at her was different, at least her eyes were. They were amethyst, a trait earned from her mother's family. She had beautiful soft blond locks which went up to her mid back. Beneath her eyes were dark circles, due to her recent nightmares.

She revised till seven, after that she took a long hot shower, dressed up neatly and went down stairs. It was time to pull the day on.

Sorry, I know it's a bit short, but my exams are on, so this is it for now. The next chapter will be long, I promise! Anyway, I hope you like it!