A Fake Romance

The encounter

"Raven, pleaaaaaaase?" It was the tenth time that morning that Beast Boy had asked Raven to do something with him. Robin had gone into some convention with the Mayor, Cyborg went downtown searching for new pieces to update the T-car and Starfire had volunteered to go with him, obviously looking for some 'time of shopping', and Raven was reading her newest book, or rather trying.

"No." She said dryly.

"Oh come on, Raven!"

The empath herd his begging and rolled her eyes at his persistence. Raven had of course rejected his offer every time, but by now she even found it amusing how bored he looked. She had finished her book a while ago but now she was just teasing how longer he was willing to try. She was just pretending to read it changing the page now and then.

"Beast Boy, for the last time… I don't want to hang out. And I'm pretty busy."

The teenager probably had a death wish because with no warning he took her book out of her hands and out of her reach, yes, now he was taller than her.


"Beast Boy…" She started threatening. But before she knew it he had thrown it out the window.

"Now you've got nothing to read. Will you come now?"

Raven was honestly taken aback with his sudden actions and widened her eyes and her jaw slightly agape. Anyway, he must have caught her in a good mood or something because she didn't sent him flying after her book right away. She just glared at him blankly. For a while he just stared back at her with his brows slightly narrowed and his eyes full of determination now starting a who-blinks-first-game.

Now there's something you should know. Truth be told, the two titans had grown much closer for the past year, they had accepted their differences and they started to spend more time together. It all started that time when Beast Boy assured he had met with Terra, when she seemed confused and pretended not to know him, but he was positive it was her. His teammates didn't take him seriously, no one ever bothered. They all thought it was part of him trying to get over her so no one had to mention it again. His friends thought he was lying, all except for Raven.

After that encounter, his feelings ran freely and being the empath she was, she knew he wasn't lying. One night they talked and he shared everything he had been feeling. It would be a lie to say that Raven was completely interested, Terra wasn't exactly her favorite person, but her friend needed someone who listened and apparently she was the only one to do it. And so the days went by with both of them growing much closer. Sure, Terra's episode was closed and buried but they kept talking becoming best friends.

Some things would never change, though. She liked spending some time by herself meditating or reading. She was still the quiet member of the team and she still had a bad temper when someone got on her nerves. He of course was the same jokester meat-hater who kept bothering her trying to make her laugh. He still spent most of the time playing videogames or reading comic books. Anyway, time passed and eventually their bond tightened, now they found in each other good company, especially in difficult times. And all of this happened so naturally, with anyone noticing at all, not even themselves.

So there stood Beast Boy in front of her, with no sign of giving up. After a minute she finally accepted her defeat and sighed heavily. "So what do you want to do… and I'm NOT playing video games with you!"

Beast Boy smiled triumphantly but almost immediately pouted in thought. He noticed he had no idea of what he wanted to do. He rubbed the back of his neck and when nothing came he laughed nervously. "Uhh… You pick?"


"So I admit it, in all these years making tea every single day, I was never able to match this one."

After sending him to find her book, Raven decided to take him to a special place to take lunch. It was on the other side of the city but hopefully it would be worth it. It was an almost unpopulated neighborhood but the people were kind and the place was also very nice, not to mention they had the best tea she had ever taste.

As they finished their meal they took a walk in the park across the coffee place. It was full of fountains and huge trees, the autumn tainted their leaves an attractive reddish color and the morning breeze sent a warming feeling through their bodies. Beast Boy never imagined it could exist such a place in a big city like that.

Nodding at her statement, he took his chance to take a look around. "So… this is where you like spending your mornings?" He started a different conversation. It was more a declaration than a question.

Raven might have taken it the wrong way that she stopped abruptly and turned to him. "If you didn't like it just forget it… let's go back-"

"Hey wait. What kind of jerk do you think I am? I was honestly interested. I knew you had your special places and all but you never showed them to me. It's actually nice." He finished with a smile.

"Actually, I just like coming this season, it is cold a no one is outside for no reason. I really don't like people."

"You don't change, right, Rae?"

"Raven. And no." She said with an almost invisible smirk. "Anyway, we should go back now."

He whined and was about to say something when they heard someone calling after him timidly.

"Beast Boy?"

Both titans turned to the source to see it was no other than…

"T- Terra?!"

Raven immediately got into a defensive attitude and glared at her. Beast Boy was, needless to say, surprised. Was it some kind of joke? One year before when he thought he saw her, she just acted like she knew nothing about him or like she didn't care and now this? Seriously, did she just woke up that morning and thought 'Today I'm going to talk to him'?

He stood still but his face had lost his shock it just held a stern look. She walked slowly to him and Raven immediately walked to the opposite side. Terra tried not to feel uncomfortable by her harsh attitude, after all, Raven never liked her at all.

"Oh Beast Boy, I never thought I would find you in a place like this!" She said as she gave him a hug.

"H- hi Terra. Long time no see, uh?"

"B, I guess I owe you an apology." Raven scoffed at her ridiculous statement but kept walking further.

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head nervously… It was a really awkward situation. "Look, Terra, It was really nice to see you but-"

"No please… wait." She said somewhat sadly but after a moment of silence Beast Boy coughed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Well… I really should go now so whatever you have to say, just say it. I might not be interested anyway. You made it clear last time I saw you!"

Though she was hurt by his comment, she continued. "Umm I was actually hoping to… you know, to see you someday, maybe take some coffee or…" She trailed off noticing the new look on his face.

"What?! Ok, I'll be honest with you. I was trying not to be rude but I already tried that and I'm really not interested on going through that again. Just give me one reason to go with you… just one good reason."

"Beast Boy, I missed you. After all this time alone I realized how much I had by your side. And I… I still like you, in fact, I think… I was in love with you." She admitted with a blush.

At this point his head started to turn red of embarrassment, he obviously wasn't expecting that. However he was sure he felt nothing for her. Ever since she had been so cold he had changed his mind. It felt even harder than her betrayal, much harder. He was giving her the opportunity to change, to prove she was a good person, to start over… with him, and she rejected him. Now her supposed feelings for him meant nothing.

"Terra I-"

"Beast Boy what happened between us was special. You know that!"

"And I don't have to remind you that you played with me."

"It was stupid from me but… I changed!"

"Uggh, where have I heard that before?"

"No, wait Beast Boy. Please, that can't be lost completely."

"Look Terra, I already forgave you, really… but trusting you again? I'm sorry but I don't have feelings for you anymore."

"At least let me try. Please go out with me someday. Let me be close to you."

He had to think about something, and it had to be now. But it wasn't until Terra reach for his hand that he jerked it back and said in a rush. "I'm already dating someone!"

She took a step back disappointed and obviously saddened. "You are? Oh. Well I… understand that." She smiled sadly and dared to ask. "So who is she?" She tried asking kindly and truly interested. At that very moment, he panicked and then eyed Raven who was seriously thinking of just leaving them and go back to the tower.

"Raven! That is… I'm dating Raven."

Terra's heart broke completely and turned to her not noticing the nervousness in Beast Boy's eyes. She looked at Raven thinking about it. No wonder about her hostile behavior earlier, she guessed.

"I should have known. You two alone…" She whispered trailing off. Then she closed her eyes for a moment trying to retain the tears that yearned for freedom.

Beast Boy sweat dropped but thanked that she had believed him. He observed the cheerless geomancer and felt guilty right away. "Don't take it the wrong way. It doesn't mean that we can't still be friends. Just not… that close."

She finally gave a chuckle, her humor lighting up slightly. Then she punched his shoulder playfully like she used to do two years before. "You got it, BB. Now, you better go with Raven, say I'm sorry, ok? Oh and thank you." This time she gave him a hug but quickly released him.

"See you then." She turned around and started to walk further into the suburbs. He stared for a while in awe before raising his arms in exasperation. "What the hell happened?"


It had been three weeks since Beast Boy ran into Terra but no one had to know. Raven had agreed. They hadn't care the last time he told them about Terra, what could be the difference now? Beast Boy in the other hand, kept his own secret to himself. He never told Raven about the lie he had to come up with about going out with her, that's another thing no one had to know about, not even her, there was no use, right?

It was a peaceful Sunday and the day was ideal to be outside, with the perfect weather greeting them. It was sunny but accompanied by a cool breeze. The titans were gathered at the new garden they had arranged on the Tower's back yard. It was a birthday gift from Robin to Starfire. Those two were so into each other but no one bothered to say something to the other. But it was due to acts of this sort that said everything; there was no need for words, not for now, at least.

"Friends, is it correct if I poke a chrysalis? I want to see the fly of butter."

"Ummm…. Butterfly. And no, Star. I really don't recommend that." Robin answered. Starfire frowned slightly and left the chrysalis that had been there the whole week, she found very interesting some living beings and she had been observing the little creature since she saw it.

Beast Boy saw the disappointed look of the alien princess and thought of something to cheer her up. "Hey Star!" He called and when she turned to him, she saw a little caterpillar making its way up her arm and then with no warning it turned into a perfectly green butterfly, right in front of her. She giggled and thanked him.

Robin turned red and looked away with a frown, obviously jealous of how Beast Boy had made her smile. Raven saw her leader and repressed the urge to laugh. She just looked at him and smirked knowingly. He scowled at her and went back to his work.

Star had been willing to grow the flowers she had known from earth and if possible some of the plants they had on her planet. No one thought it would be possible but the alien was hopeful and spent her free time trying to make it work. Today they had decided to help her up and they worked 'til noon, now they were going back to the tower for lunch.

Cyborg was the first one to get inside followed by Starfire and Robin. Beast Boy started to walk right behind them when a hand reached out his shoulder. He stopped and turned to Raven with a quizzical look.

"If you don't want to get some extra training you better stop hitting on Starfire."

Beast Boy turned bright red with her words. "No, no, no, no." He started exasperated. "I was just… you know… it's Star… and me…. the butterfly…" He stuttered not making any sense. It was until he saw her smirk that he calmed a bit. "Geez Raven, don't do that!"

She finally smiled and rolled her eyes. "Don't be such a baby. Anyway I'm serious, Robin took the worst of it and you know how slow they are with their obvious attraction to each other."

"Yeaaah… I'll keep it in mind."

They kept walking but in less than 5 seconds Beast Boy stopped suddenly. She glanced back at him curiously and then he spoke softly. "Do you think I have a chance?" Raven immediately knew he was talking about Starfire and widened her eyes… did Beast Boy really like Starfire that way?

When she found herself at loss of words he broke out laughing. Payback… checked. "You should have seen your face!"

"You're an idiot. Grow up Beast Boy." She said hiding her embarrassment with her hood. The boy just kept on laughing at her reaction.

"And as a matter of fact… no. You wouldn't stand a chance with her?"

"Oh no? And what about with you, Rae?" He asked teasingly wiggling his eyebrows as he opened the door to the principal door. Raven never had the chance to answer because at the moment he opened the door he saw the rest of the team with someone… unexpected.

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