A Fake Romance

The bright side

It's funny how some broken bones change everything. It made her feel hopeless. Even her head hurt. She didn't have control over her moves and she constantly needed help. Beast Boy and Starfire were there to help her at all time. Secretly, Raven was grateful of their concern but it was already 5 pm and she needed some time alone.

With her new book in hand, she peeked just outside her room. Content at the sight of no one around, Raven tried floating again, but just like the day before, she couldn't maintain her balance, she sighed and tried walking ignoring the pain.

She arrived to the elevator thankfully unseen. She found her way to the bottom of the tower and headed to the garden at the back. Somehow she found it a very soothing place. It had something special. She found a good spot to take a seat and then opened her book with a smile.


That same night, Beast Boy and Terra were in front of the giant T.V. playing the game station. He had lost track of time when he finally lost for the tenth time.

"So… best eleven out of twenty?" She mocked with a smirk.

"Uggh. Don't think so." He groaned as he threw the controller to the couch.

He glanced at his watch and for the first time he noticed it was 10 o'clock already. His eyes widened for a second and then turned to the kitchen. The rest of the titans were gathered at the table taking dinner. One, two… three?

"Uhh guys, where's Raven?"

"Uhh? Don't know." He got the answer from Robin without glancing up to him.

"She isn't in her room." Commented Cyborg while scanning the refrigerator.

"After lunch she asked me not to do the bothering for the rest of the day. And she would come for dinner."

"A- and she's not here yet?" He asked pointing out the obvious somewhat frightened.

Terra had turned silent at the sudden topic. Raven… how she hated that she had Beast Boy all to herself now, she had been too late. No one noticed as she stood up and walked out the living room. She wanted to clear her mind so she walked out the tower to the one place that she felt comfortable in… the garden.

She was thinking about Raven. Honestly she didn't hate her at all… it was just that she really liked Beast Boy and though she had had her chance, she just wanted to have another opportunity to show him how much she cared for the teen.

Her thoughts were cut short as she found Raven sleeping fully on the bench with a book resting on her chest. She blinked a few times surprised and then shook her head. 'Out of all people, I had to find you.' She chuckled but then she heard footsteps behind.

She turned and saw the green changeling that tormented her thoughts. He held a concern look.

"Umm… Terra. Are you ok? You kinda just left and-" Terra lifted a finger and pointed at the sleeping titan. "Raven!" He ran to her side.

He gave a worried look as he saw she was shivering from the cold. He glanced down at the book and then back at Raven. Chuckling slightly he took the book and then carefully carried her bridal style.

"Thanks Terra. I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" He smiled then walked off.

She just sighed disappointed.


Beast Boy held the girl carefully up to her room and then rested her upon her soft mattress. He took a close look at her. It was weird watching her like this, she looked vulnerable. Something he never thought it would suit Raven, the queen of all darkness, but still there she was. He chuckled slightly and after covering her with a cover and then left the room.

It was early, the next day when she slowly opened her eyes. She felt the familiar cover of her bed and saw the familiar rays of sun finding a way into her previously darkened room. 'Funny, I don't remember coming to my room at all.'

She was surprised when she heard a knock on her door. It was Beast Boy who knew perfectly she would be awake by now. She was curious of who could be but opened the door with her mind anyway.

Her green teammate made his way in with half a smile. She just eyed him still groggily and tried to suppress a yawn.


"I umm…" Then he blushed at the scene. She was still half awake barely sat down under her cover and her hair was a mess. Ok, so he miscalculated. But she didn't seem angry so he probably didn't wake her up. "I'm sorry, I should have come later." He chuckled nervously and turned around, mostly to hide his blush.

Raven shook her head, to fully wake up and then blocked the door with her powers.

"It's ok… what is it?"

He turned around still ashamed. "I just came to see how you were doing… well after yesterday night…" He trailed off and then she perked up.

"Yesterday… wha- what happened?" She asked.

Then he smiled. "I guess you don't remember. You fell asleep reading at the back garden. I don't know for how long, but when we found you, you were shivering from the cold but were into a deep sleep and then..." She then felt her cheeks flushing. 'Please tell me it was Starfire who brought me here.' "…then I brought you here." He finished.

Out of reflex but with no avail, she tried to cover her face with a hood that wasn't found. She was just wearing her leotard. Then she lifted her blanked further. 'Oh Azar.'

He noticed her actions and gave her a disappointed frown. "Raven, I- I'm sorry. I didn't think…" He started apologetic rubbing the back of his head. "Well… I just assumed we had confidence in each other. I'm really sorry."

She seemed to think about it for a moment. He was right, they had grow just that close. She was just taken aback. She shook her head and then gave a weak smile. "It's ok. Thanks for not letting me die out of hypothermia."

"Gesundheit." He said with a chuckle.

She rolled her eyes and let him take a seat next to her. Maybe it was just his imagination but he thought she was opening more and more to him. Well, they were good friends now but she never showed weakness around anybody, and now she seemed so vulnerable around him. He wanted to believe she trusted him, He didn't know why, but he really wanted to be special to her.

"So," he finally said. "How are you feeling?" She smiled knowing that he cared. "I'm feeling better. My head finally stopped throbing, and if I tried to, I think I could stand on my own." The empath scooted to the edge of her bed and stood up.

"See?" She said right before her legs betrayed her and she fell. He caught her skillfully and smiled. "Guess you spoke too soon, huh?" He smiled

"In my defense, I never said how long I would stand…" He laughed at her statement and soon she joined him more quietly. Then he helped her back into bed.

"Well, I'm glad to know you're feeling better." he said with that charming smile of his.

After a comfortable silence he spoke. "So… how was that book?"She gasped and looked around trying to find it.

"Rae, calm down." He laughed at her. "I took it with me yesterday. It's back at my room."

She nodded with a frown but full of relief. For a moment she thought she had lost it. Only one chapter left! She couldn't have lost it. "Thanks… I fall asleep just before the ending."

"That good, huh?" He asked secretly proud that she had liked his gift. She gave him a graceful smile and nodded. "I guess I could always bring you another book later." He smiled. "So what was it about?"

Even Raven couldn't hide her emotion while talking about it. Somehow she resembled a little child telling a story they saw on TV. Beas Boy loved her passion and even when the story wasn't at all his type, he enjoyed as he saw his friend talking about it.

Morning went by like this. It felt right, just enjoying each other's company. They themselves might not notice, but they held a sincere smile for the rest of the day.

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