Welcome to Hell

A/N: This is my protest against summer reading books. If you're going to make me do something, this will be the result. The story is set from the very beginning of the series, and will be a complete do-over.

Warnings for swearing and use of alcohol.


Prologue: Go Cry


Thomas woke up surrounded by strangers and instead of wondering what was happening, somehow knew that he didn't have memories, but then how the hell did he know his own name. He blocked out the chatter of the strangers and covered his ears to block out their voices. Had he been any other person, Thomas may have been concerned and asked where he was, what he was doing there, and where the bathroom was because he just woke up and needed the toilet like a normal person.

Then he didn't care, because stomach grumbled. He wondered if he had any money or a car to get food from a McDonalds or something. But since he was trapped in a small place with these strangers of similar age, he assumed that he'd been put in here as part of an experiment to see who could or couldn't get out within a certain span of time. Maybe they would throw in a girl so they could speed things up. Not in a perverted way, though.


"Got any food?" he asked as he sat up from the grass he'd been lying down on. For no reason.

One of the strangers introduced themselves but Thomas knew what was going down here. Just because he asked if there was any food, that didn't mean he was gay and wanted to go out with any of them. God, the nerve of some people!

Random leader person approached but Thomas didn't give a **** about what he had to say. Leader guy started to tell him about life was like here but that information was useless because Thomas wasn't going to stay here with these losers. Ignoring the "Gladers" as they were called and half-heartedly listening to them complain about how they were all trapped and didn't know what to do because they were retarded and didn't know how to "gtfo."

Morons, he thought when he saw what they'd done to their supplies.

"Oi, why the hell are you throwing a PARTY?" he demanded when he looked at the other Gladers, who were celebrating by getting drunk off alcohol they shouldn't even have (for various reasons).

"It's Chuck's birthday," leader man explained.

Thomas didn't care.

"You people are ****ing stupid," he insulted the people he would be forced to work with. Which wasn't a good idea, since he was one person and they were many. Oh, and since they were also in an enclosed space and everyone but him had weapons.

Thankfully the Gladers were too stupid to understand that they had just been insulted.

"What did you say?" Random Glader asked. "We couldn't hear over the censor. You know, the things we use so the younger or more sissy of the audience need so they don't get it or get less offended."

Thomas swore. "**** it, I'm gonna go get drunk," he resigned go the idiocy of this place and punched a random Glader to steal their Cognac.

It was going to be a long day, he could already tell.


To think that was only the introduction -.-

Expect more soon :)

(Anyone even in this fandom?)